ADHD Made Me Do It

Survive Life with Laughter

My Treatment Plan

I just can’t bare the thought of chemical warfare – I wouldn’t dare

For those of you that know me well know that I’m stubborn and thick headed…sometimes. For those that don’t know me so well, you will come to learn this trait of mine. So the personalized cancer treatment begins just days after my diagnosis…Anit and Inot…you guys are super awesome consultants here and loves you for all your support and attention and extra consulting emails and of course the magical greek oil!!
I mean personalized in the manner of my person consulting mostly with Dr. Google and every nature lovin tree huggin subject matter expert I can find. Boy did I find a wealth of information…and not the “I’ll sell you this cure for a zillion dollars, your left arm and rights to your first born”.
Mostly what I found was free guidance and information and stories of the natural remedies to cure cancer…and Bill Henderson’s book “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day”. There is also the Suzzane Somer’s Bombshell Book too! And none of these requiring the need to part with any limbs or children. Its almost too overwhelming the information you find and the stories you read and the different natural products (mostly fruits and veggies and herbs and spices) used in different ways that will help your body regenerate and heal itself – chemical warefare free!
Let’s jump back to the beginning so you have the full context – so I got my diagnosis and immediately thought if I wasn’t allowing the doctors to fill me with checmicals, I best not fill myself with chemicals. At this I am totally amazed and the power of my mind over addiction matters…I quit smoking and coffee in one day (January 21, 2014 to be exact) and 3 days to completely change my diet habits, adding new bits each day as I learn of that other natural spice good for “cancer zapping properties”. I contribute some of my new found health wealth to divine intervention….chancly arranging meetings with people and products most beneficial to me…everything does happen for a reason.
So what is my first line of attack…im sure I will actively update how the attack goes…and changes to diet and lifestyle…but here’s how it starts:
First and Foremost is the magical Greek Oil from the Greek Monestary ( the fact that it came in Anit’s mail the same day she explained its magical powers to me was enough to trust in it’s “meant to be”).
Wheatgrass juice complements of Dynamic Greens (super awesome farmers with the knowledge and good flash frozen grass juice). I drink about 8 oz a day, but don’t let that small number fool you cause that is 8oz in frozen ice cubes melting in many many more ounces of water…and peeing out all the toxins like every hour on the hour.
Impulsive shopping of the Vitamix Blender – and I love this blender. It pulverises the entire fruit or vegetable that you get every last drop of vitamin in the smoothie while spending 30-45 seconds on clean up…makes a wicked soup and creamy almond milk too
Mustard seeds crushed with apple cider vinegar and ¼ tsp of natural honey in some hot water (gotta really melt that honey with that mustard or it stings in the belly).
Black seed (or known as black cumin or black onion seed) pinch of this with a pinch of egg shells (this is said to be the cure of all disease except death).
Mushrooms of every kind….in a tea and in a soup…but the one that I didn’t know where I would find it ever was the Chaga mushrooms…which I did find just walking through the Chinese supermarket round the corner from work – really I was after seaweed but the mushrooms were a bonus (not that kind of weed or shrooms).
Soursop fruit (aka guanabuana) oh how I tried to first find this fruit and then try this fruit…sadly I was quickly turned off this fruit when the ones I bought had little flying ants in them and coming out the uncut ones…they went in the green bin.
All the nuts you can think of…and even the apricot kernels (sour almond like that apparently can lead to cyanide poisoning if eating in excess…so clearly I only eat about 6-7 a day).
And last but not least Coconut Cannabis Oil – Dude I’m so calm right now…I will end the post here…and leave you all to your imagination before I explain too much!!


April Fool Joke of a Medical System

I know this is a little late for April fools day…but I needed the time to digest and reflect. It’s unsettling to think about how our healthcare system views us, not as people in need of care and treatment but as dollar signs for each swipe of the health card and fulfillment of the pharmaceutical prescription.

So, we have all heard someone complaining about the medical system these days…but always seem to justify their situation because we ourselves haven’t had such a bad experience – until the day you have your own bad experience!

I am proudly Canadian and I even have the maple leaf stamp tattooed on my foot…I have always been proud of our systems…especially when travelling, living and working abroad. This respect has changed….decreased to almost nil respect and less trust! I have seen the struggles of friends and family trying to navigate the medical system.

My mom had a seizure in 2007 and though they can’t tell her what caused it, they are stating that she needs to take strong medications just in case it happens again. Because my mother refuses medication without proper explanation why she needs them, they refuse to continue to monitor and care for her.

My good good workmate – Tesora – has also recently been experiencing a medical system nightmare. She has been trying to navigate the system to the best benefit of her elderly parents…but yet seems to be getting shafted at every admittance (or lack of admittance). It’s sad to think that the health care system has made its mint O’money on the backs of our hard working parents, and yet it is these unappreciated seniors that are now denied treatment….and I mean even the basic minimalist treatment they deserve.

Then there is the story of my work mate Skela, who was in and out of the hospital with her little child. Her little boy was stuck in hospital unsure of what the diagnosis was, and pumped full of various medicines in the hopes of healing.

No one escapes and no one is safe! Common within this system is you attend to the hospital with something wrong…they make their assumptions and pump you full of whatever meds they have on hand (and even make you drive around trying to find medication they may not stock in their particular hospital pharmacy)…and once the spark of healing is seen, you are packed up and shipped out. But wait….you may not be healed and so back in you go for another round of haphazardness assumptions and another scoop from the medication fruit punch bowl.

It’s further disturbing to think of the gluttonous way the system makes you their personalized cash cows even after taxes and card swipes! Realistically you would think the hospital can coordinate better to ensure that when you arrive for a round of testing, you are not required to attend the hospital over several days for several hours at a time to complete the round of testing. Then you see the signs about how the parking – set at such an enormous rate – helps to contribute to the hospital so they may continue to offer you the exquisite service they don’t currently offer.

Have you seen those new commercials that show people ripping pieces of their skin and pulling out their teeth for cigarettes? They should start showing a commercial or two of people selling off a limb, or major organs, or pints of blood to seek effective and timely treatment in a hospital. And here we were thinking the American system is so bad due to not everyone having health insurance….yet we can’t seem to get proper treatment with our government assisted health insurance.

So, now you have a diagnosis….or an assumed diagnosis for the time being…and here comes the treatment side of things….where the doctors are still looking at how to make the most dosh (dough for the western slangers)! Again, they don’t seem to look upon you as a person in need of proper consultation – one that requires actual questions and answers and conversation – but rather as a chart number and a general rule of how much money each diagnosis in that chart will bring them. They have slotted out their day to offer 15 minute consultations, this is to consult on the description of a life altering treatment.

Case in point, as you know I have the breast cancer, when I was arranging an appointment with the consulting doctor for the first time I was informed that he offers 15 minute consultations. For every appointment I required after learning of my diagnosis – which turned out to be quite a few – I was told to book them into their allotted 15 minute timeslots. Now how can a person, reasonably with compassion and their promise to do no harm, actually have an informative consultation regarding life altering treatment for a life threatening cancer in that short span of time? Here‘s what I figure is the answer….they think that you should just sign up to whatever treatment they have determined and told you about in that 15 minute session, do the conventional treatment they feel will make them the most money, and move you on to the next doctor to make their fortune from you. That is what the societal norm would do.

Here’s the real point of this post…

What happens when you go against these ideas? That’s when you start to recognize the flaw-ful joke of our system. Its kind of a funny thing really, how societal norms…and even the doctors….would suggest that you always seek a second opinion of your medical diagnosis, but then (if accepted to provide that second opinion would rarely trump the previous doctor’s diagnosis. Then you would research all potential treatment options and look to your doctor for discussion of these various options…just to be sent away, with a wave of a hand and a story of how that treatment options isn‘t proven by the pharmaceutical standards (or more likely the pharmaceutical bonus structure offered to physicians of all sorts).

Again, I go back to my diagnosis as an example. I have been running around the hospital for 3 months now, subjected to various testing and scans for the doctors to get a sense of the best assumed diagnosis and treatment options. Unsatisfied with the changing assumptions and differing discussions by the one “breast health specialist” team in the McKenzie Health hospital, I asked my doctor for another referral to another hospital…after having researched many other options for treatment. My family doctor, who received all test medical report results and seems as confused as I am, agrees to the second opinion referral and agrees to support me in whatever way with whatever treatment she can.

A referral is made to the next hospital (Sunnybrook Hospital)…and so I call and speak to the intake coordinator of the breast health clinic at Sunnybrook to explain the run-around I have been dealing with at the previous hospital with the previous oncologist. The intake coordinator says she will take my referral and speak to all medical oncologists within the hospital and explain my situation and needs. The end result….wait for it….

April 1, 2014 – The intake coordinator doesn’t have the courtesy to call me back but instead….calls my family doctor to explain that the medical oncology staff within the entire Sunnybrook Hospital is refusing my referral….yep you are reading that correct as the entire hospital…and I‘m not even requesting treatment that may land a lawsuit for them doing something incorrectly, but simple discussion on diagnosis. The entire hospital does not want to offer me the second opinion that every doctor suggests you seek out. When I asked the secretary why they refused, she is unsure but states that she assumes the doctors don’t want to offer a second opinion that may trump the first opinion…and then she is unsure where to offer me another referral as she has never seen an entire hospital refuse a referral.

I know I keep saying it….but it is through disbelief and a need to make everyone aware…that in our modern day health care system…an ENTIRE hospital can refuse a referral for a second opinion discussion….and I can’t even stress or fight…because with cancer I am suppose to remain positive….WTF!!!!

Where can I turn now? Back to my belief system….this is clearly a sign from my higher being…..I have no business working with the hospital and conventional medical system doctors.

Instead, I have every opportunity and full 2 hour long discussions on diagnosis and treatment options in the alternative medical system clinic – Bless your Soul Dr Nasri from Nasri Clinic. Now I have confidence in my new and independent competent Doctor and his treatment plan!


Hooked up the IV Therapy – Day 1

Another hospital has officially refused my referral to meet me for a second opinion – yeppers St Michael’s hospital makes it 2 hospitals to refuse my referral…and so I believe that leaves me black-listed from conventional treatment!! So, I am on my curing pathway the alternative way!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014 – Finally I am receiving treatment for the breast cancer – simple intake process after but one 2 hour consultation with the Dr. Nasri…less than 2 weeks ago. He gave me his time and attention to provide full explanations of all my previous test results and future treatment options. The fact that it’s a private clinic that will cost me thousands of extra dollars is of no matter as my life is priceless…thanks PC MasterCard, fore you will be paying for parts of this treatment!!! Once I’m cured, I do think I will fight to get back some funds from the government since Ontario Hospitals that are funded by OHIP have refused to provide health services with my tax dollars that I’ve already paid! Anyhow, I started my Vitamin concoction IV therapy – mixed with some oxygen therapy and…of course can’t have the breast cancer therapy without the good ol’ boobie fondling exam! I first arrived to the clinic with my mom and didn’t know what to expect really, the last time there wasn’t too many people. This time there was 3 clients hooked up and a steady stream of clients coming in for their hook-up…turns out I was the youngest of them all by like 40 years…I’m pretty sure they thought I was the good daughter supporting my mom!

It’s a lovely clinic…with welcoming reception area and an open-spaced comfy chairs room with chains hanging from the ceiling all around for IV hook-ups (even chains hanging in the bathroom)…I suspect there maybe some S&M activities happening after hours….shhhh keep it on the down-low!! Past the comfy chair room is the needle room – little room with various pieces of equipment, IV bags and needles of all sorts. Beyond that room is the exam rooms – where the foddling exams take place and also the acupuncture (not as sharp needles for acupuncture but yet requires more patience). The nurse calls me back to the needle room, she sees I’m a little confused and slightly nervous – thanks to my ADHD I rarely get anxiously nervous. She asks what the doctor explained, I said not much other then it would be an IV therapy of a mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids proven to cure cancer and would start with 21 sessions – each session lasting 3-4 hours. She explains that my treatment will start with low doses of few vitamins, and will gradually increase and additions made over the 21 sessions. First, we started with oxygen therapy…no that isn’t me being hooked up to any funny gurgling noise making oxygen tanks or being stuffed in a hyperbaric chamber. The restriction with the IV in my arm was super annoying as it was…I can’t imagine the restrictions being stuffed in a chamber for hours! I’ve never had an IV before…except the 5 min IV for the CT scan couple months ago…but never had this tube like needle inserted in my vein for hours. The nurse took one look at my arm and had a look of S&M excitement…while she said ” Oooh, just look at those virgin arms, I can find so many good veins to poke, this will be so easy and good for me” – at this point, I’d take thousands of those nonsense facebook pokes over this IV. So, now I’ve got this needle in my vein and I’m unable to sit still while I know the foreign object is beyond my reach to rip out. She took my IV cherry and didn’t even kiss me after!!! Back to the oxygen therapy…which actually involves taking out some of my own blood into a vacuuming glass jar…and then injecting my blood with pure oxygen – which makes my blood bubble….looks like when you blow thru a straw in cherry juice – and then switch-up the flow, hang the bottle upside down and the blood flows back into me. Even though the whole process took like 20 minutes…it felt like hours watching the drip of the blood into the tube that is attached to the needle in my vein that I can’t reach to rip out…AARRGGHH!

All the blood has flowed back into me and now the actual Vitamin concoction therapy starts…big ass IV bag – this one full of Vitamin C…and takes and over an hour to drip into me…but thankfully my mom is keeping me occupied somewhat cause the other patients are not having any conversation and even avoiding eye contact (perhaps that is there meditation time and technique)…I’m thinking next session I will bring the beach-ball and play keepsie upsie (this being my technique for meditation!)

Next comes the homeopathic immune booster – also the time the doctor comes in and decides it would be good time for a fondling…at least when he measures the lump he is positive sounding that it is small. Also the time he thinks to take some blood for testing…now I’ve got an IV going in each arm and suddenly I’m obsessing over this foreign uncomfortable feeling (will I be able to last it out over the 21 sessions). Just when the blood is taken and I see the end of the IV drip….out comes the nurse to announce that the 3rd bag will be hooked up and that should be quick…here comes the baggie with the Vitamin B17…please let this end soon! Finally, 3.5 hours later and all IV’s out and my body full of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Oxygenated blood, I am ready to leave the clinic…but not before picking up my baggie full of horse-pill sized supplements that have to be taken on a regimented schedule of: 2 caps on an empty stomach twice daily, 1 cap twice daily, 8 tsp twice daily, 2 caps with meals twice daily, 5 drops….and I’m sure just like the IV therapy more will be added and upgraded.

No matter what the regiment, the uncomfortable foreign IV object feeling, or the cost of this treatment….I am a firm believer that the God provided natural remedy will cure my cancer with my help of believing and changing bad habits…and so I look forward to flutteringly performing the dance of joy after the next 21 sessions….and really over the next 50 years!!!!!


Welcome To My Roller Coaster Cancer Ride – IV Therapy Day 2

Thursday, April 17, 2014 – Today was the second IV therapy day…I should’ve had my second day on Tuesday but I wanted to clear my work schedule and make sure clients were moved around. No I’m not a workaholic but I do care about my clients, my colleagues and my team-mates.

I spent the whole hour and half drive up to the clinic trying to convince myself that the IV needle will be less bothersome today…how many ways can I be wrong today?? Therapy today was hydrogen peroxide, vitamin c, vitamin b17, mistletoe, an immune booster and some funky red blood cell coax’er (apparently I am anaemic) . Elisabeth…the foreign trained medical doctor who installs the IVs and is super awesome always sharing laughs with me…tells me that they alternate between oxygen type treatments and today we can use the smaller needle because I’m not having blood taken out for oxygen but instead having hydrogen put into my blood. Of course we all have a little happy clappy yeahing session…its like their gift to me for the Easter Holiday!

Anyways, back to the point, I’m almost elated at the idea of a smaller needle and maybe I won’t even feel it slide in or stay in for the 3.5hours that the 4 IV bags will take to drip into me…but here is me being wrong..wronged..wrong again!

The needle is smaller and doesn’t sting or feel as bad as the first time round…but the catheter tube hooked to the IV bag seems defective (Elisabeth assures me it is not my arm’s fault and that this problem has only ever happened 2 other times in her long career – no it doesn’t really make me feel better but gives me something to write bloggy about)! This defective tube means that the hydrogen isn’t going in but instead my blood is leaking out…and its a little uncomforting to see a needle in your arm with blood leaking out the tube meant to put fluids in your vein…squeemish and jittery is how I react and now I just want the whole day restarted! She takes the IV joint apart…she moves this around and moves that up and down…she pulls it out of the IV clip and jiggles it just to put it back and….Voala the leaking has stopped and the Hydrogen is now dripping its burning self into my vein and blood stream…set at a fast drip, it feels like a fire starting in the most unreachable part of my arm!

I’m reminded of the movie idle hands where the fella cuts off his hand which turns out to have a mind of its own and scurried thru town on its fingers to commit mass murders – yes that’s the random nonsense I often think!!

Back to the IV hook up and with it now working proper I go back to the S&M comfy chair room and get hooked to my very own hanging chain for the next 4 IV bags to come!

I start to chat up the other patients…well my mom does most of the chatting up…she gets to know all about the lovely older German couple and the woman who’s just returned from her vacation in Turkey. Oh how I miss the days of freely travelling…the craziness experienced trying to accommodate my itchy feet! I think I will make the travel bug my new focus for the next post….the past, the present….and future daydreamed travelling round experiences….this will serve as great inspiration to ensure starvation of the greedy tumour sucker. Die greedy bastard fore you are not coming across the world with me!!!

Just when I was getting excited with my belief in the natural remedies…and day-dreaming about all my new lease on life plans…the homeopathic Dr N. throws me for a looptie looped corkscrew!

Now, Dr N. is looking over my blood results and makes his own set of mis-assumptions. He feels that due to the low levels of haemoglobin (red blood cells apparently) and the high levels of liver enzymes…he is assuming that the cancer has spread to my liver and my bones severely and thinks I should consider chemotherapy – he is concerned that the natural remedies will not be enough even though he points out again that bone cancer is incurable and chemo is just for palliative care. I question his assumptions…I am a good questioner…and he is somewhat wishy-washy with an attitude of let’s see what your family doctor will suggest and do about these results.

To be fair, I know I may have done this to myself – relying on Dr. Google for diet and nutrition without verifying my individual situation, but I also know I do not feel the way palliative care would…could…or should feel.

Dr N. is also just as confused still looking over my blood results and then says “I wonder how you are even standing and walking and awake, if your haemoglobin lowers anymore you will need a blood transfusion”.

It’s a good thing he waited for me to be IV’d and hooked to the hanging chain in his office…that way I couldn’t hop over the desk and pound some sense into him…so I just sat up straight with a smile on my face and a look of scepticism in my eyes – basically saying in my head “I don’t care what your results say and just cause you think it, doesn’t actually make it so!!”

This is a look I have come to master in the last 3 months…having to have it on hand at the ready for use when the hospital insists on playing “How dead are you today and let us assume the varied ways”!!

I return to my comfy chair, resolved that most people in the world see things from the ‘worst possible scenario’ perspective. I, however, look at all the possible reasons for the badness and seek out the ‘best possible solution’ scenarios!!

I’ve come to terms with the loss of red blood cells from the lacking protein in my diet, the fact that the blood sample was taken right after the 100ml of blood was vacuumed out of my body to be put into the glass jar…and maybe the liver enzymes came from that cheating banana coconut liqueur dessert I had with dinner 2 nights before the sample (I haven‘t had alcohol in many months before that and perhaps caused a slight shock to my liver).

Hey if the doctors can have their wacky assumptions one way…well I’m entitled to my wacky assumptions the other way…and my way is the better play for positive thinking way!!!

Solution focused: Re-introduce protein into my diet, no more shocking alcohol, steadfast in my faith and belief in natural remedies, ensure to get some regular exercise, continue on the path to starve starve starve the greedy bastard tumour!!!!


MINUS 417 SPA-tastic Experience

Super fantabulous…is all I can say after my spa treatment at the Minus 417 Dead Sea Spa…yes you should all go!!

It was just by random chance…or perhaps more like fate…I ended up at the spa. I was driving back from one of my treatments with my mom, and my mom was talking about her Egyptian Internet health guru saying how Dead Sea Salt is very good for health and skin and detoxification. Just as she was saying that…I caught the spa out of the corner of my eye…Minus 417 Dead Sea Spa…how could I not find out more about it?!

So the next day I researched the spa and the treatments and compared it to our local spa – the Briars Resort and Spa in Sutton – and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of treatments available for better reasonable pricing! What seemed more fate-ing with this spa was their offering treatments specific for the teens…since it was my 14 year old niece asking about our next girlie spa day…it seemed meant to be.

Now, just hope they are open for the long weekend and able to take on 3 girlies for hours of pampering relaxational treatments. When I called, the Spa manager was super helpful…she explained that they were full for the weekend but could fit us in for Friday…and then explained each treatment best suited for each of us.

Once we arrived….a little early to ensure we would have enough time for treatments….the spa manager was super welcoming. She even went so far as to help my mom put on her indoor slippers. She lead us to thru the door to the spa rooms…where there is also a little waiting area. She offered us green tea and fruits and cookies…and then spoke to each of us about our particular upcoming treatment. She then showed us the changing area…gave us the key to our locker and showed us to the sauna waiting area for each of us to be called to our prepared room for treatments.

My niece got the tween acne treatment facial and a spa manicure/pedicure treatment….she was so thrilled with her treatments that she promised the masseurs she would return several times. My niece said that she was so thrilled with her facial…that she got a face massage and a peeling mask and that they even steamed her face to make easy removing all her blackheads….I have to admit her face was glowing and clear. She also said that her hands and feet were most relaxed after the mani/pedi and she can’t wait to come out to girlies spa day again…she wants to try the mud wrap!

My mom got the Hot Thai stem herbal massage, reflexology, and paraffin treatment for her feet. All I can say is I will gladly bring my mom for these treatments on the regular….fore her face when she was done her treatments was one of total and utter relaxations and AAHHHHHHHH!! My mom was even given a bag which included all the heated herbs used in her massage….they explained that she just need to steam them for couple minutes and then she will use the stems to massage her hands and the pain will go away. My mom, who suffers very bad rheumatoid arthritis, was excited and returned home to immediately try her new hot stems….she also bought some dead sea salt shower scrub….and as she says everyday…”I have just had a spa shower and I feel marvelous”!!

I was recommended to have the micro-derm abrasion treatment with biox oxygen facial treatment, and a 30 minute back massage. She said that my face looked very tired and the facial would relax my face while also allowing the release of toxins from my face. Let me just say….this was the best relaxation spa treatment I have received so far….and I have travelled the world to many spas. I was slightly scared of the term micro-derm abrasion…it was really the abrasion term that freaked me out. Let me assure you know that there is no abrasion involved with micro-derm abrasion….for it is just a diamond on the end of a vacuum tube that sucked up dead skin without marking up or actually scratching the face. The facial afterwards was oxygenizing…warming peel and I got my own steaming to clear out blackheads. I walked out of the room feeling just as marvelous as my mom….and I could see the positive results when I looked in the mirror…I had my face glowing…no blackheads…and the dark circles under my eyes were reduced as was the stress I wore on my face.

So thrilled with our experience at the spa….I inquired about a loyalty card system of sorts…or somehow becoming a regular patron especially with my mother. The spa manager explained they had few packages left….they were designed for Mother’s Day…to offer up 10 mix and match treatments for almost 50% off each treatment.

With such excitement, still feeling relaxed, and quick ADHD impulsivity, I bought up 3 of these packages…..justified that the spa is actually on my way home from cancer treatments and so we can always find the time and way to get there!

Though I may not use all 10 for my niece, I know that I will definitely take my mother back there 20 times….fore it is one small token of my appreciation for the enormous support she shows me daily!!


The Time Has Come to Change the Guard…of Life!

Cancer cancer go away; in my body you cannot stay!

Here we are…17 cancer treatments in, recent blood test results, more Tarot card readings, and a Black Eye bracelet causing some badness.

Firstly, the Tarots have suggested that there is still a fight on my hands….but the cards are lighter and the meanings are positiver! A couple of differing spreads in seeking the direction I head and the needs I need to achieve my direction….I am heading in the right direction of healthiness….and even suggests of a potential love on the horizon. This could be why I have again become the community project….the distant relatives requesting my likes and dislikes for the potential matches they know of….and the friends on the continuous look out for the tall dark and handsome Prince able to tame this wild Princess. I say bring on the new relationship…..that which is not medical or therapeutic in nature. The cards say…and I choose to incorporate belief….that this relationship will be a matter of the hearts from a strong man to a strong me!!!

You may recall I bought the Black Eye bracelet about a month ago…one for me and one replacement for my dear friend Anna (she loved her bracelet by the way and I hope it brings her much goodly luck).

It seems the one I bought myself has brought me some luck while also causing me some strife…blaming my recent strife on the bracelet makes it bit easier to try and resolve! It turns out that the sparkling separators in between each Eye bead has been the cause of a metal allergy rash…and I cannot wear the protection bracelet now leaving me little vulnerable…until I’ve creatively turned the bracelet into a new non-allergy protection charm! Let it be known here that also since wearing the bracelet I have received some financial luck – every request made to seek funds for treatments has come thru and true…and I will be able to complete the extended treatments necessary – I will explain the extension shortly!

As for the treatments…we have started up with some incidents during treatments…not that being subjected to IV needling thrice a week wasn’t incident enough!

The 13th treatment incident was a snapping of the IV changer…that was an unexpected extra 1/2 hour watching Elizabeth and Dr Nasri try to take the liquid from one IV bag and place into the new IV bag all while I stare at the empty IV line and needle in my arm…that was a 4+ hour treatment;

The 14th treatment would see Elizabeth trying to pump the blood out of my arm and would then find the right spot in my right hand after 3 needle pokes (we have learned that the left arm veins as a whole are refusing to cooperate with treatment – but I refuse to lose…and banded together with the right arm veins to conspire for a winning plan…the blood and vitamins shall flow again!);

The 15th treatment was blood taking day…after 6 vials of blood taken for testing…the actual treatment could start…flowing freely and brightly from the right elbow…yet leaving a bruise and inflammation as its reminder of the trouble it endures for my win;

The 16th treatment would take extra hour just for good measure and treatment 17 would see more time wasted on a broken IV line after the extra IV bag – new medicine between the Poly MVA and the German stem cells…something made of such a stinginess and put into one of the worst spots in the vein right behind the left wrist bone! Let us hope…or rather it is my hope that the veins will show bright again in the right arm so that the remaining treatments won’t be as torturous.

What’s the extra bag you ask? It’s all about the blood results. After halfway thru treatments…it seems there is varying opinions on the blood results…t’is my regular and ongoing expectation these days!

Dr Nasri is of the opinion that the increase in my liver enzymes is a result of cancer spreadage to my liver…he is still unsure about the possible bone cancer. He has ordered the new IV bag of liver enzymes along with a new powder whey drink to aid in further boosting my immune system…that makes it a total of 4-5 IV bags each treatment and about 8 daily homeopathic supplements.

Elizabeth has a differing opinion…and the one I choose to hold onto and believe into. She feels that an important tumour marker number has decreased…that the increase in liver enzymes means that my liver is working harder to get rid of the cancer cells – not a spreadage of cancer but a killing of cancer cells! Elizabeth explained…in layman’s terms I can understand…that cancer is putting out every defense it can to survive…and potentially the additional abnormal cells found in my blood is the dead cancer cells awaiting to leave my blood stream.

My humble undoctored opinion… body and my will is way stronger than any and all cancer cells…I will defeat the cancer and my strength and resilience will last longer than this pesky greedy tumour bastard!!!

So, I have already started the war it seems….with the natural homeopathic 4 hour IV treatments, and now to add to the arsenal. I have taken apart the Black Eye beaded necklace and I have restrung it with no potential for allergy…all metals removed! I have bought the recommended juicer (Elizabeth suggested juicing, juicing, and more juicing to aid the liver with its fight), I am drinking the recommended lemon juice and baking soda to alkaline my body, and I am continuing on my thought path of….

I will starve the greedy tumour bastard and its dead cells will come out in my wheatgrass green poo!!!!!!!


Celebrate Good Numbers With Me…Come on!!!

I’m sure you all got some good reasons to celebrate…and here’s me toasting a glass (or bottle as the case was Friday) of red wine to your celebrations!

I’m well excited to celebrate so many things at this time…yes even tho I am diseased and single and slowly dwindling away my financial security…I can always appreciate the glass half full…But today…my glass is 3/4 full and the goodness is still pouring in! What has me on such a high you ask?

Well it all starts with the greatest number news in a long long time…and strange for me to like numbers being compulexic and all (that’s dyslexia with numbers)…anyways back to the point…drum rrrrrollllllll…

My cancer tumour markers…more specific the CEA 15 – 3 breast cancer blood marker…has gone down from 291 to 246…and the alkaline phosphate bone cancer blood marker has gone down from 198 to 187!! Now I’m usually a fluffy huggy social services kinda person and not willing to squish the little red spider at my desk for the bad karma…but I am super ecstatic that I am on the right path to starving the greedy cancer tumour and pretty sure this fantastic news is a testament to my good karmic energy (insects are high on the karmic scale it seems)! High 5 Alternative treatments of vitamins, minerals, and german fella stem cells!!!

So, as you can imagine…I have been on a natural high (mixed in with my coconut cannabis buzz of course) since Thursday…and I have been looking at everything positive as a reason to celebrate, such as……

3 – is the number of friends I went out with for a long awaited and long deserved Friday night…for a most lovely dinner and drinks evening! 2 is the number of bottles of red wine I’m sure I drank…tho it didn’t seem so at the time but really I did end up having about 8 glasses between the restaurant and the bar…thankfully I also drank about 8 glasses of water so I wasn’t totally sloshed and I wasn’t hung-over the next day!

Omega 8006 Nutrition Centre – is the juicer/food processor that was delivered and waiting for me to play with Saturday – thank the God I wasn’t so hung-over to play! I figured it was a sign to get a jump-start on the liver cleansing (8 glasses of antioxidant red wine still has alcohol ramifications on the possible diseased liver)! So to make up for the night before…I fasted from food and spent the weekend making juice upon juice upon juice – about 8 glasses of juice….and that doesn’t include the 12 ounces of wheatgrass juice…there’ll be no yellowing with me…it’s all green from here! I do strongly advise that when making Kale juice…ensure to put something not leafy green (celery was my choice) and something fruit (I used my apricot daily allowance, with a slice of green apple and 3 small pieces of pineapple) shhh on the slight cheating with the extra fruit!

7 – is the number of Bad Eye beads I used in my brand new hand-made Bad Eye Shambala bracelet…basically a bunch of knots tied around beads to make a fancy bracelet! It was actually surprisingly super enjoyable and relaxing making the knots for the bracelet and I think I might make it my new ADHD obsession…..and make some more like a ring…a necklace…an anklet…and maybe a nice purple bracelet for my moms who is the real Queen of my world!!

Zillion – is the number of views and matches I have received on my online dating profile….yes I have sucked it up like a good butter cup…put my life helmet on and braved the world of Zoosk online dating website. I actually paid for 3 months this time in the hopes that….when they say you get what you pay for it would be way better than the free POF website. To be fair…tho I seem to have loads of views and matches….there are about 10 overall profiles of men I would consider and have emailed….I will see if it pans out…as I am sure real men were outside in this weather and not surfing the net while squeezing juice from Kale!

Now that the weekend is almost over…the amazing sunny warm 24 degrees weekend it was…I only have one more thing to celebrate…or rather feel happy about before I close this post and the weekend…

30 minutes – is the time my moms and I spent laughing with each other…oddly enough it was just random laughter while trying to hang the freshly washed curtains…my mom’s had a bit of flatulence (actually it was 20 mins of farting straight ) which had me laughing so hard I was crying and she was laughing so hard she pee’ed her pants!! Now, this story is on the down-low and if you ever meet my moms you can’t mention it because she asked me through her laughter not to tell anyone….so….shhhhh! Just so you know…we stopped the laughter just enough for her to shower and me to string up the rest of the curtains…but we have spontaneously broke out in laughter since and may just keep us laughing for the next few days…the best tears are tears of joy!!

30 days – is the number of days until my birthday….and I am super duper uper excited to celebrate my birthday this year…..not because I will be 39 years old…but because I have a new outlook on life and everything is positive fluffy idealistic world view for me!!!! Remember that now….30 days away is my birthday….just saying again!!

So…this is my Celebration post and I share with you and hope that you will always find something in each and every day to celebrate…and know that I am toasting my 1 or 2 0r 8 glasses of red wine and having a laugh with you and for you!!!


My Miracle Treatment Plan

I was recently asked to explain exactly what I am doing about my illness and how I am beating it down. I have complete faith, belief and will that I can cure myself of all afflictions! I often get asked by doctors and other skeptics how do I think I will do what the medical world can’t be sure is possible!

How will I achieve all this you may ask… I am merely human with ADHD magical powers?! Well…let me count all the ways I shall achieve what is humanly possible! As you have come to learn I love to learn and here are the important lessons I have learned so far to guide me in creating my own worldly existence baffling the medical community and other skeptics:

** Don’t try to convince yourself if you don’t believe what they tell you! Always seek out further opinions and always be comfortable with your own body’s evaluation process – you know your body best!

** Don’t live to their guestimates of your life…don’t give them the opportunity to guestimate on your life….only you and god should have that power!

** Don’t fight the signs given by your divine guidance! I asked for neon signs to be dropped on my front lawn when I was having house problems….I seemed to have missed all the subtle signs until I finally understood the boobie cancer sign. Now I don’t fight the signs…I embrace them and find the new pathway that God always has a way of lighting up for me along my journey!

** Research enough to have an understanding of your creative path….but don’t become obsessive or an information junkie….and once you find the treatment plan that speaks to you….APPLY IT…APPLY IT…APPLY IT! Don’t just talk about all the information you found while you have your McDonald’s coffee and muffin

** Will power and consistent commitment to making and keeping the changes you make!

** More faith, belief and will powered commitment to your treatment plan will ensure positive creative experiences. Positive affirmations and overall viewpoint in your mind of success will ensure you come out successful! The most known secret!

What is the treatment plan that spoke to me?

Step One: Not believing in their full guestimated negative extent of my “illness”. I would not allow the medical doctors to complete their sentences about my illness stage. I took it upon myself to research alternative possibilities for illness and also alternative treatments!

Step Two: Experiment and implement alternatives found. My most favourite implementation is: Coconut cannabis oil…homemade and drunk in my herbal tea all day every day….cancer hates all natural chemical components of marijuana…yet I love and thoroughly enjoy all the natural chemical components…and the taste is exquisite. Also…for extra fighting measures…rub a cannabis oil on the tumour itself (yes that means I rub marijuana on my boobie)

Step Three: Complete change of diet… No dairy….No carbs (which means bread, pasta, rice, potatoes)….No sugar (processed or fruity)…. most of my groceries are now done in the produce section or the farmer’s market…and I cannot forget all the nuts this nutter eats as I have no real other snack food!! Of course I must continue to live a good life and so allow myself a cheat once a month (usually as part of my team breakie…anything sista Alous bakes is good enough reason to cheat for me!)

Step Four: Juice Juice Juice! It has made a world of difference for me and my liver and offers me that thirst quenching relief that I cannot get from biting into a juicy fruit! I found that I enjoy juicing herbs as well as veggies and that one green apple allowance (parsley, basil, coriander are my most used herbs used in juice with kale, celery, cucumbers, spinach and sometimes a colourful pepper)

Step Five: Complete change of attitude…mostly attributed to the calming effect of the tea! I have learned patience and learned not to sweat the small stuff….and even more important not to sweat the big stuff….just enjoy the ride along my journey! I have always believed in remaining positive….but now I believe in creating my own positive environment….and my own healing abilities…my own creative visualizations! I have been actively trusting in my positive affirmations…meditations…and sub-conscious training!

Step Six: Pack a bag and carry on! Carry on with the camping…and the swimming…and the rollerblading and the travelling…and whatever else strikes my fancy! It is important while not giving into the medical doctors degrading diagnosis…to ensure that I remain with my uplifting regiments! I am a huge outdoorsy type and so the show must go on….there is a whole world out there that needs to be explored if I am to live out the next 60 years….can’t be living in a bubble!

Step Seven: Find the doctor and clinic and treatment option that I could agree with and believe it 100%. I have complete trust in the homeopathic clinic I attend for treatments. In total here is the breakdown of what my treatment plan included (and links should you need to research without obsession…my most valued and informed websites are: ; )

My homeopathic IV treatments went based on a “bombard the system” protocol….attending treatments 3 days a week….since April… just now in July having the protocol reduced to 2 treatment days…because of the confirmation that the treatment is working and the latest results are below!

Whats included in the IV bags?

Aside from a bunch of minerals, vitamins and once a week Poly MVA, here are the typical IV bags I get with treatment:

Ozone therapy: –

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy:

High dose Vitamin C:

Vitamin b17:


German stem cells (there is thought that they come from sheep and that is why I am now obsessed with owning and running a sheep farm): Sorry no link for this one but I will keep trying to find one!

Here are all the homeopathic supplements I take with my treatment (Poly MVA is given IV once a week…so I have included the link….I am confident you can google the other supplements)

Poly MVA:

Alpha Lapoic Acid

Active Hexose Correlated Compounds (AHCC)

Ultra Indinol Plus (DIM)

Vitamin D


Curcumin (Tumeric)

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

Wheatgrass juice:

Chaga mushrooms

Why have I signed up to this all encompassing complicated regime and treatment plan?

If you recall the Celebrate good numbers with me post… will notice I am keeping a record of my progress. I have been getting blood tests and ultrasounds monthly since starting the treatment….as a way to answer the question of whether I should be doing all this. After a couple months of actively pursuing this treatment….it has become almost second nature to me and not work at all….I have even learned and grown the patience required to sit in the clinic for 3-4 hours to get my IVs…and I have a system of taking my supplements through-out the day! Not only has this new regiment kept my skin clear….my hair shiny and full…my overall mental existence more calmly lively….but it has also done damage to the greedy bastard tumour:

CEA 15-3 (breast cancer tumour marker) reduced again from 240 to 170

Alkaline Phosphate (bone cancer tumour marker) reduced again from 187 to 129

The ultrasound results have also indicated that not a huge significant change in size….but a still a slight reduction of the tumour by millimetres. The images from March 2014 to June 2014 also show a different shading…the latter shows a less darker greedy bastard tumour (it is fading out and disappearing into the green poo abyss) and the tumour shape is becoming more self-contained (part of the treatment is to reduce the ability for cancer cells to bind to healthy cells) It is going down alone losing its sticky tacky glue effect!

Most Most Important thing to keep up?

So….after all this time sitting and taking supplements and special dieting….I have come to appreciate more the living arrangements I current hold…with a house steps to the lake and a life in the slow yet adventurous cottage lane! I’ve come to love my time outs at the liberation dock…the free falling jump into the lake abyss…the sun warmed water embracing me as I float and back stroke! I use this time to visualize the greedy bastard drowning and coming out my pores while the sun just burns it to ash in the water!

It’s my time to reflect on the day…my life plans…my future plans….which has changed. I am no longer aiming for a sheep farm…but rather a piece of tranquil land where I can grow natural remedies, fruits, veggies and herbs too! A place where others can go to regenerate and rejuvenate naturally…..and a place where judgment and discrimination is not found…and monies is flowing enough for everyone to share in the wealth of health!!

And when I need a break….you can find me at my Villa along the Red Sea in Egypt!!!


Overwhelming Procrastination

Welcome back!!! I know it’s been ages since I’ve been here…or since posting here…I got overwhelmed by procrastination…and then procrastinated by such overwhelmingness! Since October, so much has happened, I will try to update without making this post 8 pages long…perhaps brief synopsis of each month…

November 2014 – not much happens here really…got an ear infection..and the gov’t latest scandal goes live (otherwise known as a new computer system for social services). The stress has begun…

December 2014 – I’m officially written off work full time now…not really because of medical condition but more cause of the stress at work…until Boxing Day when the fever hits and I apparently need a full day and evening of sleep. Didn’t help that this was the day after the first day I met the boyfriend’s parents…oh yeah I didn’t mention I now have a boyfriend…we’ll hear more about him as the months go on!!

January 2015 – Happy New Year everyone!! My new year is off to a bit of a rough start! Turns out the infection of December was actually the start of massive amount of fluid building in my chest area – they call it pleural effusion which doesn’t sound anything like fluid or build up!! Anyhow so I end up in the hospital with a chest tube coming out of my pleural space – 4 litres of fluid drained from my chest space in the first 24 hours. Now here’s the “everything happens for a reason” reason…I meet the most amazing doctor and nurses…the respirologist, Dr Roberts, (he’s the one that put my chest tube in) with a most amazing sense of humour and bedside manner and cohersion skills to get me to see the oncologist…Dr Kassam…and she comes to see me on a Sunday afternoon and knows her shit! Not wishy washy maybe this that or the other like my first oncologist…but more like “we can get to this and beat out this cancer and you got many years ahead of you”…that’s right she says I’m ALIVE!!! So I end up in the hospital for 2.5 weeks…and for the first week I’m stuck with this chest tube and my trusted suitcase of lung fluid (see pic on right)…. then I get moved to the cancer care ward…which happens to share floor space with palliative care. As they wheel me into my new room with a lovely window bed….I feel it necessary to point out that I am not palliative…and all the nurses assure me I’m not in the palliative section either!IMG_20150110_162520



So here’s where I start chemotherapy…yes I’ve eaten my “never chemical warfare” words and started chemical warfare…which surprisingly goes well without any real negative effects (perhaps the vitamin C treatments worked to help keep me healthy for the chemo). After watching hospital roommates come and go and final straw being the roommate that died in the room at 9am…I finally demand that I be discharged…and finally I get to go home January 26!

February 2015 – well the whole fluid drainage was short lived and I end up in the emergency 2 times to get a needle draining before landing in the hospital again for a VATS pleurodesis procedure – this is a procedure where they glued my lungs to my chest wall to prevent the fluid building. There will be more discussion about the final needle drain and VATS in the next post…”Jaffar the Butcher and Julius Toth the Thoracic fake God”

I’d like to take this moment to say a thank you to all the love that was shown to be by: my boyfriend soon to be significant other Brettshine….my work family (y’all know who you are)….my second mom Barb….and all the sock monkeys that kept my spirits up and my smiles for miles!!! Dr Roberts, Dr Yuan, Dr Kassam, all the fabulous nurses on the Cardiac ward and the Cancer Care Ward, Norma, Fabulous Social Worker and Physician’s Assistant on the Cancer Ward! If I left you out…sorry…let me know and I will edit you in!

Just take comfort in knowing that I am now on the path to healing…and back on the path to blogging about the laughs of life!!

To Oophorectomy or Not To Oophorectomy

Is it bad that I feel sad…mad…and glad over the loss of the potential children I might’ve had? Yep I can see how none of that would make sense! They always say “you can’t miss that which you never had”…But it seems pretty easy to miss the idea that I won’t have a daughter pine after me like I pine after my momsy…or have a son stand up for me and my wacky ways when I offer his friends some green juice to help their studies! So…the oncologists recommends removing my ovaries…the call it an Oophorectomy!

He says that the breast cancer is feeding off my estrogen and my ovaries is just giving it more sustenance then it deserves! He so “matter of the fact” about it…which I would normally like and appreciate…but for this subject…I think I want him to be a little more understanding…a little more compassionate.

Then he says “you don’t have any children right? Well if you get pregnant…that is the mother of all estrogen production and then you probably won’t be around to see your child grow”…again so “matter of fact” that I am left to just laugh it off and say ok I will see the OBGYN specialist and discuss removing my worldly dreams thru some simple keyhole Oophorectomy surgery!

Yesterday was the OBGYN specialist appointment and it’s not like she magically had anything different to say. She feels that at my ripe age of 40, fertility is at an ultimate low anyways…add the 6 months of chemical warfare treatments and she believes that my “ovarian function is pretty much non-existent”.

She asks about the time and space between my diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment.  I explain the nightmare of the stupid people of the Mackenzie Health Centre, the alternative treatments that kept me healthy and able to work and function for a year, finally the fluid build up and the meeting of the smart peoples of Southlake Regional Health Centre.

So basically she figures that I am already in menopause…she believes that surgery is just a high risk that is unnecessary since there are medications to suppress any potential ovarian functions I may have left or that may come back after some time of clearing out the chemical warfare chemotherapy toxins.  She figures its best to look for the least intrusive and least traumatic method to help manage the breast cancer and longevity of life!

Wow…everyone is so “Matter of fact…Karma has decided this is your new dream life now and so jog on with the acceptance of it”

I know I still have my positive thinking…I still have my faith in God and the everything is happening for a reason faith…I have these 2 wonderful step-children…bless their sweet souls and I do love them muchly! I also have the most supportive Zoujy (husband) in all the lands that hasn’t made a big deal about more children or no children!

I guess I just hoped for a little more from my ADHD fun filled life!

So…the question I pose to you my readership…shall I Oophorectomy or just shoot up with a monthly ovary stoppage shot?

I welcome your thoughts and opinions!



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