ADHD Made Me Do It

Survive Life with Laughter



Who Am I and Why Am I This Way?

First and Foremost I am a Princess!! I grew up in a multi-racial family, dealing with a mental health disorder, racism and the uncommonly common childhood rebellious identity issues all wrapped up in what they call the miracle of childhood. There was so much wrapped up in my childhood…like being sent home from kindergarten for being dirty when really I just have a perma-tanned skin tone, or attending catholic school as a muslim child. I started to explode outwards and the miracle was lost to what seemed a bit like evilacle, and adolescence was a book of jokes in itself. Of course resilience through childhood and adolescence certainly helped build a strong – stubborn bull-headed – foundation for my adulthood, neither miracle or evilacle but just plain crazyacle! There were random USA marriages and broken house purchases, arguments with a psychiatrist and a mini jail vacation….all of these I will absolutely write about in more details as it helps explain who I am and I know you are super enticed!!

Despite popular belief , there are magical powers with most mental health “disorders” and I have harnessed the magical powers of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for those that don’t know) This is my popular belief and I share it with everyone – even as the answer to the first question at my job interview after requesting the panel address me as Princess! Turns out it worked for me…they hired me and I’m still employed!! Of course there’s always that little catch of needing to know the trick of harnessing the positives and managing the negatives. Everyone knows the negative sides of mental illness – more so now that police are shooting people in the head on the regular and claiming they had mental health issues – but very few recognize the positive side effects that can include: creative talents and flutter dancing; abundant motivation to start and finish 5 projects at the same time; multi-tasking and multi-focusing to achieve those 5 project outcomes; high energy to start the flutter dance thru the office at 8:45am and continue through out the day; optimistic risk taking (sadly this doesn’t actually mean the risk will always be for the better); and the most impeccable interpersonal communication skills. Recently a friend asked why I spend all my time working with youth and families and I said I wanted to spare them the misery of making the same mistakes I’ve made while teaching them some of the tricks I’ve learned. I’ve worked with many teenagers struggling to cope with their adolescence mixed with their psychiatric diagnosis’ and learning about their own special talents along the way. I too made this journey of struggle with ADHD for years, finally arriving at a destination of recognized talents and infinite potential. I have learned to harness these magical powers through self-reflection, an acknowledgement of what went wrong and what could be done differently to ensure a more positive outcome. As one of my Positive Affirmations states…there are no failures, I learn from everything I do….as a unique child of the universe!!

Why am I this way? Well I have recently moved back in with my mother who kicked my dad out of the house…straight from the hospital when he was just finished getting his shiny new pacemaker…after 40 odd years of marriage at her ripe age of 78 years old. This move has helped me a great deal to understand more about why I am little crazy. I didn‘t fall too far from my mother‘s apple tree!!


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