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Lets Review How My Groove Confuses The Medical Rule

on April 4, 2016

About 3 weeks ago I had my first review of the year…my Spring forward review and it was a doozy!

It would appear that me and my ADHD crazy are continuing to stump the entire medical field of North America…or York Region at least.

From my first hospital diagnosis…it seems that I would not play by the “medical rule”…thus causing the first oncologist to speculate that I was stage 4 on my way off the Earth while also arguing that I am not reflective of the dire news of my paper diagnosis and therefore tried to assume that the diagnosis was not so correct…basically she was just making shit up as she was going along meeting me every couple of weeks. The main problem is that she did it so poorly and lacked major confidence with her bull-kaka and thus causing me to want more opinions!

Skipping happily past the 2 hospitals refusing my referral, the employer rehabilitation doctor that stated my “form of cancer is rarely eradicated anyways”, the naturopath doctor who did my holistic treatments for 8 months whom himself ironically has now passed away, and the hospital stay and chemotherapy treatments just undergone a year ago…and let us fast forward to today’s bull-kaka!

My current oncologist is now expressing mass confusion. He has been in this little whirlwind of his for a few months now…I would say this is my third review with him where he just looks dazed and confused…like maybe he is reacting strongly to my coco-cannabis oil tea!!

Firstly, the nurse meets me and asks how things are with me and how do I feel. I express that I am confused why I didn’t get extensive blood work since being on blood thinners and tamoxifen which states regular monitoring of liver and blood is important…and then there is the CT scans that I am supposed to get every 3 months but haven’t had one since November 2015. She responds with a few finger taps on the computer and a head nodding agreement that something is amiss…tells me I am right and good for me for noting that…so now I am left to wonder when they will forward me part of the OHIP reimbursement they receive from Health Canada since I am doing their job and doing it better?!

Enter oncologist like fast and furious just to say…..

“So I don’t know what to do with you…some of your numbers are up and some are   down and I don’t know what that means exactly and I don’t know what to do with you…normally with your numbers and situation people are looking bad and feeling bad and on their way out…but you look good and so I don’t really know what to do with you”

I should’ve known from the last couple reviews not to expect much since 2 reviews ago he suggested:

“Why are you eating healthy…now is the time to just eat whatever you want…load up on the McDonalds and stuff to gain weight and enjoy your time”

It would appear that this guy had me written off months ago and is now super confused how I am still coming…driving myself in…for reviews. To be honest…at this point I myself am wondering why I am still attending reviews!!

Then he asks me if I am doing anything new or different…to which I reply that I am just continuing with my natural remedies along with the positive attitude and the medication he has me on…and he continues to look stumped!

Let us now review what it is I do to keep me looking and feeling this good!

Firstly: I continue to think and feel and believe positivity!! I believe that the cancer is so afraid of me and my positivity that the cancer is looking for any escape out of my body and…isn’t the blood sucking tube one outlet? This is my justification for why some of the tumour markers are up!

Secondly: I continue to take my Black Seed Oil and Honey mix twice daily! It is known to cure all disease except death…and clearly I am not meant to die anytime soon!

Thirdly: I am now regularly making cancer killing candy…yumm yumm and not McDonald’s grossness! Here are few pictures to help make sense…basically blend ginger with honey and dehydrate for 24-36hours…spiced yummyness!

ginger candy1      ginger candy2



Fourthly: I also be making tasty Tumeric Honey Blackpepper coconut oil frozen discs of cancer killing yummynessness!

tumeric candy

Fively: I have begun using Essential oils – tea tree oil and frankincense – topical on my cancerous skin spots. I have only started this a couple weeks ago so there isn’t enough time to really say much…except that some of the spots actually appear lighter and smaller!

Sixly: Mission gain weight! I have lost a fair bit of weight during this journey and so now trying to healthily put the weight back on…without the refined and processed foods. Other than eating fruits and veggies and reintroducing some breads and some meats…I have found the absolute best nondairy ice cream ever ever made…so good I am considering buying stock in the companies…all 2 of them and perhaps the dividends will help pay for my grocery bill!! Luna & Larry”s and So Delicious Dairy Free Desserts!

ice cream heaven

Sevenly: Consider…again…the natural…alternative…unconventional treatments offered in Baja Mexico at Hope4Cancer Clinic!!  It is suggested that I take the viral drug PNC-27 and the SPDT therapy…

I would welcome anyone who has any knowledge or stories of Mexico…hopefully success stories but open to all feedback!!





2 responses to “Lets Review How My Groove Confuses The Medical Rule

  1. Nicole says:

    Keep kicking ass lady! We are all in awe of you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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