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Trickle Up Economics

on February 25, 2016

Would you trade your humanity for money?

Does it make you as sad as I am to think of all the supposed “do-gooders” that preach about charity or public money or essential and valuable customer service out of one side of their mouth while telling their underlings and minions and non-believing front liners that making high salaries and larger profits is just good old fashion business politics!

And that isn’t even including the deplorable profiting from wars, chronic illness, drug addiction, or other such acts and events!

Over the recent years it seems like all front liners in the professional and labour workforces have been regularly striking… Not without just cause either!

We have seen countless government scandals of mismanaged budgets, oopsie daisy outsourced contract scandals, and just plain “bold in your face” political kickbacks for senior management and elected government officials!

When the crisis hits…it’s the front liner that is out there making things better…cleaning up the mess and minding the people affected! Managers and politicians are simply given updates…again by front liners…of the progress on the “crisis situation”. Then when all is said and done…those senior managers and politicians get up on their soapbox and speak of gratitude and appreciation for the work of the front liners…the dedication to their work and communities and how they will be recognized and how their hard work will not be forgotten…until it is time to ante up and put some bucks where their mouths are!

Once it comes time to negotiate new contracts…all of sudden it seems ok to not offer a decent raise to support living with raising inflation rates…or seems ok to cut benefits that are needed especially for support when dealing with the aftermaths of certain crisis’…or cut sick time and sick pay for those that have already taken the sickening heat for higher ups!

It is a sad state of affairs when the front line public servant is spoken to about accountability for every penny of public money and then sees the “higher ups” getting bonus’ for front line success or higher wages and better benefit packages…sold under the guise that the “higher up” is more stressful and accountable…but when it goes wrong it is still front liners getting fired/laid off/forced retirement!

And how about those essential services needed to live…that have been ever increasing in price and absurd additional fees tacked on the bill for good measure – I mean is there really a minion with a suitcase full of hydro running through the wires that warrants a “delivery cost” of more than the actual amount of hydro I used in a month? Or perhaps once I have helped hydro pay down its debt…it will start paying my mortgage debt for a few years eh?

Is it only me that is disturbed by the wasteful money by our elected government officials…that even with and after all that wastage…their consequences are naught? Shouldn’t the government regulate the fees and cap the fees that are charged by these services? How’s about if the Hydro company had to negotiate contracts with all its clients…and clients said “no to additional fees or inflated prices”?

I feel the most disturbing show of greed in my lifetime is the greed from charity administrators. I remember as a child, my mom used to encourage us to put a box together of stuff we don’t play with anymore or stuff that doesn’t fit us anymore. We used to go to the Goodwill and drop off our donations….and then we would walk around and be allowed to pick a new toy or a new outfit to go home with. That seemed to be at a time when the level of greed was fairly low….when the charity of people and of the overall organization was on the same page.

Now, that is all changed….the organization is reading from a whole different book then the people. It is hurtful to think that people are still willing to donate to charity….but refuse to donate to the raising administration fees or the lined pockets of….yet again those ugly head rearing senior managers!

Does it really cost $600,000.00 per year to run the Goodwill organization? I mean it is not like you are actually paying for your materials? The staff are mostly volunteers, minimum wage earners or staff from a government funded program to support employment skills.

Having mismanaged the charitable organizations so poorly…caused the closing down of actual charity stores and donation centres! Shouldn’t the government regulate the soaring pay cheques of the charity executive staff? Shouldn’t the government help to protect the public donated funds to ensure that more of it is used for its purpose of charity and not used as a vacation supplement for the CEO? Shouldn’t the charities that advertise that the donations are used to help people be charged and penalized for lying and cheating?

What if we switch to a trickle upwards form of economics? What if the front liner made the larger salaries and used that salary to pay the management teams and executives of charities their pay cheques…based on their performance and not just because they have CEO as their work title? What if the government politicians were paid based on the average capped public servant front line salary and negotiated with the public to gain raises or benefits or sick pay?

What if the world returned to the time when greed was the anomaly in business and life…when the world recognized the value of honesty and integrity and not “how much more can I take before the whole thing collapses”…when the higher ups didn’t play Jenga with our world!!!

What if I was Ruler of the Universe and made everyone see through the eyes of my ADHD positiveness!!


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