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Inspired by the Inspired to Keep Inspiring!

on February 25, 2016

Recently a very near dear friend of mine….best known as my old roomie…..wrote a very special article about me! I am totally flattered and totally proud of her skillful writing and her putting her feelings out there for the world….the Toronto Star Touch App world that is….to see!

Can’t imagine the number of people who write articles every day for newspapers that get turned away…poor stories or poor writing skills or combination of both. I admit I enjoyed reading the article…who wouldn’t enjoy reading about positiveness written about them and written so talentedly?

Here is the link for the story: The Courage to be Vulnerable, With a Cloak of Invincibility

Though I can’t get an article written in the paper about my roomie…the author….I can share my thoughts and feelings here.

I want to share how much of an inspiration she is to me…and to many other people she touches! I want to share that she inspires me to be a fighter with warrior strength to be able to stand next to her as a comrade….professional and personal!

She is a strong woman….and a strong mother….a strong professional….and a strong friend!

While I shared my vulnerability with her…she shared with me a glimpse into her reality…she shared with me how she has inspired me to keep up my courage!

I am inspired by her mothering skills…she shows me how to be a better parent even if it is only as a step parent….I see the true inspiration she has provided her children in their eyes and conversation and success they have achieved!

I am inspired by her professional skills…she shows me how to be a better professional even if we carry a different caseload of differing clientele. She shows me the compassion she holds supporting clients and colleagues with outside the box actions….often going above and beyond the “stated duties” of the job and at times proving the shortfalls of the supervisors!

I am inspired by her personal skills….she shows me that it is ok to trust people in the world still. Even though it is a risk to be vulnerable…more risky these days with the world revolving around greed and narcissism….she proves that the risk is sometimes worth it….fore sometimes you find a diamond in all that roughage!

I am inspired by HER….the “struggle is real” and she has powered through and achieved it all! She has pounded the pavement and pursued her dreams…she continues to pursue and continues to set a better and higher standard for herself to continue the upwards and onwards journey!

So…as she speaks of my inspiration to her…I speak of how she keeps me inspired to inspire! She encourages me to share my ADHD crazy with the world!

I have no doubts that she will achieve all her dreams…all her goals moving forward!


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