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Religious Curiosity Of An Innocent Child

on January 15, 2016

Brief story here…otherwise we run the risk of a proper long ass rant on the lack of humanity no matter the religion!

Little history for context!. As you are all aware, Christmas just passed recently…and for some religions that represents the “birth of Christ”.  To commemorate…or idolize…this birth, many churches set up nativity scenes of the circumstances surrounding this birth! They have wisemen and mommy and daddy and a donkey and an angel and a manger!

When we bought our house, we liked the fact that one neighbour is a church since they dont have many loud all night drunken parties and the graves don’t do much stalking thru bathroom windows!

This church put up a lovely nativity scene that the kids would walk to go look at most evenings.

Now, the kids are by no means religious…and we are by no means finatical religious parent/step-parent! My parents are practising Muslims and my husband’s parents dont really affiliate with a religious group.  Oddly enough though, his grandmother attends the church beside our house – but she has never pulled out the bible for thumping anytime i have seen or talked to her!

Me being ADHD and rebellious…i believe in God but struggle with man-made religions…Though i do value some teachings from muslim and buddhist faiths!

So the kids have very little understanding of religion…and I believe their mother doesn’t attend church either!. The kids only know what media shows them and what school-yard lectures they hear from their friends!

Just days ago, my husband and step son were cooking dinner…and having natural normal child to adult conversation…which is usually question/answer time!  Here is a dialogue of their conversation:

Son: Daddy, is the fairy real?

Dad: What fairy?

Son: The fairy that put Jesus in the bucket!

Dad: (trying to keep a straight face). There is no fairy.

Son: (pointing to the church) Well you need to go walk to God’s house and see the front where the fairy put Jesus in the bucket!

Dad: (walks away to laugh and returns to explain). No son, that is not a fairy it is an angel and it isn’t a bucket!

This seemed to satisfy the curiosity, the conversation ended and the cooking continued!

Just in case you were wondering…they made meatball sandwiches and they were yummy!!


One response to “Religious Curiosity Of An Innocent Child

  1. Nicole says:

    from the mouths of babes


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