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Checks and Balances…Reviews and Progresses…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

on December 25, 2015

So this year is almost over…one more week before the new year rolls in and a new journey begins!Can’t believe how quickly time goes by when you’re having fun!! Yet, I also can’t believe how much activity can pack into a year! What will ADHD crazyness bring for 2016 i wonder?? 

Everyone asks “how is married life” and I feel it’s great…we have been through soo much in such little time and we have built up a comfort level so sweet that it feels like we’ve been married for years!

Checking the balance…we are up there in the black…profitable in the grande scheme!  

We managed to keep our bank account afloat…despite the many many trips Zougy has taken to the hardware store!  

We managed to keep our house warm and cozy…especially with the installation of our new furnace and central heat!  

We managed to keep the kids and cat happy and healthy…and duncan the cat guards the family at night from the upstairs landing pretending to be ready to pounce on any dangers…but runs under the bed if anything moves or goes bump in the night! 

 Healthy is an important one for me…as we come to the 2 year anniversary of my pesky cancer diagnosis. I’m more and more confident with each new day that i will beat down the pesky fuckaroo!I had my final review for 2015 last week…and true to my crazy form, I have boggled the mind of the oncologist!. His review went something like this… “well I am pleased with the overall numbers and results and seems your body is responding well to the treatment…i don’t know what it means that your spots are peeling but jog on and keep doing what you’re doing…Let’s say the skin is regenerating healthily!”

It also seems that my natural treatments are contributing to my positive healthy response…the honey and black seed oil, golden turmeric coconut milk, the mushrooms and vitamins, the coconut cannabis oil, and all the positivity of my friends and family is keeping that cancerous fuckaroo from gaining any steam in my body, mind and soul!!

All this makes me excited about Christmas this year…and i made out like a total superstar bandit with all the gifts i got and all the love being shared!! No not all the gifts are mine but some of the biggest ones are!

I got to see the kids pure joy and excitement of opening their “skylander and disney infinity collectable doll game figurines”…and all the artsy craftsy cool activities to do thru the next year. I am super excited i got colouring books and a super cool puzzle!

The pure joy and excitement on Zougy’s face when opening his “Star Wars Infinity game and Star Wars personalized book!

And…not that i am materialistic…but the best gifts were the heartfelt gifts from my Zougy and the kids (even the one bought by Zougy’s ex that is really from the kids cause at least she was thoughtful and now i don’t feel awkward that i made her and her lesbian lover and her lesbian lover’s daughter special shambala bracelets)

Here’s a few pictures of my favourites (the ornament with all our names is from the ex and the stuffies are from the kids)

And so from my family to yours….Very Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays…Joyous Winter Solatice to all!!!


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