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Tribute To A Warrior Lost

on December 8, 2015

Sadly the devilish cancer has claimed yet another warrior recently. She was a true fighter having already kicked that beastly cancer’s ass once before…but it seems that sometimes cancer has a persistence to it and it came back almost 20 years later to spread its clutches and stake its plaguing claim on Ana’s life.She was a brave warrior…she traveled across the ocean to try and find the best plan of action to beat out the pesky fuckaroo…she tried all the natural therapies I had done when I first learned of my invading pesky fuckaroo!

It is while we were hooked up to our IV’s that we met…sharing stories of our special diets and latest remedies and folklore stories….imagine me trying to explain just how much marijuana to put in the morning tea to this innocent sweet 50ish Romanian woman and her husbnd whom have never tried any sort of the marijuana before…me singing its praises so much that i even brought her a sampling of my own cooked up coconut cannabliss oil….seemed only fair since she made and shared the best biscotti cookies i have ever tasted!

Its funny how sometimes you lose touch with friends and acquaintances along the way of charting thru this life…always with the best intentions to “keep in touch ok” and then you get that chemo-brain and you end up forgetting sometimes who you were going to email to make sure to catch up with.  

We didn’t drift so far apart, Ana and I, we made that conscious effort to check in on each other…check the what and where was our next treatment….our next family vacation…my marriage and her road trip to Florida! We sent pics of our updates and always making sure to smile to prove that pesky fucker devil cancer wasn’t going to get the one upon us!

Then came the reply email from my latest email check in…the subject line said it all…”My Wife”.  

It was hard to open the actual email fore i knew what it was going to say…that devil fuckaroo took one of us out. Well don’t you worry Ana…i got you covered…I got more fight in me now and i will take devil cancer fuckaroo out and about and smash it’s shite to all hell!



July 15, 1948 – November 13, 2015
Rest In Peace My Dear Friend


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