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Happy Little Big Anniversary

on October 8, 2015

One year and one day since our First Date – with firm hand-shakes we declared it was “nice to meet” each other with such business like formality! We have come such a long way since then…we have lost much of the business-like formalities…we have handled with unconditional love each other’s souls and embraced each other’s craziness…and you have even managed to tame my ADHD just a little bit!

I look back on everything I’ve been thru in the last year…forced to reflect by my palliative care specialist – I’ve only known him for 10 months but he feels that me and my magical powers are well on the way to defeat the pesky cancer!!!

To my Palliative Care team of Dr. Yuen and Nurse Chandra…who continues to believe that despite the diagnosis of terminal illness…I am not terminal and they will not treat me as though…they don’t push the hard narcotics or the pharmaceuticals remedies to create more need for pharmaceutical remedies!

To my Hakuna Mushka who has supported me like only a mother can support an ill daughter…she gives up her walker to make sure I can walk beside her!

To my OW family…the unconditional love and support of all of you…the fabulous breakies and now the helping me adjust to changing the times from breakie to brunch…I will be back one day and yes I will help you process that mail!!!

To my other country family, my second moms, and outside OW friends and family…this year wouldn’t have kept me smiling without your love and support and regular visits and check ins!!

Most important though is:  To my Zoujy who continues to research any and all new hoodoo voodoo magical natural remedy that comes to Dr. Google! Don’t worry I won’t ever tell anyone you drank some turmeric milk with special green coconut oil!!

So what’s the countdown include…within this 1 Year?

2 – Chest tubes on 2 separate occasions!

3 – Random chest fluid drainages – thankfully only one by Jaffar the Butcher!

4 – Un-restful weeks in the hospital…and no I’m not palliative care even if I’m in the palliative care ward!

5 – Months of home oxygen – needing to carry round an oxygen tank and sleep with an oxygen concentrator (now I can’t sleep without some kind of background white noise)

6 – Rounds of chemical warfare chemotherapy (so glad that’s over with and now I can have the next 6 months to try and grow some hair back)

7 – Attempts of Zoujy trying to get into the wrong hole

8 – Months of courtship leading to a quickie almost impulsive yet meant to be wedding

9 – Months of cultivated relationship lending to our buying a house together

10 – Friends in total that showed up to our first house party (sadly we over estimated and bought food as if we were popular…we ended up eating grilled cheese for the next couple months)

11 – Months of just sheer amazement of what’s gone on over the last 11 months…of the unconditional support and love we have for each other…of the feeling that years have passed and we will never lose the puppy love honeymoon phase!

12 – Months for you to get your very first passport after 39 years!

Now that we got thru that first year…and packed all that into that first year…let’s start the next year’s countdown…I have faith we can pack better more positive stuff in…starting with making use of that passport so…bring on our 1st – Out of country experience!!!


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