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Cheap…Frugal…or Economical

on September 29, 2015

So…Zoujy and I are in the middle of a debate…the question is whether he is cheap or just being economical?

It all started when we were having an evening discussion on worldy events, current affairs, and children’s milestone birthday parties. Obviously it’s the birthday party discussion that set him off…and in response to my accusing him of being sooooo cheap for his own son’s 5th birthday party…he got all snooty and said “why don’t you write a blog post about it” Don’t have to ask my ADHD ass to do something crazy more than once!!

So, Zoujy, here is my post! All about how you so cheap towards me and the kids…but you so willing to spend whatever necessary for you and your wants and desires and “toy dolls” and “comic books” that he calls collectables!!

Now I’m probably biasedly opinionated…mostly because I never usually look at price-tags…if I want something bad enough…for me or as a gift…then I am willing to spend the money to get it! I’ve never been good at haggling or negotiating prices…I just pay what the price-tag says!

Zoujy…on the other hand…constantly checking price tags and always making statements like “I could make that for cheaper or I could find that for cheaper”. So far he has promised to make a coffee table, 2 end tables, and a display table for his daughter’s arts and crafts. What he has managed to do is buy wood and complete his table for his own letterpress machine…which he has bought a number of tools and equipment for without having it set up or ready to press – his desire to run a little side business yet can’t seem to get out of the planning “i’m gonna” stage!

Then there’s the boxes and boxes of “collector comic books”…which apparently all go with the “collector comic dolls”. Just look at the shelves and shelves of little green and black and purple dolls all over the house…batman collectables collectable dolls infinity collectables

Then comes time for his son’s 5th birthday party…pretty big milestone for the little fellow! He is super excited for his birthday party and he knows he’s going to have toys and cake and all sorts. BUT Zoujy is so cheap…he tries to wrap all the gifts (some of which I bought) with one small skinny roll of dollar store wrapping paper – this blue and silver striped paper that says…wait for it…congrats wrapping.

“Congratulations” and he is fully aware that his son’s favourite colour is Orange – “but all the dollar store had was this paper and pink paper”. So I asked if he considered shopping at another store – giant tiger or even Walmart. I mean for the benefit of his own only son…then I had to drive him to the Giant Tiger (better my gas then his gas)

And then there’s the time when he needed some extra cash for something…I without a second thought email transferred money (paying the $1.50 fee without a squabble). When he was ready to pay the money back…I said just email transfer it quick and easy and don’t need to faff around with writing and cashing and waiting for hold on a personal cheque…he responds with “but email transfer will cost me $1.50″…totally oblivious to the fact that I paid the fee and he wasn’t concerned about it!

Now…if you ask Zoujy if he thinks he is cheap…he will call himself “frugal” or “economical”…but I ask you all…is he being economical if he spends $100.00 on his comic books and $1.00 on his son’s birthday??

PS…no matter what I will still always love you cheap and cheerful Zoujy!!!!!!


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