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To Oophorectomy or Not To Oophorectomy

on September 22, 2015

Is it bad that I feel sad…mad…and glad over the loss of the potential children I might’ve had? Yep I can see how none of that would make sense! They always say “you can’t miss that which you never had”…But it seems pretty easy to miss the idea that I won’t have a daughter pine after me like I pine after my momsy…or have a son stand up for me and my wacky ways when I offer his friends some green juice to help their studies!
So…the oncologists recommends removing my ovaries…the call it an Oophorectomy!

He says that the breast cancer is feeding off my estrogen and my ovaries is just giving it more sustenance then it deserves! He so “matter of the fact” about it…which I would normally like and appreciate…but for this subject…I think I want him to be a little more understanding…a little more compassionate.

Then he says “you don’t have any children right? Well if you get pregnant…that is the mother of all estrogen production and then you probably won’t be around to see your child grow”…again so “matter of fact” that I am left to just laugh it off and say ok I will see the OBGYN specialist and discuss removing my worldly dreams thru some simple keyhole Oophorectomy surgery!

Yesterday was the OBGYN specialist appointment and it’s not like she magically had anything different to say. She feels that at my ripe age of 40, fertility is at an ultimate low anyways…add the 6 months of chemical warfare treatments and she believes that my “ovarian function is pretty much non-existent”.

She asks about the time and space between my diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment.  I explain the nightmare of the stupid people of the Mackenzie Health Centre, the alternative treatments that kept me healthy and able to work and function for a year, finally the fluid build up and the meeting of the smart peoples of Southlake Regional Health Centre.

So basically she figures that I am already in menopause…she believes that surgery is just a high risk that is unnecessary since there are medications to suppress any potential ovarian functions I may have left or that may come back after some time of clearing out the chemical warfare chemotherapy toxins.  She figures its best to look for the least intrusive and least traumatic method to help manage the breast cancer and longevity of life!

Wow…everyone is so “Matter of fact…Karma has decided this is your new dream life now and so jog on with the acceptance of it”

I know I still have my positive thinking…I still have my faith in God and the everything is happening for a reason faith…I have these 2 wonderful step-children…bless their sweet souls and I do love them muchly! I also have the most supportive Zoujy (husband) in all the lands that hasn’t made a big deal about more children or no children!

I guess I just hoped for a little more from my ADHD fun filled life!

So…the question I pose to you my readership…shall I Oophorectomy or just shoot up with a monthly ovary stoppage shot?

I welcome your thoughts and opinions!


One response to “To Oophorectomy or Not To Oophorectomy

  1. Nicole says:

    Darling what about freezing your eggs first and having a surrogate incase you decide you do want those babies? Just a thought…

    also surgery is so invasive…my thoughts would be monthly shots…but thats because I hate surgery!


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