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Ruby Murry Got Her Punjab Groove Back!!

on August 11, 2015

Wedded bliss…step parenting…home ownership…Cancer squashing visualization…lung expanding…chest infection clearing…green juicing…massage therapying…ADHD…put it all together and what do you get?

Ruby Murry gets her Punjab Bollywood Groove on…Grooving it up with the small town Fair locals!

So, it’s been 2 months since I got married…1 month since we moved into our own house and overall it’s continuing to be a great experience!

It’s been over a month since stoppage of the Chemical Warfare and one month of the freaky Tamoxifen “hormone cancer kill pill”! I’ve started to grow some hair back…I’ve started to walk further and faster than I have since January…and I owe it all to the continued efforts of my positivity and my hubby’s love, support and happy-whoopy love making rituals…like on the nightly (bet you never saw that cuming cancer!!!) So…what all am I doing to keep this good?

Still keeping up the juicing but making more efforts to get ingredients from local farmers market and putting more ingredients to help build the lungs back up…what’s the list you ask?

Juice recipe – it’s potently strong and magically delicious!!!

1 small red onion; 3 cloves garlic; 1 lime; 1 small green apple; plus handful each: pineapple with core; parsley; cilantro; cucumber slices; broccoli crowns; rosemary; oregano; dill; dandelion leaves; spinach leaves; ginger pieces

Massage Therapying:

I cannot express the wonders of massage therapy…not just cause it’s nice to have a back massage…but because the back massage opens up the tight muscles that opens up the back area where the lungs have been subjected to stiffness of hospital beds and lung glue! In the 3 months of massage therapy I have been getting weekly (and not greedily but only 30 mins massages)…I have found that I can stand taller and breathe deeper and groove with more flexibility!

Cancer Squashing Visualization:

Few weeks ago, we had a scare that things were getting worse for me. I had to start sleeping with oxygen again…and I was getting short of breath quicker and lowered oxygen intake daily…then it hit hard…one night after dinner I had a fit of coughing rage!  I coughed for over 4 hours before the hubby in a panic called 911 and up came the ambulance men and the firemen and there was little me…shaved head sitting on the floor in the bedroom trying to cough out one corner of lung phlegm! So they carted me off to the dreaded hospital again…and here’s where I really took to visualization! Before I knew it…the coughing had stopped…the phlegm was not as bothersome…and the doctor was super nice and explains “well you haven’t got any worse while sat here for 7 hours and your x-rays shows little fluid but no cancer spread…take these antibiotics and rest up”

Now…I take every moment…day and night…I even dream day and night…of all these Cancer cells being squashed and shriveled up…moved thru my system by my lymph soldiers and right out in my “number 1 is pee, number 2 is poo, and number 3 is farts”!!

Exercise and/or Sexercise:

I once had a doctor tell me that the best exercise is sexercise! It’s not as harsh on the muscles and it’s good workout all around for the body, mind and soul! Not too long ago I can remember feeling like having a life partner was an impossibility for me! BUT now I know to NEVER SAY NEVER!! And not only do I make an effort to walk somewhere everyday…but WE make an effort to walk somewhere every evening…and end the night with a little humbling “shake your booty in the bed night cap”

And so that’s the story…the secret…and the recipe for how Ruby Murry got her Punjab Groove Back and won’t be losing it ever again!!


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