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Look Ma…I’ve Got a New Leash In Life – Metaphorically Speaking Of Course

on June 4, 2015

It almost feels like for the last 6 months I have been attached to a leash…a hose up my nose pumping me necessary oxygen. Since the whole lung collapse and then the thoracic surgery…my whole hospital stay I was leashed by oxygen and chest tubes.

I thought for sure I could do away with the leash by the time I got home…that is the impulsive impatient madness of ADHD. When I left the hospital in March…I assumed it would take a minor details weekend to bring my lungs back to inflated par!

Well…I couldn’t be more wrong and it took more long!! Turns out after the first weekend of bravely trying to save face…I was actually starving my body of much needed oxygen to heal…starving oxygen to even move from the bed to the couch!

So frantically I called half a dozen doctors from the hospital trying to get them to prescribe me oxygen -who knew you could randomly get a prescription for oxygen? Bless Dr Roberts and Dr Yuan for coming thru…faxing prescriptions and requesting delivery of oxygen machines to my house!!

Well it’s now June…and I’m happy to report that for the past week…I have been leash free – yeppers no oxygen leash during the day or at night! Oh the freedom to breathe free air freely…I might light a candle in celebration!!

Why write about a new leash on life you ask??

Well tonight is to be my last leash free night…forever – dah dah daaaaaah says Law and Order!

With everything that’s been going on…I’ve also been so lucky to have met and fallen in love with my destined soul mate. And for the first time…even though it’s the third time…I’m excited and fully happily engaged in planning our marriage and buying shared property!

My new leash on life…being tied down as a happy wife!!

Happy Birthday Brettshine – Soon as tomorrow you will take your place beside me as Spouse to Ruler of the Universe! Me Lovos You Muchos Muchos Muchos!!  Just so you know I am still going to be the Majority Ruler!!!


One response to “Look Ma…I’ve Got a New Leash In Life – Metaphorically Speaking Of Course

  1. Nicole says:

    Lady, I am so happy for you. Regardless of everything you have been through you deserve extreme amounts of happiness and I wish you and your man nothing but peace and love the rest of your lives! XO


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