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Overwhelming Procrastination

on May 5, 2015

Welcome back!!! I know it’s been ages since I’ve been here…or since posting here…I got overwhelmed by procrastination…and then procrastinated by such overwhelmingness! Since October, so much has happened, I will try to update without making this post 8 pages long…perhaps brief synopsis of each month…

November 2014 – not much happens here really…got an ear infection..and the gov’t latest scandal goes live (otherwise known as a new computer system for social services). The stress has begun…

December 2014 – I’m officially written off work full time now…not really because of medical condition but more cause of the stress at work…until Boxing Day when the fever hits and I apparently need a full day and evening of sleep. Didn’t help that this was the day after the first day I met the boyfriend’s parents…oh yeah I didn’t mention I now have a boyfriend…we’ll hear more about him as the months go on!!

January 2015 – Happy New Year everyone!! My new year is off to a bit of a rough start! Turns out the infection of December was actually the start of massive amount of fluid building in my chest area – they call it pleural effusion which doesn’t sound anything like fluid or build up!! Anyhow so I end up in the hospital with a chest tube coming out of my pleural space – 4 litres of fluid drained from my chest space in the first 24 hours. Now here’s the “everything happens for a reason” reason…I meet the most amazing doctor and nurses…the respirologist, Dr Roberts, (he’s the one that put my chest tube in) with a most amazing sense of humour and bedside manner and cohersion skills to get me to see the oncologist…Dr Kassam…and she comes to see me on a Sunday afternoon and knows her shit! Not wishy washy maybe this that or the other like my first oncologist…but more like “we can get to this and beat out this cancer and you got many years ahead of you”…that’s right she says I’m ALIVE!!! So I end up in the hospital for 2.5 weeks…and for the first week I’m stuck with this chest tube and my trusted suitcase of lung fluid (see pic on IMG_20150110_162520right)…. then I get moved to the cancer care ward…which happens to share floor space with palliative care. As they wheel me into my new room with a lovely window bed….I feel it necessary to point out that I am not palliative…and all the nurses assure me I’m not in the palliative section either!

So here’s where I start chemotherapy…yes I’ve eaten my “never chemical warfare” words and started chemical warfare…which surprisingly goes well without any real negative effects (perhaps the vitamin C treatments worked to help keep me healthy for the chemo). After watching hospital roommates come and go and final straw being the roommate that died in the room at 9am…I finally demand that I be discharged…and finally I get to go home January 26!

February 2015 – well the whole fluid drainage was short lived and I end up in the emergency 2 times to get a needle draining before landing in the hospital again for a VATS pleurodesis procedure – this is a procedure where they glued my lungs to my chest wall to prevent the fluid building.  There will be more discussion about the final needle drain and VATS in the next post…”Jaffar the Butcher and Julius Toth the Thoracic fake God”

I’d like to take this moment to say a thank you to all the love that was shown to be by: my boyfriend soon to be significant other Brettshine….my work family (y’all know who you are)….my second mom Barb….and all the sock monkeys that kept my spirits up and my smiles for miles!!! Dr Roberts, Dr Yuan, Dr Kassam, all the fabulous nurses on the Cardiac ward and the Cancer Care Ward, Norma, Fabulous Social Worker and Physician’s Assistant on the Cancer Ward! If I left you out…sorry…let me know and I will edit you in!

Just take comfort in knowing that I am now on the path to healing…and back on the path to blogging about the laughs of life!!


One response to “Overwhelming Procrastination

  1. Nicole says:

    Lady I have missed your blogs – your work family doesn’t tell the stories as good as you…take care and I look forward to reading more! XO


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