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Never Too Late To Be Thankful…Or To Wish A Happy Thanksgiving!

on October 26, 2014

I know that I am a couple weeks late on the Happy Thanksgiving wishes…but realistically being thankful isn’t about an exact science of timing…considering I walk through life as an eternal optimist! So, now that I find myself with ample time to completely write out that which I am thankful for….I am ready to share my thankfulness!

Thankful for my family: Especially for parents that are still able to independently travel. I mean that mostly because I live with them and am now thankful that I have the house to myself while they have snow-birded away to the tropics of their homelands. I am also thankful that my parents are supportive of me and allow me to live in their house while I am resolving the many issues of my own house….health….life! I am also thankful for the renewed relationships I am building with my growing nieces and nephew….though tensions still exist between my brother and his wife…circumstances changing and compassion allows for bigger steps moving forward then in the previous 7 years….now I see the littlins almost weekly!

Thankful for my extended family: Coming from a Pakistani father and Egyptian mother results in having a massive family…probably as massive as a population of an independent country. Where ever we may land….there is always a family member to take us in and help us out! Presently, it is the Egyptian family looking out for the perfect retirement condo in Egypt…while the Pakistani members of the family continue with the British invasion!

Thankful for my work team: I have had the privilege to work with many co-workers and teams….but I feel truly blessed for the team I work with now. And that doesn’t include just my specific 800 team…but the many that share a bond with me in the same office…same division…same local government. Obviously I have done many crazy, wild silly things in my life that resulted in the need for external sane support to get me thru….to see clear and to amend my wacky ways. But this time is different and this team is different. I am most thankful for the rare care we all share!

Thankful for my health team: I suppose being asked to leave the medical-model health system for simply not choosing their specific recommended chemical warfare treatment left me a little worried about my plight…my fight…and my definitive survival. Working with my homeopathic team has brought me extra-ordinary results that now have the cancer left with a plight…a fight…and a destined dooming lack of survival!

Thankful for my friends old and new: I am not referring here to the hundreds of facebook friends that we add just to increase our online status but don’t actually know anything about 90% of them. I am talking specifically about the few people….I can count on my two hands alone…that I consider good friends and welcome journeying life with them. Being such a social butterfly always helps me to find and keep my friendship circle….some who have served a purpose…some who have served their season…and some who are in for the life long haul!

Thankful for my own strength, resilience and magical powers: Though I must admit that I am only human….I am a strong human with a magical power to be ultimately resilient. It is a matter of whatever doesn’t kill me WILL make me stronger. Considering I have no intentions of dying for another 50 years or so….just imagine how much stronger I will be! If you need help imagining that…just think the ADHD way…grandiosely ambitious everyday!

Thankful for my belief and faith and understanding that we are never alone: It’s eerie how sometimes you can feel like the only one in the whole universe with such an anger….affliction….worrisome concern. It takes a strong faith to feel and believe that no matter what the circumstances….one can never be alone….even the big bang had to have a start by someone (thing). Belief and faith keep us getting up in the mornings and pushing through our day….even for those that have faith in complaining about lack of faith! I believe whole-heartedly that everything happens for a reason and depending on your karma….those reasons usually work themselves out for the better in the end! Vision boards help with the better part…so I am also thankful I finally finished mine today and now the attraction with the universe begins!

Thankful for me: No I don’t mean that in the conceded way…but in the I appreciate all the life I have walked in my 39 years…and I am thankful for who I have become and all the great things my vision board will tell me to achieve! I am thankful that I continue my journey on a path I can always be proud of!

Last but certainly not least…..I am Thankful for beating this greedy bastard cancer tumour: I know I have been a little lacking on the updates….but things seemed to have gotten super busy with life events…and the fact that all the doctors around me seem to be getting sick – no I have not magically wished illness upon any of them but maybe they should heed some of their own advice to relax, keep calm, and stay natural!

Having said all that….I do have some recent blood work and a recent ultrasound to update on…but not until I have closely examined and fully understand the extent of the reports and the status of the greedy bastard to date.   You may wonder why the extra caution…and let’s just say that one of the many lessons I have learned in life….impulsive isn’t always the best method of goal achievement.

Of course…can’t leave without a little sneak peek right?! Blood work shows a continuous drop in tumour markers and continuous increase in hemoglobin…I am no longer supposed to be comatose. The ultrasound is a little rougher and only viewed briefly today – didn’t want to fill my head with negative assumptions….but basically the one tumour has shrank…and possibly the piece that shrank off has attempted to make a new home in my right boobie (this is known to be one of the side effects of the POLY MVA treatment). Wait….no-one panic….there is nothing conclusive about the new boobie results….I will have more to share this week after arguments with more doctors and more lengthy examination of the results.

Until then…..stay thankful and stay tuned for more to come!


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