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Death Death Go Away…You Cannot Have Any More Today

on October 5, 2014

Death is like a bi-polar fact of life! Sometimes the death of something can bring much manic type satisfaction…like quitting your nowhere overwork/underpaid job or ending the friendship with that advantage taking user “friend”! Of course the polar opposite is the devastating depression of losing a close parent or family member…or for some the devastation is from the death of a TV series!

Lately, I’ve experienced the full spectrum death has to offer. I am a little sad about the death of famous stars off in the distance…but really who didn’t shed a couple tears when the world lost most talented Robin Williams…and maybe some even cried a little for Joan Rivers too. I say ‘Rest In Peace’ both of them for they brought much joy, laughter and comedic medicinal laughter to the world for decades!

Closer to home though…was more emotional feelings of mania and depression. Today, especially is a religious day that brings about the death of farm animals….but their deaths also bring about great piety for those humble followers of Allah…while also bringing great charitable meals for the poverty stricken peoples across the world.

I’m ecstatic to have finally put an end to the relationship with a user abuser non-friend that caused me financial loss and emotional struggles…this death is opening up new life for my home, my mental health and my bank account!

I am deeply saddened to have experienced 2 funerals in with 2 weeks….and those were really the first time I’ve attended funerals in all my 39 years! Death came knocking like clockwork on Fridays, and took away two very precious people. Though it was not my family members that died….it was people that are like family to me that have suffered the loss of their mothers….and really no matter how old you are or how ill your parent is….when your parent is like your best friend….no amount of preparation can prepare you for the emotional loss when death comes around!

First was the Italian funeral…for my precious Tesora who lost her mother (May she rest in peace and always watch over her daughter and daughter’s daughter). As far as funerals go…I think the Italians end it best by wishing everyone able to walk out of the church “may the peace be with you”! Precious Tesora, I only wish for you that the peace will set it and time will see you remember your mother and the life she spent with you with all the joy it brought you and without the sadness you feel now!

Then there was the Greek funeral…for my amazing Naej who lost her mother exactly one week later. I hope for you Naej that you feel your mother, father and sister are together now looking over you and your nephew…You are the Earthly representative of your family now…and of course you would be the one to remain cause you are the most amazing bestest contribution to the Earth! As for the funeral….The Greeks sing loudly such a blessing that even though you may not understand the words, you feel the peace and harmony! Then you get your chance to greet the family members and wish them peace be with them as they move forward through their mourning!

Of course, it would be wise to share here and now that every death seems to be followed by a birth….thus forming the basics of the Circle of Life fact! The day after Tesora’s mother passed…SED friend gave birth to her beautiful baby girl (Congrats on your newest precious addition SED Friend and may peace and joy follow your family for all your life). There is no doubt that somewhere in the world a baby was born soon after Naej lost her mother too! I choose to believe that spirits are free moving and perhaps the spirit of a kind old soul has been reborn into a sweet innocent child!

Where does that leave me right now….well I don’t fear you death…but I am not ready for you either! I am not prepared to feed into your bi-polarness…remember now I am a supporter of mental health management…and giving in is not effective management. I have major plans of peace for my remaining 50 years of life…I will still enjoy my social service work and I will build my own family and even may give birth to my own sweet innocent reborn soul!

So Death….today I say “may the peace be with you” as you move along outside my circle…..perhaps next cycle when you come around…in like 50 years….I may be ready for you to take me to my new sweet innocent birth!

PS….EID MUBARAK to all those celebrating yesterday, today and/or tomorrow!!


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