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Throw Me A Bone…or A Doctor…or A Lawyer…or A Fundraising Event…or A Chocolate Chip Cookie…And I Will Make Change!

on September 8, 2014

Just when I got to thinking that my bad mojo could clear out in a day…..that would be a fantastic yet misguided notion! Don’t get me wrong here…..I am totally marveling in all the positives that are coming thru my way….just curious why there still has to be some negativity?? Perhaps important to note that much of this current bad mojo isn’t actually mine….just a matter of cause for them and effect for me!!

What nonsense you ask is this all about today? Mostly about other people’s responsibilities….later we will get to what I choose as my new responsibility….Agent 009 of Change!

Throw me a Bone: Recently I have had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends on Facebook.   Sometimes it’s important to remember why you stopped being friends…and maybe these are the things that should be kept on the Facebook timeline newsfeed!! BUT…there is also the one off chance sometimes that you can appreciate reconnection with an old friend for the person they have become in the years of disconnection. Guffwes….this is about you! I must say…even though we had that little argumentative disagreement of opinions yesterday….I think that much of what you were saying was more for shock value! I know, trust, and believe that you have the gumption to be an agent of change….just looking at all the massive positive strides you have made in the last couple years….attending college, and working your art thing, and getting recognized in the local paper….something to be super proud of…and someone I am proud to call friend! You have become your own personal change agent in your own personal life, even despiting the nay-sayers of your past and present! BUT…..I will stick to my guns and my argumentative points. While we both endeavor to make POSITIVE changes within society, within different aspects and for different reasonings, our requirement remains the same….We have the RESPONSIBILITY to be POSITIVE (regardless of if we have the right to be negative) for us to be effective agents of change!

Throw me a Doctor: As you can imagine, I am required to provide documentation to my workplace for taking time off to complete treatment. Not to go into the nitty gritty illogical nonsense of the work battle, and we’ll look past the comments made by the workplace doctor of how my “form of cancer is rarely eradicated”….because I am slowly eradicating my cancer and he hasn’t had the full experience of my magical powers!  As you may recall, I have been ousted by the medical professionals within my local hospitals.   I have been working only with my family doctor as the last supporting member of the “Medical Model World” for various testing to monitor the progress of my cancer treatments. This doctor is very important to me….not only as my last supportive doctor, but also as the acceptable medical practitioner for letter purposes – as her name is followed by a stamp from “College of Physicians” (this is apparently where the Gods of the medical world preside).   Sad to say at this point, my family doctor is currently off on her own sick leave – apparently for a minimum of 2 months and perhaps not to return to medical practice. Now I’m at the mercy of another new unknown unknowing doctor…and we all read about how that ended poorly the last new doctor round with refusals for blood and ultrasound requisitions and a strong desire to refer me to surgery and contact my doctor who was taken to hospital in an ambulance (could this be the reason her doctors said no more crazy ADHD patient conversation for you??).  I don’t know what ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath of doctors promising to do no harm to patients (seems harmful to promote chemical warfare over vitamin based treatments), to uphold the ethics of treatment…and them were the days of true naturopathic treatments!  Fingers crossed that the new doctor brought into the clinic is of a younger age with more understanding of the new trendy natural ways!!

Throw me a Lawyer: This is brief…just a quick wish for a new competent lawyer…or for some competency to slap my lawyer in the face. I am still waiting to hear back from my lawyer about the whole garnishment issue. He emailed me just to say that he was having someone look into what could be done to stop the garnishment and they should have an answer for me in the coming weeks. It seems of no matter to this lawyer that he screwed up…..and has left me holding the bag of incompetence for the past 7 years. How now do I find a trust-worthy lawyer that can and will competently take up my plight….any takers out there??

Throw me a Fundraiser: I am willing to bet that all of you have seen…and maybe contributed to…the various fundraising events of the weekend….the stand up one (SU2C) and the walk it off one (Shoppers One Walk to Conquer Cancer)….all for the research and battlement of cancer. Now, I am not suggesting that these events shouldn’t continue…..I firmly believe that fundraising brings awareness and also much needed external funds for research. It’s a bit of a shame that all the money raised will go to the hospitals and universities and cancer foundations…all with their focus of researching chemically enhanced medical research.   It is almost bordering disgust when a parent trying to remove harm from her child is caught up in a CAS battle – especially after a team of hospital doctors acknowledge that the chemotherapy treatment was not providing effective rehabilitation results…for story details click here: (  And lets not forget the radio advertisement suggesting that people get out there and do something they fear, as a way to support and stand up to fear as many cancer survivors do!  I am doing something full of fear…at least this is something other people tell me…that I am brave for not taking on any “conventional” treatment!  I know and see and believe there are many many other people standing up to short sighted doctors, and judgemental medical systems, and other ignorant nay-sayers!  I COMMEND YOU ALL FOR YOUR BRAVERY!!!!

CHANGE AGENT 009 Responsibility: I want to see a change…..I will be the change! I cannot force a change on opinion…I cannot make my doctor better just to keep being my family doctor…I cannot force my lawyer to do the right thing….and I cannot force the world to see from my homeopathic rose coloured glasses!   I CAN promote awareness….for my fight with the health care system that uses tax dollars and regulation administration fees from naturopathic/homeopathic doctors and treatments…but don’t offer them as a viable option under Federal Health Care benefits. I CAN promote awareness…for the need to generate funds and bring about POSITIVITY for the successful eradication of many cancers through naturopathic/homeopathic treatments and this being tested and proven in the general population world for thousands of years really! They say that vitamins, and minerals, and natural remedies are not properly researched for effects and/or side effects – despite the fact that many of the approved researched pharmacological medications are derived from a natural plant/specimen!!!

I CAN and WILL write to every media source – TV(CBC, CTV, CITY TV, OMNI, GLOBAL, Ect), Radio (Virgin 99.9, KISS 92.5, BOOM 97.3, ect), Newspaper (paper and online Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe and Mail, Metro, ect) – and make awareness of my current medical plight and how I am winning the fight!

I CAN and WILL continue to seek artists and other supports for generating my FREE THE CURE magnet and FREE THE CURE events….I will even lend my stand up comedic value to all potential events!

I CAN and WILL keep my POSITIVITY about me! I CAN and WILL coachingly encourage others to keep POSITIVITY in their hearts, minds, and bodies! I CAN and WILL continue to promote the viewpoint of see the amazing capabilities of POSITIVE THINKING BRINGS ON POSITIVE ACTIONS!!!

PS….Take Back the Chocolate Chip Cookie: Over the last couple of weeks, I have been a serial serious cheater on my special diet! In celebrations of birthdays…I have eaten Tiramisu, mango mousse, coconut cupcake, drank wine, wine, beer, beer, and wine! Back on my POSITIVITY band-wagon means that I now have to get back onto the diet wagon!!! I RELEASE myself of all EXCUSES…..and harness again the Magical Powers!!!


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