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Retreat Often and Surrender Never!

on September 1, 2014

I’ve just been updating and putting on posts from the last couple of weeks…but wanted to make sure I ended posts this week on a positive note!!!

As you may know I went away on a most fabulous 4 day spiritual retreat…truth is I was wanting to write about it as soon as I came back but got caught up in Mondays and business of other sorts. But, this retreat was so spectacular I need to share all its awemazements!

Firstly the drive was inspiring! I was able to formulate my new retirement plans, and visualize my creation of my new world. Little did I know that I would drive to a small town consisting of 600 people….a blink and you’ve missed it town for sure!

Once I pulled into the driveway, the host Victoria met me at the door and was superbly warm and welcoming. So, the theory behind this retreat was to explore the spiritual healing of the native people and beliefs. I am fascinated with the native beliefs and was happy to find this retreat:

Victoria showed me around the healing place, and allowed me time to settle in my little red cabin; set up my juicer in the outdoor kitchen; and time to breath in my new environment before inviting me for dinner! Her partner, Hugh McKenzie, was on dinner duty and made the most delicious goulash. It was a breath of fresh air to be sat in a house with everyone sitting together eating and chatting together!

My Little Red Cedar Cabin: This little red cedar cabin was super awesome…even has better foundation then my house! It was warm with a little electric little red cabinfireplace heater…but it had a real connection to nature and I slept like a baby for the 3 nights I was there.





The Outdoor Kitchen: Was super amazing…I didn’t know what to expect when Victoria explained on the phone about the outdoor kitchen. It was outdoor kitchenmost relaxing to be able to make juice and then drink it while looking at the sky and the trees. It was the first day there I met with Philip (Victoria’s nephew)




Chatting with Philip: I am thrilled to have met Philip, he was a true gentleman even though he is super young and merely 22 year old. He explained much of the native culture to me….as he was a drummer and also a sun-dancer….he also explained the concept of spiritual journey – which is to be put into the middle of the forest and fast for days while trying to gain a better understanding of your life! Philip is also engaged in crafty work and spends time making leather goods and beaded accessories – highly motivated, ambitious young man with a kind big heart….and wants a career in social services! Philip even did some healing drumming songs specific for me as an after dinner treat!

I send the message out to the greater universe that my ideal husband is the older version of Philip…..phhoooowwwwww as I blow the message out there….everyone think that for me with me too!!!

King David: This is Philip’s father and Victoria’s partner’s cousin, he was down from Ottawa on a visit. King David made me feel so welcomed and included me in the morning pipe ceremony the next day – just before he and Philip were leaving to go home. King David also made sure I went home with some gifts from him and nature…he gave me some sage and sweet-grass for my own smudging rituals!

Victoria: Spent some valuable time offering me relaxing treatments. Victoria’s expertise with healing massages left me feeling relaxed and more in-tune with my healthy self through-out the entire weekend. Victoria also arranged for some local neighbor friends to come over for a sharing circle…and also gave some time for woman supportive healing and strengthening drumming!

Mary New Couch and Rainbow Thunder Woman: Super awesome meeting you and sharing with you and offering support as well as feeling supported with you! I have been struggling with trusting to easily….but turns out that there are always good reasons to trust…and you guys are definitely good reasons! I look forward to meeting with you all again…perhaps in a year and we can all share the progress we have made and the new goals we hope to move towards!

Hugh McKenzie: Hugh is an awesome speaker of the truth and amazing artist! I spent some time learning about art and the patience needed and the positive outcomes with art therapy! Hugh plays a mean guitar too…..but really without his guidance I would not have completed this lovely piece of art for my moms!my art to mom





PS…Nyrad, I hope this makes up for my lacking appearance in the last couple weeks….and I will write about my PowWow Manitoulin trip next time!!





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