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My Miracle Treatment Plan

on September 1, 2014

I was recently asked to explain exactly what I am doing about my illness and how I am beating it down. I have complete faith, belief and will that I can cure myself of all afflictions! I often get asked by doctors and other skeptics how do I think I will do what the medical world can’t be sure is possible!

How will I achieve all this you may ask… I am merely human with ADHD magical powers?! Well…let me count all the ways I shall achieve what is humanly possible! As you have come to learn I love to learn and here are the important lessons I have learned so far to guide me in creating my own worldly existence baffling the medical community and other skeptics:

** Don’t try to convince yourself if you don’t believe what they tell you! Always seek out further opinions and always be comfortable with your own body’s evaluation process – you know your body best!

** Don’t live to their guestimates of your life…don’t give them the opportunity to guestimate on your life….only you and god should have that power!

** Don’t fight the signs given by your divine guidance! I asked for neon signs to be dropped on my front lawn when I was having house problems….I seemed to have missed all the subtle signs until I finally understood the boobie cancer sign. Now I don’t fight the signs…I embrace them and find the new pathway that God always has a way of lighting up for me along my journey!

** Research enough to have an understanding of your creative path….but don’t become obsessive or an information junkie….and once you find the treatment plan that speaks to you….APPLY IT…APPLY IT…APPLY IT! Don’t just talk about all the information you found while you have your McDonald’s coffee and muffin

** Will power and consistent commitment to making and keeping the changes you make!

** More faith, belief and will powered commitment to your treatment plan will ensure positive creative experiences. Positive affirmations and overall viewpoint in your mind of success will ensure you come out successful! The most known secret!

What is the treatment plan that spoke to me?

Step One: Not believing in their full guestimated negative extent of my “illness”. I would not allow the medical doctors to complete their sentences about my illness stage. I took it upon myself to research alternative possibilities for illness and also alternative treatments!

Step Two: Experiment and implement alternatives found. My most favourite implementation is: Coconut cannabis oil…homemade and drunk in my herbal tea all day every day….cancer hates all natural chemical components of marijuana…yet I love and thoroughly enjoy all the natural chemical components…and the taste is exquisite. Also…for extra fighting measures…rub a cannabis oil on the tumour itself (yes that means I rub marijuana on my boobie)

Step Three: Complete change of diet… No dairy….No carbs (which means bread, pasta, rice, potatoes)….No sugar (processed or fruity)…. most of my groceries are now done in the produce section or the farmer’s market…and I cannot forget all the nuts this nutter eats as I have no real other snack food!! Of course I must continue to live a good life and so allow myself a cheat once a month (usually as part of my team breakie…anything sista Alous bakes is good enough reason to cheat for me!)

Step Four: Juice Juice Juice! It has made a world of difference for me and my liver and offers me that thirst quenching relief that I cannot get from biting into a juicy fruit! I found that I enjoy juicing herbs as well as veggies and that one green apple allowance (parsley, basil, coriander are my most used herbs used in juice with kale, celery, cucumbers, spinach and sometimes a colourful pepper)

Step Five: Complete change of attitude…mostly attributed to the calming effect of the tea! I have learned patience and learned not to sweat the small stuff….and even more important not to sweat the big stuff….just enjoy the ride along my journey! I have always believed in remaining positive….but now I believe in creating my own positive environment….and my own healing abilities…my own creative visualizations! I have been actively trusting in my positive affirmations…meditations…and sub-conscious training!

Step Six: Pack a bag and carry on! Carry on with the camping…and the swimming…and the rollerblading and the travelling…and whatever else strikes my fancy! It is important while not giving into the medical doctors degrading diagnosis…to ensure that I remain with my uplifting regiments! I am a huge outdoorsy type and so the show must go on….there is a whole world out there that needs to be explored if I am to live out the next 60 years….can’t be living in a bubble!

Step Seven: Find the doctor and clinic and treatment option that I could agree with and believe it 100%. I have complete trust in the homeopathic clinic I attend for treatments. In total here is the breakdown of what my treatment plan included (and links should you need to research without obsession…my most valued and informed websites are: ; )

My homeopathic IV treatments went based on a “bombard the system” protocol….attending treatments 3 days a week….since April… just now in July having the protocol reduced to 2 treatment days…because of the confirmation that the treatment is working and the latest results are below!

Whats included in the IV bags?

Aside from a bunch of minerals, vitamins and once a week Poly MVA, here are the typical IV bags I get with treatment:

Ozone therapy: –

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy:

High dose Vitamin C:

Vitamin b17:


German stem cells (there is thought that they come from sheep and that is why I am now obsessed with owning and running a sheep farm): Sorry no link for this one but I will keep trying to find one!

Here are all the homeopathic supplements I take with my treatment (Poly MVA is given IV once a week…so I have included the link….I am confident you can google the other supplements)

Poly MVA:

Alpha Lapoic Acid

Active Hexose Correlated Compounds (AHCC)

Ultra Indinol Plus (DIM)

Vitamin D


Curcumin (Tumeric)

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

Wheatgrass juice:

Chaga mushrooms

Why have I signed up to this all encompassing complicated regime and treatment plan?

If you recall the Celebrate good numbers with me post… will notice I am keeping a record of my progress. I have been getting blood tests and ultrasounds monthly since starting the treatment….as a way to answer the question of whether I should be doing all this. After a couple months of actively pursuing this treatment….it has become almost second nature to me and not work at all….I have even learned and grown the patience required to sit in the clinic for 3-4 hours to get my IVs…and I have a system of taking my supplements through-out the day! Not only has this new regiment kept my skin clear….my hair shiny and full…my overall mental existence more calmly lively….but it has also done damage to the greedy bastard tumour:

CEA 15-3 (breast cancer tumour marker) reduced again from 240 to 170

Alkaline Phosphate (bone cancer tumour marker) reduced again from 187 to 129

The ultrasound results have also indicated that not a huge significant change in size….but a still a slight reduction of the tumour by millimetres. The images from March 2014 to June 2014 also show a different shading…the latter shows a less darker greedy bastard tumour (it is fading out and disappearing into the green poo abyss) and the tumour shape is becoming more self-contained (part of the treatment is to reduce the ability for cancer cells to bind to healthy cells) It is going down alone losing its sticky tacky glue effect!

Most Most Important thing to keep up?

So….after all this time sitting and taking supplements and special dieting….I have come to appreciate more the living arrangements I current hold…with a house steps to the lake and a life in the slow yet adventurous cottage lane! I’ve come to love my time outs at the liberation dock…the free falling jump into the lake abyss…the sun warmed water embracing me as I float and back stroke! I use this time to visualize the greedy bastard drowning and coming out my pores while the sun just burns it to ash in the water!

It’s my time to reflect on the day…my life plans…my future plans….which has changed. I am no longer aiming for a sheep farm…but rather a piece of tranquil land where I can grow natural remedies, fruits, veggies and herbs too! A place where others can go to regenerate and rejuvenate naturally…..and a place where judgment and discrimination is not found…and monies is flowing enough for everyone to share in the wealth of health!!

And when I need a break….you can find me at my Villa along the Red Sea in Egypt!!!


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