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on September 1, 2014

So, I was doing this Blogging U writing 201 course…..more like challenges to help shape and better up my blog writing (clearly using the term better up…I am in need of these coming challenges)! There were 4 challenge assignments to complete, and let’s just say this is the end result….this is a previous blog post edited and shortened for that “better up” feel!

I have been completing challenges left right and centre…..completing the BADASS Dash, blogging university challenges, kicking chronic illness’ ass! Of course every challenge completed calls for the development of a new challenge…and I’ve decided the challenge for today is to bring about more awareness and acceptance of the Natural Cure for all sorts of chronic illness, disease, and just overall healthy well-being!!

Everywhere you turn there is a coloured ribbon for support of something or another! As you can imagine, the ribbon support program generates plenty of funding dollars to support programs and research and general support for the cause it represents…like supporting our troops, children’s mental health, autism, cancers, ect! I have the upmost respect for all the principles and visionary mandates of many social service supports for people like: our troops, seniors, children, the mental health, and similar current affairs.

I have lost much respect for the type of support programs, research and selling propaganda for the more medical issues faced by many many many people of the world. I am not totally adverse to medical science or research….as long as there is the understanding and appreciation for the natural base that forms the newly found medical marvel! I don’t see how doctors can be so discriminative towards natural, or holistic, or homeopathic remedies…when doctors themselves often admit there cannot be anything 100% definite in the world of science.

As you can image the Big Pharmaceutical companies partnered with the hospitals and universities are raking in most of that public funding dollars to support the “research for a cure”. Disease has now become a multi-trillion dollar industry… that progress from just years ago when WAR was the latest craze and multi-billion dollar industry?

I wonder why if conventional medicine is no more proven (and that’s even with the trillion dollars and multiple research programs) than holistic/homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, why is it not covered through the Federal or Provincial health care? Seems odd that the health care system will pay for boobie reconstruction surgeries, odder that the health care system will not allow me to choose to have my IV filled with natural vitamins instead of chemical warfare!!

Does it amaze anyone else that the current research is all geared towards mixing of pure plant based natural remedies and harsh chemicals to try and come up with the latest, greatest and quickest fixer upper super drug….all the while just helping to kill you off with an established tradition of slowly and more painfully?

Would it amaze you to find out that there are cures for many “chronic illnesses” and “diseases” that are found and made from the pure natural plants and resources without any chemicals added?

Would you struggle to remain positive and keep your spirits high after fighting with a medical doctor that tries to dictate to YOU your time of death?

I am amazed to have learned about all the magic within nature and our own minds and bodies…..and not just amazed from an outsider’s perspective…but amazed as a direct agent of change within my own mind, body and spirit! I am also sadly amazed that more people are not aware of how to believe in their own innate abilities…instead these people are forever trying to convince me and themselves of the “tried and tested traditional method of chemical dependency and ever declining quality of life”.

So far, my own independent quest to find the cure has led me to several fights with medical doctors…..often times having to remind them that there is no absolutes in their medical model world. I spend much of the time expressing my disbelief at their short sighted and closed minded opinion of how to proceed with such a dramatic disease (little reminder that the medical field has me diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to the bones).

As the last oncologist I spoke to tried to challenge me that I couldn’t get rid of this “spot of trouble” on my own without her treatment….and then the challenge upheld by the government ombudsman. The ombudsman clearly stated that while I am refusing oncologist treatment options, I am not entitled to hospital medical coverage or even subsidy or waiving of the fee for the tumour marker blood tests…which are currently costing me $90 monthly on top of the actual treatment of thousands of dollars.

Without any scrupulous qualms…they jump thru the many scare tactics and imply the immediate need for surgery and chemotherapy and radiation…they just don’t really know in which order the medical procedures should be performed. It feels as though I should put on a monkey suit and call researchable specimen my new day job….or run around a maze looking for the chemo infested cheese while they collect stats of my deterioration along the way!!

I won’t be fooled by the scare tactics marketing practice!! Heck NO…..I won’t GO to the maze and I love monkies just the way they are!!

So, here is the challenge I am achieving now…head on and with full confidence (and faith in God and my own mind, body and spirit) that I can and will create my own cure to my own ailments and create my own regenerated healthy body…and I have also learned how to create patience from all of this!!

I am curing myself of this chronic illness…and I know that it is possible for many others with the same belief and fortitude to cure themselves!

And here is the challenge I create for myself….and for others out there that agree with the discrepancy in the medical world!


I would love to see a tasteful ribbon for the support of research for Natural Cures! Maybe a tree holding all these other medical ribbons of colour….embracing them into it’s trunk and within its branches and leaves???

K, I admit I am more a writer then visual artist! So…any of you artist wanting to help share the awareness….please feel free to share your ideas!

I hope to offer a paved way for others who believe in natural remedies…so they won’t have to fight systems, and employers and doctors and even family and friends if they choose to have more faith in the less harmful cures. I hope to remind doctors that Natural remedies have been around a lot longer than chemical sciences and maybe more evidence should be researched and recorded.

I hope to be able to say that our medical system will allow freedom of choice from the individual suffering with the illness and allow them the options of health care coverage without discrimination.

I hope to remind doctors that they are not GOD and cannot tell anyone their time of death…unless they are already dead! If science found that the subconscious is the changer of the conscious mind and physical body….and our bodies can regenerate new cells in 11 months….perhaps doctors need to be reminded that some people have the strength, will and ability to generate a medical miracle and regenerate their body and mind and spirit right into remission!!!

Join my ranks all you lobbyists, health guru’s, celebrities’ with the same ambitions and gumption, all individuals with the same beliefs….lets stand together as change agents of the world!!!



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