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Don’t Trust An August Monday!

on September 1, 2014

Funny I should be mentioning about not trusting! I am usually the first one to say everyone should get the benefit of the doubt….and even when the doubt shows thru, I’m still quick to try and trust the speck of good that every human has….just an ADHD good quality I hold dear! But today….I am a skeptic not sure how I feel about trusting everyone….and perhaps now that it is officially September, these feelings will change and the August woes will exchange!

So, bring in the first Monday of the August month:

I got served with garnishment of wages notice (followed by the employer garnishment letter to start Aug 5). Frantically I am trying to get a hold of this lawyer that dealt with the initial incident – being a dodgy paralegal I enlisted services from for about 2 months before disagreeing with his fraud tactics and karma and enlisted the lawyer I can’t get a hold of now! All this is stemming from the accident that happened in 2006 – so you can imagine how I thought it was all done and dusted! I call the court to try and find out how this can even happen after sooo many years…and they tell me the lawyer filed a defense in August 2008 and then missed the settlement conference in September 2008! Bear in mind this scenario of failure to appear is what landed me in jailcation in 2009.

When I left jail, the lawyer indicated he had no idea how I got to jail, but if I wanted him to find out it would cost me more money. Funny how 5 years later, when I have information that he screwed up and landed me in jail, I can’t seem to get a hold of him (not even a boo from email)

Second Monday of the August month:

I am still waiting to hear from this lawyer I put all this trust into…and even call almost hourly. Finally I get an assistant who tells me they will order my file from storage and get back to me… I have still not heard boo or peep from any of them!

But that should not distract from the lawyer that actually does call me…..the lawyer hired to deal with the timeshare I bought with my bigamist blimey bastard husband in 2011. The guy asks if I’ve talked to dumbass…and then tells me he spoke to dumbass couple weeks ago – I have tried since June 2011 – and dumbass told him that he will pay out the remaining balance…and then ditched their phone calls since and so now he figured he would call me…every day at work. He tells me that they will proceed with legal action with a firm in Keswick…to perhaps attempt to garnish more of my cheque that doesn’t belong to them…and it will all happen perhaps the next Monday.

The Third and Fourth Monday of August:

Well these Monday’s were filled with work bullshit I just can‘t even bring myself to discuss further here and now….and I was suggested not to discuss at this point as it may have a negative impact on my work! What I will say is that these Monday’s were no exception to the trust testing of the previous Mondays…but it is of no matter when Monday tries to bring me down….I can stand taller and longer than the hours in Monday….I can hold more trust in my argument and have greater faith in the universe to help others see the right way to move forward and be “supportive” as employers and lawyers and such!!

Though I am struggling with the whole concept of fluffy world open ended trustingness….I am still arguing and refusing to walk through the world with such feelings of negativity and despair that everyone is trying to dupe me…or steal from me…take advantage of me…or just get a quick licks lay fix!!

I see August as the month of clearing out the bad mojo….having been cleansed and healed…and now protected by the universe and my own self-conscious magical powers! Perhaps, having survived without incident the first Monday of September, the mojo is cleared out and what I envision now is:

Work is supportive and accommodating and lets go of any issues

The garnishment is stopped and the lawyer acknowledges his error…pays out the balance to the paralegal, pays out a settlement of thousands of dollars to me for having been negligent for over 8 years

The timeshare case is expired and no court case is eligible to be put against me….but as they have a recent agreement from dumbass…they get him in court for the balance of the timeshare

The house settlement I have been waiting for comes through….and I am able to reinvest that money into stocks, a far-away piece of tranquil land, monthly vacations to somewhere in Ontario and next year road trip across Canada…and maybe a little low maintenance condo for me to escape to when the parents come back from their England escape!

A good month or two stay in my Egyptian Villa….with my new boyfriend of course!!! (I guess that means I am gonna have to find me my boyfriend soon soon – I am willing to be your community project too!


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