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I Am The Bad Ass Obstacle Dash Conquering Lass!!

on August 4, 2014

It’s another day of ADHD crazy-making frolicsome tomfoolery! I never really considered the high-stakes involved in completing the Bad Ass Dash of 2014. How engaging my tough survivor confidence would be enraging my muscles for the next several days!

What is this Bad Ass Dash you ask? It is a grueling 3 hours of overcoming 37 obstacles on the 7 km long course. Obstacles Over-Cometh!! I was out to prove to myself…to the medical system…and the greater world that I don’t have bone cancer! Though I have to acknowledge that the Bad Ass Dash is no diagnostic method to disprove bone cancer….it was and is indeed proof to myself and to the cancer …that I will not give in or submit and I am not afraid to work every angle to get rid of this uninvited blimey greedy bastard cancer tumour from every inch of my body!!!

Most importantly, before continuing with the breakdown of the greusomeness that was the day, a special shout out and mention for my Bad Ass Conquering partner Michelle Gard. I don’t think I could have completed the course without your push and pull and boasting support! Michelle and I were there with similar goals in mind….prove to ourselves that we can achieve our goal and have fun doing it! Michelle, you just moved back here to start a fresh new beginning…and you hooked up an awemazing start completing 36 of them 37 obstacles and overcame your fear of falling…that wall had nothing on you girlfriend!

We met just after the treacherous trails…our first common bond feeling the trail was more refreshingly cool as opposed to treacherous! We high fived our goal to complete the course and our teaming agreement to push and pull each other to completion! Thank you also for your friend who was giving heads up for obstacles ahead…and taking pics of our achievements (pics I will post once I get them…of course I will only post the ones that make us look good!)

So, we get on with the course…thinking we will definitely finish this course so long as we keep up the steady slow walking pace between obstacles – who can run with a tire around the baseball field anyways??

It seems that a true Bad Ass loves climbing – I was hoping to jump and climb some cars but instead lots of rope…forwards and backwards and upside downs!

First climb up the ladder (I may not have tried without the push to try and conquer just because it looked awkward like asking for a free fall) and just thinking it’s done…nope! Just past the duck under the ropes obstacle and walk around the parking lot comes the big white van with some cargo rope…climb up the van and down the van and up and down again!

Why you ask? Well as practice to climb the wood wall of course…which was just more practice to climb the stacked wood pallets…and of course all that extra climbing practice wasn’t so helpful when we got to the Australian back-crawl climb…involves climbing on your back under the cargo net and up the ginormous hill without getting caught up by the high pressured water from the fire hose! Finally once learning the trick of lifting the net with your legs and pull yourself up…it was smooth pulling all the way to the slip and slide (I think this is where I may have broken my bumm a little…the ground underneath wasn’t so smooth)!

To be fair though…I am thankful for the clean water coming out of the fire hoses…help to clean off the geese poo and mucky gue that was squishing in my feet from the treacherous water obstacles! It’s an ADHD sensory pet peeve of mine…squishy feet with socks and shoes and all forms of poos!

But that’s of no matter now…I can see the finish line…smell the cut oranges for completion snack…can hear the clapping of the dwindled audience (3 hours is a bit long to wait round!)!

A few more easy peasy obstacles…or at least I took the easy way out…50 sit ups for skipping the claustrophobic crawl and monkey bars. Elizabeth I was listening when you said no obstacles pulling my weight with my arms…apparently boobie cancer likes that…so I did around 100 sit ups thru-out the day (I did complete 33 of the 37 obstacles…I did sit ups for the 4 skipped) still mission accomplished and to be proud of!!

Thru the car-wash shower…yep more clean water…and up the hay bales…around the corner and climb the inflatable slide and slide down and WOOOHOOO we done it and got the medal to prove it!!!bad ass dash medal

Let’s waste no time having a celebratory drink and poutine…yep I cheated with a poutine and a beer!! And to be fair I earned the cheat and my body earned the days of rest it has been given…I think I’m even denting the couch for lack of movement!

Yes Michelle I will totally train for the next one…and let’s aim to beat our time by…10 mins seems reasonably fair…what do you think?






3 responses to “I Am The Bad Ass Obstacle Dash Conquering Lass!!

  1. Theresa says:

    Great job SED friend!!…Congrats on tackling such a grueling looking course!!!


  2. Michelle says:

    You done did it,and did it well, my new friend!!!

    It was fantastic to meet and take on this challenge with you. Thanks for being the push and pull and that I needed to get this goal!

    Yes – ten minutes and a year of “training” I think we can do it!! Bad Ass Dash…we’re coming for you in 2015!!!


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