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I Am a Rough Diamond Basking in the Glory of My Returned Awesomely Good Mojo!

on July 20, 2014

Firstly I want to thank you Farah for the most fabulous after work girls BBQ party! You are an exceptional host and the evening was so full of laughter and luuurve that it deserves recognition in the good mojo post!

Alous, SED friend, Toni, Tina, Gillian and Jubette….I know sometimes it can be worrisome thinking or hearing what I might get up to in any given moment…..I whole-heartedly appreciate, value and cherish your continuous support, love and sharing of the goodness mojo…..For you all I simply say….don’t worry…be happy…I got it covered ;)! SED friend…I hope this next part will do that email response justice!!!

Despite the continued efforts of the negative nay-sayers trying to project upon me their evil leers…or the serial dater trying to project his need for me to shed some tears….or the biased medical system trying to project onto me their financial ruin deathly fears….I will strongly rumple out their efforts and cleanly outlast them all…with my happy clappy disposition for many a many years!!!

It took me several experiential years to build this protective roughage on my Diamondness! I was used and abused…and beat down and thrown around…but just like the mighty tenacity of the precious diamond…I cut through the bull-kaka and radiantly shimmered on! I don’t succumb to the convoluted words of discouragement or illogical assumptions…or poorly efforted excuses by the self-interested and narrow-minded in attempts to serve themselves and relinquish their own anguished frights, hurtful pains, and accountable responsibilities!

What…you ask….has this to do with good mojo? Well, the answer should be as clear as a shiny diamond! I am feeling my good mojo again…and I have regained my positivities….and the difficulties of the last couple weeks have turned around and become the graciously appreciated positives of these many weeks to come!

I can see how some people might look upon me and wish for what I have…what I have gained (through hard ass busting work I might add)…and what I stand for (there in lying the jealousy festering start of projecting the negative hoodoo voodoo bad mojo)…but I will not satisfy your insatiable need to see me fall! I know all too well the honourable difficulties of wearing my big heart upon my sleeve…for the whole world to see that I am the batter and advocator for the innocently young and the harmlessly old…I may even have an inclination to offer pinch hitter service to the mid-aged range who struggle and scramble in a moment of weakness and honestly want to seek support…haven’t we all had moments of weakness that could’ve ended poorly without the lending strength of another?

So….with the lent help of some precious others…I am now in full good mojo mood….with the return of my good karmic universal law of attraction action! How do I know this goodness returned? Some snippets to help you see clearly as I do!

  1. My family doctor has returned and is looking healthier! She is also more supportive of me and respectfully apologizes for the nightmare of the previous scare-tactic doctor. My doctor….gives me good mojo by believing in my faith and my current positively healthy looking self and disposition…discounts the illegitimateness of the latest reports…and clearly indicates and states she is confident in my successful progression and has no worries!
  2. My property struggles have completed in my favour. The tug of war that seemed almost inevitable…was merely a faked stance of how a man tries to strut his stuff to get a meager woman to bow down to him! Gladly, not only am I no meager woman, and I can read and understand property surveying…but I also had some very good mojo’ed help along the way and to the end! I had a spectacular lawyer and awesome estate agent…bidding my bids from across the great pond…to successful fruition of exchangement and closery!
  3. It seemed I might be drowning in debt with property woes….and the continuous cancer killing treatments…and the desire to ensure an uninterrupted life with expenses and all! But…just as I lend out a helping hand….a hand was extended back to me and my expenses will have some recoup effect…with some even disappearing into the abyss of worthiness!
  4. Understanding the errors of my previous ways, and recognizing the cost on my once guarded financial security….I figured it was time to scope and ensure building and guarding of new financial security. My good karma brought me an awesomely spectacular Financial Advisor/Investor (Adrian I am happy to make you money while you make me money). He accepts my risk levels, my future plans and my on the pathway goals….and he agrees to provide an unwavering control of my ADHD impulsivity (but he will let me plan the sheep farm activity centre….the Red Sea retirement party apartment…..and the Costa Rican road trip) How super fantastic is that really?!

Lastly……a special message from the corner of my heart! I have a special corner in my big heart for all my friends of old and new…the ones that know my real name and appreciate how I don’t play mind games! The real friends that put effort into sharing their love and good mojo with me when I’m experiencing a low…and the very same ones that accept my shared good mojo when they have hit a bit of a downer too! To my newest friends…Costa Rican couple that I will road-trip to see…..Yes Cory we are the abnormal un-averaged medical wonders of the world as a whole…and yes we will prove that we will mindfully…spiritually….and physically beat out greedy tumourous cancers!!!

So… to all my friends….and new ones that may come in after this is written and published…I say (courtesy of Bill Withers):

Sometimes in our lives

We all have pain, we all have sorrow

But if we are wise

We know that there’s always tomorrow

Lean on me when you’re not strong

And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on

For it won’t be long

‘Til I’m gonna need somebody to lean on!!


Now watch my Bad Ass Dash on!!!


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