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Love your Loyalties….be Loyal to your Love!

on July 17, 2014

So having felt all that negativity, I figured I would help the banishing along by doing a post on Love and Loyalty!

Why you ask this random post? Well I’ve been reading this e-book all about the magical powers to be found when you have Love and joy and harmony within yourself and how that transmutes the negativity in your world to one of Love and joy and peace and abundance…and it will seem that your world is actually singing in perfect harmony!!

All this can only be made possible by harboring Love in your heart and your head….your body and your soul…..and to be fair you need to be Loyal to this Love you harbor….careful not to go all greedy cheaty and try to harbor hate and anger and jealousy too (it will be of no benefit ever and will only come to bring you harma karma)!

Every day I get to see Love and Loyalty in action! I must drive by a hundred farms everyday…Loyally on my way to work….and I am always blessed to see sheep and their lambs, horses and their ponies, cows and their calves…all expressing the Love and Loyalty to and for each other. The best view is when I drive by this farm with 4 beautiful horses usually out in the open field. You can clearly see which horse if mated with which…they are not a blood line family of horses but rather a Love line family of horses….and always puts a smile on my face when I see them paired up. Often the 2 horses would be face to face with each other…they would be rubbing necks with each other and an all-around show of Loyalty and affection for each other!

Then there’s this scene of Loyalty. Every evening I walk to the lake for a swim or rollerblade along the lake….Loyally to my exercise regime. I always pass this older fellow fishing off a rock at the lake…it’s like clockwork…he is there as I am passing…Loyal fisherman…but sadly I don’t think he actually catches anything…so I suppose he is more a Loyal leisurer admiring the beautiful and colourful sunset!

More Loyalty to be found as I make my way into the work office. I absolutely Love my career….though I suppose sometimes my Loyalty to a particular agency or government is wobbly! Can you really blame me though? I mean sometimes governments are wobbly to their public Loyalties and organizations often lose sight of their Loyalties to the public clients! I take my Loyalties serious and why I can claim stake to a proven track record of successful supports and interventions. Of course, I couldn’t make this claim stake without the Loyalty of the clients themselves to accept support and make changes for the better Lovement of themselves. Often, I get to hear of a client…..that walked into the office in tears and on depression medication just months before….through simple words on my part and actions on their part……moves past all their personal adversities and share tears of joy as they explain how they threw away the depression pills and successfully gained employment in their area of expertise and passion….and then show a Love and Loyalty to the greater good and seek advice on how to return the favour to others and give back to the overall community….There is nothing wobbly about that!!

There is always something I can say about Love and Loyalty with my mom….and my cat! As you know, my mom and I share a Love and Loyalty to each other that includes showing much affection and support and an unspoken committment. However, I want to share more about my cat and his Loyalties and Loves! My cat is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever met….and if you have met him you feel and know this too. If you just sit on the couch for 5 minutes…my cat will saunder over your way and then within 15 minutes be laying on your chest purring and nudging you for some Loving petting. He also has that instict of when I’m having a bad day…and so makes sure to cuddle up to me at night and through-out the night as if to say…”I still Love you and I know you take good care of me so here is a little cuddle for you”. Then there is his “wife”. Now you may think it strange that I say my cat has a wife….especially after hearing that I only have one cat and he is fixed!! When I first got my cat when he was merely 8 weeks old and weighed 1lb….I gave him a little grey stuffed cat…thinking this would help him feel more comfortable in his new home without any other animals (I got him from a house that had 2 other cats with 5 other kittens and I think there was also a dog). Well, wouldn’t you know….my cat took to this stuffed cat and cared for it…caressed it…and carried it around the house in his mouth with much Love. At one point, after some renovations in the house, I misplaced his grey “wife” and could see how upset he was (he moped around the house and barely ate). So, feeling bad I though I would try to perk him up with a new fancy soft pink stuffed “wife”, I followed him around the house trying to get him to like her…but he was having none of it….he was sticking to his grey wife with such Loyalty it broke his Love heart she was gone. Determined to support my cat as he supports me on rough days….I scoured the dumpster and found his little grey wife….washed her….as soon as I put her down on the floor…..he wasted no time….he expressed his exceptional Love and Loyatly to his wife by carrying her around the house and christening every room…I am sure you can imagine in what sexual way I mean christen each room…I might even have the sex tape!!

Loyalty in partnership relationship Love is starting to look like a lost art…Not that I am really one to talk since having two random impulsive marriages. But I don’t mean Love in the sanctity of marriage only….I mean the Love and Loyalty given to another for a lifetime! SED friend put it best when she explained Love is ultimately the limit of how much you are willing to tolerate in your Loved one…once the illustrious honeymoon phase has expired, you have built and raised your family, and all your looks have drooped to their lowest hanging point! I see every week this Lovely older couple…..married for over 60 years now….and they know all about the Love and Loyalty required to make it work for you! They tell stories of the hard work each put into the Love to build and raise their family…their home…their business for livelihood….and their forever growing Love for each other….Loyal to their commitment made to each other where they were unassuming unpretentious teen agers. That’s the Love and Loyalty I strive for….to find my Loved one…Loyally committed to build our family and home together…and share in a common understanding of Love and Livelihood…and even if it proves to come as Love and first sight……work and time and many sights of Loyalty will help build it for the eternity it should could and would be!

So, how now will I attain all of this? Well I’m sure you can guess but I’ll tell you anyhow…..Loyalty to faith and belief and spirituality! I mentioned already about this knowledge I am gaining about the magic of the subconscious mind effecting the conscious mind and physical body. This new found knowledge will require more than just mere reading of potentials and possibilities to initiate and maintain the magic. It will require Love and Loyalty to ensure my spirituality has all needed means, tools and rituals required and provided to engage and see the light…..and the Love and Loyalty to my faith that whatever I believe and create as new belief will succeed to fruition….and the Love and Loyalty to my belief that I do have magical powers to become harmoniously joyfully healed, happy and successful in everything I do!!


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