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HOODOO VOODOO…I Banish you to Zorgamazoo!!

on July 13, 2014

Firstly…you may be wondering where is this Zorgamazoo! Came from this awesome book that involves all the fairyland creatures and monsters and seems the only fitting place to banish negativity!

I only harp on…and not really harping considering I keep to my positive outlook on life and love and healing and growth…about the hoodoo voodoo cause everyone else seems to be making a point to use it to explain the weird and wacky way of my days!

The last week has been a clear indication that something awry is around! It seems…while much of my blog is a trip down memory lane…there is some comparison with the here and now and the journey of last summer. It was about this exact time in summer last year…things went awry in almost all the same ways…and more and more people pointed out the little cursed devil sitting on my shoulder trying to cause me a ruckus. In almost identical comparisons from this and last year…boys are foolishly toiling with me…property ownership is hassling with nonsense…work (well more management at work) is becoming unmanagably bearable…and health is not deteriorating but twistedly complicated!

But…never let it be said that I am not resilient…or my ADHD hasn’t made me the strong willed bouncy backy type! So, regardless of this negative air..i plod along forward…I continue my boy search and stand my property ground…I keep coaching my clients with firm positivity (even when they ask me why I’m not working for myself cause im soo good at making others feel better and positive about themselves…even though I just got dumped twice 2 days before and medical nightmare the day before…I can still make others feel better cause im so positive that way) and stick to my health regime…smiling in the face of adversity the whole time!

It became clearer and clearer that I need to resolve the Hoodoo Voodoo when the blessed doctor (I love Elizabeth for all the love and support she shows me) tells me in the morning of my treatment that she and other clients have been talking about how I am an inspiration to them for my continued positive attitude…I was feeling somewhat on a high cause who doesn’t want to be inspirational?! But then the whole IV ordeal gets messed up and the blood won’t drip back into my vein…then the catheder slips out the vein and drips half an IV bag into my tissue…painful as heck and now my arm is swollen ginormous! Elizabeth rolls her sleeves up and tries pokes another IV spot in the other hand…and then comes out the much needed sharing of thought.

She explains that she wants to tell me something…but not with others around…and now that we are alone in the clinic…cause I took 4 hours to get thru 1/2 an IV bag when i’m meant to have 4 bags…she starts the necassary conversation. “I feel a negative energy in you…I feel that things are wrong and need to be put right…you are fighting so hard the illness that it left you vulnerable and open to negative energy attack….you need to find someone to help clear and cleanse and learn to meditate”. This sounds all too familiar like last year when the devil was sitting on the shoulder of my tarot card reading spread!

Again…bless Elizabeth for sharing her feelings with me…as well as my many sistas at work who think the same…and Steph I know you are confused by my bad luck as I am…confusion no more!

See…I still have quite the positive disposition…even after learning of a cursing…and so I know I will beat this down too! I won’t seek revenge because Karma will take care of that for me…who ever put this on me has ample time to be disturbed by festering thoughts of jealousy…I however have better things to do with my time and not liking the festering part (that shit can cause illness and stuff) will positively grow from this as I have with all other points of adversity in my life!

So…it’s on to the curse cleansing…the jinx removing…spirit healing! I reach out to my circle to help me find a healer…I continuously remind myself that with the devil on my shoulder I still managed to accomplish alot…and I refer to my trusted friend Google! I research the spiritual healers out there in the world…and as luck would have it…chance upon someone I feel a connection or trust with…and believing everything happens for a reason…he was put in my google search and pathway for a reason! I email him my basic details and he emails me a massive prediction about me that is so eerily spot on…my character and flaws…my ailments…my troubles…and my positives…and he does this without asking for a cent! And then makes for certain that I understand that I am the only one that can clear out these negative cobwebs placed upon me…he can offer guidance and information and his own positivity…but nothing in the vengeful black magic way!

Here’s the “everything happens for a reason” he came to me:

  • The people I believe responsible are Indian and he is in India
  • The negativity was able to break thru my positive barrier thru years of pounding and finally sneaking thru a crack of vulnerability…this healer has already helped me to recognize the crack and seal it
  • He is in-line with my idealistic fluffy lah lah land of faith and good karma heals all…he will use the power of light to help me clear out the power of dark
  • He will not promote anything more…but rather help me return to my god given destiny without negative interference

He tells me that the whole process takes 11 days…and I still have duties and rituals to perform to ensure protection from future attacks…and passes on an e-book on the real secret of the magical healing powers we all hold within ourselves to achieve all our desires! I’m on board…and have gathered my tools for ritual…have been reading furiously and building up my magical powers for the 11 days to come!

And so I say God Bless your sweet soul Imran…and I look forward to being lightly cleansed!

Then…as a part of the healing I feel I need…I have just booked my spiritual healing get away…Temagami in the little red cabin with the Aboriginal spiritual healers…I can’t wait to remove this shrouded curtain…and move onwards and upwards and forwards to full accomplishment of God’s destiny for me!!

So no matter if it’s a silly coy boy, or blundering business ploy;

If it’s them nay-sayers, enviers or curse-makers;

Whether it’s the hoodoo ma’am or sir, or that pesky greedy cancer

My SPIRIT you cannot break! My STRENGTH will overcome and overtake!

Hear me now, and forever more, Hoodoo Voodoo nonsense…

Be gone with you to Zorgamazoo and live in past tense!!


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