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Back Up Plan….At Your Service No Longer

on July 8, 2014

I’m not entirely sure who decided that the number 7 was a lucky number…..or the seventh day of the seventh month would offer loads of auspiciousness…..poppycock hogwash is what it turns out to be….I’m a truly tested testament!

Truth be told….I thought the day was promising to be something to look forward to….the three days leading up to it kinda misleadingly made it look so….but it seemed that the day would only bring about the destined droppage of the back-up plan!

It would seem that time dealt out the end of the connection between spy guy and I…and it is blog worthy as you inquired once before! Turns out he was over-connected to another and under connected to me….and we all know that can’t make for effective spy action with under connectedness Mr Bond (seems also difficult to keep track of books…and dialysis versus cancer treatments)! Though I do appreciate your honestly spy guy….I would’ve preferred it was much sooner….like when I offered you the out with the text “is this the send-off collect your stuff deal”….three days before you planned this dumping date….the answer should have been yes…because clearly it was the send-off and you were just hoping you would feel better about doing it in person three days later under your sunglasses??

For serious spy guy….I can appreciate that you found a stronger connection with someone….and cutting loose the back-up plan. More though…do I appreciate your recognizing that my life does resemble your remark about my world idealistically involving a hugging of the minds in the honour of peace (and no I don’t mean resembles because there was a court and judge involved in the story)….maybe then we wouldn’t feel guilty over intentionally unintentionally hurting someone! If you hoped to continue a friendship with super awesome fantastic me….though I am not adverse….but after all the effort I have just put in that you shot down….you will have to put in the effort for the friendship you want.

So….I put my courageous ADHD face on…that appears to have a insensitive and indifferent won’t bring me down look….because I had a life and plans before spy guy and I will have a life and plan after….and there is those plenty of fish!

I take my courageous face and go meet the campground owner….after all it was just the day before that I arrange to meet with her….and she seems keen to meet and discuss options for selling her campground. Perhaps, it’s the keen connections I’m struggling with? After getting there on time and agreeing to informally chat on the deck under the sun…..and she asks me bunch of question on my background and my intentions, she then shares the story of how the grounds came to be with her initial dream and vision and says how my aim and vision was and is similar to hers (Now, I can see how you might be thinking as I was that this is just perfect start to a buyer/seller negotiation) Turns out….she was dropping me as the back up plan too!!

She asks what I want to see of the grounds…but before I could answer…moves on to explain that 2 weeks ago she accepted an offer on the grounds and she wasn’t prepared to do any discussions unless that deal fell through….but then asked again if I wanted to see the place and explore the grounds more (cause I often fancy myself some masochistically looking at the what I can’t have!!!)

Well….you know what? I am not without my own back-up plan too! I will go back on the manhunt and will find that family building soul-mate right up that small hill and around the maple tree where we will start the campground dream!

Lesson Learned: No matter the encounter for business or personal…be sure to ask whether there are any other deals on the table that have been accepted? My back-up plan is to not be the back-up plan….but rather be the main plan that requires no back-up!!!


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