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You Know You Need A Vacation When…..

on July 5, 2014

**You feel like you have had enough of the sacrificing everything for a greedy bastard?

**Your supervisor comes round to your desk on the daily to request that you book your allotted yearly vacation….in triplicate form…and it’s only February?

**You reminisce about that one time you were sent on a jail-cation being the true definition of vacation….where you were transported everywhere without lonesome driving, and always around people with no need for wifi or ringing reality, and amply fed, clothed and option to bathe with no added hotel or shopping bills?

**Your losing your mind just that little bit more having revengeful visions of holding up a medical clinic with a hairdryer and threatening to blow the place dry if they don’t get the paper form requisition?

**Your tired of hearing about everyone else’s vacation plans….or watching everyone else go on vacation…even though it’s on a flight to the exotic you don’t want to go to….or the US you’re not allowed to go to?

Well…..I’m gonna just keep my hand raised for all of the above…but instead of sit here and moan and whinge on and on about the troubles of some people’s world….I’m gonna do something to change the troubles of my world….Im gonna solve my current “problems”!

It’s funny how a simple statement from someone who wants you to appear and be more dead then you’re willing to believe….can actually force you to reflect more on life….living it more to the point of the reflection! It’s been fairly short amount of time since diagnosis of the cancer….6 month-ish….but still it has been a bumpy all-encompassing 6 months…and now “it’s time to break free…..”!

I love to travel…..flight, car, boat not so much but doable, train, even on foot…..I love to learn of new things and see weird things….take courses and read stories, shine rocks, pan for gold and dig for dinasour bones with my good friends superhero kids (Yes I am still working on the pillow but swear it’ll be done by end of summer – I got a little sidetracked) Love to camp…yes I’ll eat something that fell in the dirt campground before I would eat something that fell on my office kitchen floor…the charting of the unroaded….and the sleeping in tents under the stars….just after the campfire dessert and toke!

I seem to have made many sacrifices for the sake of this “chronic illness”….I have almost given up a slice of me with the ability to live comfortably. I sacrificed looking at and booking vacation for fear that I may need those days if I fell severely unwell…or if I were to get worse and need the extra time off for various appointments. I have sacrificed my time…where I could be spending time on a road trip or learning the new coaching method or walking along a boardwalk holding hands. Instead I have been dedicated to sit in a chair with an IV stuck in my arm 3 days a week for 4 hours…then I work 3 days a week….so no kisses and cuddles there….only double up on the workload with half the time. I sacrificed thinking of a future with professional development….cause what if I start the course and fall so ill and can’t finish the course….or where will I really go with a TEFL Certificate that won’t require medical clearance. I sacrificed many relationships but mostly the potential ones….I shut down the idea that perhaps there is my “soul-mate” that will embrace my crazy…and encourage my fight….and will joyfully give me all I deserve…without counting on what they get in return….easier not to seek or start the date then to watch the ass end of the date walk out for fear of….insecurities on both sides.  I sacrificed good portion of money….not materialist kind of money but my hard worked hard earned financial security….my retirement plan house abroad….portions of my monthly salary after the sacrifice made for the taxes!

Why am I telling you all this? Well mostly because it has been playing on my mind since before yesterday, but also cause I seek your support. Who doesn’t love a good engaging blog? And so here is your chance to engage! It’s way better to be accountable to others then solely to yourself!

So…I put out to the universe and you followers (and it is of no matter that many of you followers live in my head) to help hold me accountable to achieve what I say I am gonna achieve!!!

Sacrifice NO  More For You Greedy Bastard!!!! I will travel by road and by foot….I will camp for longer than one night….I will succeed in my quest for Mr Right….I will complete the obstacles of Bad Ass Life….and I will finish my professional training…after all it is covered by my employer!

I will travel this month…..first trip with my old roomie to Niagara Falls….check out all them bodies…real and plastic! This is the spontaneity of being able to travel sacrifice free (well we did agree to this trip and just picked a date this month and said let’s make it happen…..that started the vacation booking bug!

I will roadtrip back to the greatest PowWow I’ve seen in the Manitoulin next month! While I’m there I will sleep in my old Tipi…and if I’m luckyMy tipi my moose car will still be there…..I will build an inukshuk on the side of the road…and this shall represent my “just in case it all fails miserably many years from now” security blanket man!  I will capture breath-taking beauty picture number 2 too!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






I will get back on the campground….and I will find my retirement sheep farm land…Yes I will camp with the superhero children…and my dear fried Steph and her boyfriend RobBob…..I will be the sixth wheel (8th if RobBob’s girls come along for the awesome fun) I don’t really mind being the wheel….I like them and they like me and the kids like my crazy and sometimes we do encourage each other….but this year it would be kinda cool if while everyone went off to their shared tents….I had someone to save me from the thunderous rainy night!

So….I’m messaging the universe of my attraction to my divinely attracted soul mate….living the open secret!! We will encourage in each other all for the good and cheer for each other while we fight against bad…we will embrace in each other what ever the world may bring!  I am putting myself out there….all of myself….the boobie cancer and ADHD and first life’s blunders so I can thoroughly enjoy second life’s wonders!!  Don’t worry folks….whether I meet my man before these trips, or while on these trips, or plan trips with him……I won’t be planning any actual marriages unless I can plan the flight out for the honeymoon….and I won’t be flying out anywhere (sadly including to buy my Red Sea apartment) until at least next year…..

And it will all start with the winning of this Bad Ass Dash I really did impulsive sign up for….the guy in the booth said it would be super fun! I figure I can conquer my world one obstacle at a time…..and of course the first obstacle is regular training. No I won’t be out there on the beach trying to spin logs….but I will rollerblade along the lake until I get to the park where I will try try try to even get one pull up achieved….and aim for 2 push-ups…..and I will swim every warm evening until the lake swallows the sun whole! And yes Connie and Tom….you probably will see more of me in the neighbourhood….rollerblading or walking back from a swim. Thanks for pointing out that I look fantastic…and younger then I should…it was great seeing you guys too!!   And for the neighbours down the street from me….calling her whole family to get a Bad Ass Dash team together…to come out and support me….and autism….and their own sporting life goals….I’ll cheer for you and with you and beat Bad Ass down!!

And once I have successfully relieved the travel bug itch…..I will sit and be able to concentrate on completing the Teaching English training…..cause I already signed up to it months ago….and you never know…can always incorporate a little ESL into the local sheep petting Zoo/activity centre/campground/high ropes course/zipline experience/tree hugging festivals!!!

How’s that for ADHD management….Vacation planning…and Second Life Cancer Banning!!!!


One response to “You Know You Need A Vacation When…..

  1. dscetto says:

    You are sounding energetic and strong. Do it! Do ALL of it! I will look for you thus weekend on my rides and walks. Press on!


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