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Happy Canada Day!!!

on July 1, 2014

Thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes…phone calls, texts, emails, bbms and what’s apps…from here and there and everywhere! My phone was on a constant ring a ding ding…a fresh reminder of the great love ting!!Canada Day Celebrations (2)

Thank you also to all the Canada Day lunch time participants! Though it was only a skeleton crew at the office…you all came round and put those costumes on and got right into competition with the childish games. To the most competitive…thanks for your extra donations just to ensure getting 1 extra point on the other…mostly though…thanks for not making the competition sourly…and all walking away happily!!


A Happy birthday goes out to anyone and everyone celebrating their own birthday today! And while we’re all celebrating Canada’s independence…lets also shout out for anyone else with a celebration of something new or something old…or maybe it is your wedding anniversary too!

I have one more changing celebration for today…..and it is a bit of a sad sorry to say! For my property manager of so many years….today I will shed a few many tears! You have managed to keep my property in order….never without tenants or maintenance disorder! Today sees the house vacated and cleaned…and possession belonging to another owner it seems! I know for me this is an upwards and onwards move…..on the lookout I am now for retirement apartment and sheep farm plans to approve! Still there is a little feeling of remorse…but rest assured Let2You for I will sing your praises and send you many referrals of course

Whatever the celebration…don’t worry about the rain…they say in Russia…and many other parts of the world too I’m sure…that rain on a changing day is a good indication of the forthcoming positive way!! I embrace my change in age today…May this new lifestyle, perspective, and bravery stay! Now to just conquer this fear of thunder…and full warriorness status I won’t ever falter under!

I have 2 more things that need to be said…though they are not birthday or celebration related really…but require removal from my heart and my head! I am a firm believer in always sharing appreciation when appreciation is due….offering clarification when clarification is new!

Alous…yes you made the blog again! I’m so sorry there is this misunderstanding from the last post. In no way do I see you as old or judgmental…how can you be old and judgmental when you are almost as crazy as I?! Nobody else does chair hugs with me…nobody so accurately describes the fahh lahh lahh lahh lahh dance I do regularly! Nobody has cared soo much to have started a life decision panel for me…and I respect and value your words of wisdom and experience! I know that we have a respect for each other that goes beyond the mere surface…we share many opinions and some we agree to disagree…but sometimes with our very few years apart in age aside…I have a perspective that makes little more sense at the time. Muchos lovos Alous…and nope I wouldn’t ever think of you as old or judgmental….chair hugs all around!!

My last show of respect is to a new found author I have just found. As you may imagine with ADHD, reading can be a bit of a chore at times! I used to read Stephen King almost religiously and then came Terry Pratchet with his comical talking rodents. I traded all fiction for the reading of facts….nothing but charts and diets and medical treatment acts. I don’t even like science and yet I was putting my college effort into learning and trying to understand the Hows and the Whys and the Who does What better. I became a bit of a dumping ground on all health related books (I do totally appreciate everyone giving me a book on how to cure cancer my way), but distractionism I couldn’t and even google was starting to sound Doctor-ish! I have chanced upon a book “World’s Apart” that’s right up my alley – yes mostly because I feel far apart from the rest of the world – but also because it promises an avenue for escape! Ms. Lyons…the amazing author who has captivated my audience in but the first 3 chapters! I haven’t finished the book quite yet, but I’m so hooked in such a short time…I find myself sneaking peeks and checking all corner shadowy cracks!! I think that part of the captivation is….the fact that she isn’t a full time writer per say…she published this first book after years within a different career! I am inspired exponentially by this great show of talent and commitment to goal achievements! Write on!!!

Now….I bring this to a close and venture to the lake….get finished on those many more shambala bracelets to make!!

In my haste to post out this special occasion day…. impulse control is a constant work in progress for me…..I failed to include how my mom wentIMG_20140701_191325 out of her way to highlight how special I be!!!  She slaved the afternoon away…. fasting as she is…. to bake me a special no carbs and no sugar cake, and raid her garden for flowers sake, she then rummaged my room for a befitting birthday gift….I can only say I am over the moon!!!

Yes she gave me Canadian Tire money from my own car as my birthday gift…. but the cake was all her and the flowers all nature!!!



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