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Fascination With the Dedication of Another Generation

on June 30, 2014

Here’s a post full of dedications to and for the dedicated! Never mind that my requested dedication song was not played Friday night….let me sing a bit of it now…. “don’t worry bout a thing….cause every little ting gonna be alright” (my dedication to Bob Marley)!!

I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about being “old school” and it’s usually when they are offering you a lecture on how to dedicationally do something life related. Dedication was a necessity in the old school days…not much of an option but more of a natural characteristic.

I find I get lectured a fair bit…as though I am from a whole different generation – which I’m pretty sure requires them to be senior to me by least 20 years. As it turns out, I am actually only shy of them by a few years…like years in the single digits. Having said that…I also recognize that I look very young for my age (I’ve always had a younger look and disposition but I think vitamin C in the IV is keeping me that much younger)

So, what is the definition of dedicated? According to…..there are different definitions but mainly how it is to be used here is:

    1. Wholly committed to something, to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal: I am a dedicated artist (dedicated to my artistic creative ability to bring laughter and fun to the office lunch room)!
    2. Set apart or reserved for a specific use or purpose: I reserve the spot on the blog for this post of dedication to the dedicated!
    3. To devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose: Dedicated her life to helping others and of course those dedicated to their parents, children, and spouses!
    4. To offer formally to a person, cause or the like in testimony of affection or respect: I dedicate this post to all I respect and who have shown me such dedication in the same affectionate way!

So, Firstly I am totally dedicated to Canada and the holiday of Canada Day! And not just because it is my birthday, but because I hold a certain pride for my birth place and ultimate home….no matter where I travel or take up temporary residence. So to show my dedication I will be holding my annual customary “break the office day up with some laughing fun”….with the guess how many maple candies in the Canada mugs…and the score 25 points if you hit the Canadian politician on the dart board, the funny bounce and catch the little red ball with the upside down cowboy hat on your head….and of course, I will come all dressed up red and white Canada style (maybe even a skirt for those who keep requesting I embrace my girlie side more!)

I am totally dedicated to my new life perspective! Being single doesn’t allow for any of them romanticized birthday surprises (and no I won’t send myself a random gift as if I have a desperate need to be fakely loved)…but I am not too worried…..cause I know there will be plenty of life and birthdays to celebrate……and although there is that sparkling connection with superfly spy guy…..t’is early days to relish in the butterfly joys it brings in itself!

So dedicated to my second chance at life….I learned the key is to remember the first chance mistakes! Alous and Mimi….this bit is mostly for you! Yes I was listening and do agree with some of your valuable points. No I am not looking to whore around as a celebration of my second chance. As I see it, time is valuable….and there can be no regrets…..not that the first time round was full of regrets, but just that things could’ve gone differently with a little difference in my approach (yes I should’ve have adopted more of your approaches so many years ago)! Now, once I have beat cancer and cured myself of any negative body or mind invaders… is considered my second chance on life to respect, cherish, and always live with the memory of the first chance to ensure full appreciation of the wonder the second chance can be!!!

Alous and Mimi I was listening and respect your advice….I know it comes from a place of dedicated love and care…and I totally appreciate that and you”ze being there for my best interest and wellbeing! I also do agree that if my 3rd marriage is to be a keeper charm….I will have to not rush into anything with whomever is meant to be my future building charming keeper! Deuchbags don’t always show from the start…and kind gentlemen don’t start with playing time wasting games…and sex within the first week, month, or year won’t really determine the length of the relationship or level of commitment! I did have sex within the first week of dating superfly spy guy…and there is good reason to call him superfly (was awesome releasing that sexual healing!) time will tell the extent of the chemistry shared…I am not desperately seeking dedication! Now, all I was trying to say is….having learned the first life round…that certain basic verifications….like character, lifestyle, and orientation….are required if I am to build and grow my Happy Go Lucky Second Life Round!!!

Tina and Karen…thanks for your understanding…no I’m not “eating loving praying”…I am more than aware of my self character and recognize that although I wear my heart on my sleeve…I can still keep separate my huhu from my heart! I’m glad you can recognize that ADHD following stringent cancer treatments is enough rigidity for me…and like you said Tina…nothing can try to hurt me more than having and fighting cancer…not even a boy. Karen…you are my dedicated old roomie that never stays out of touch longer than a day….and now that both our corner office areas are free of watchful judging eyes…..we can talk all the life we want and not need any fake paperwork to do so!!

Cat….admiration to your dedication! Nursing your hubby after shoulder surgery just having moved with to a new place within the same month….is dedication to your building partnership! Then there is also the dedication you show to me….to attend crazy medical appts….to enjoy sinful desserts with dinner….to making shopping painless to bring out my inner girlie… come out to crazy treatment sessions….and to non-judgementally support whatever option I take moving forward…I can’t wait to dedicate time to test out the basement bowling alley!!

SED friend…..thanks ever so much for your dedication and faith in me! And I can always look to you as the success online dating can be…..well you and Mafia! Wasn’t it POF you met your hubby and the father of your 2 children? I take comfort in the hope you provide! I will definitely miss you when you are off on Maternity Leave…not because of the SED info session co-facilitation….but because of your dedication to being present for our morning tea – life updating party sessions!

Tesorsa…..oh my precious Tesora…..“good for us” we are dedicated to take life by the horns and throw it to the curb…give it a few kicks and show it who’s really boss!! Seriously, don’t worry about your ADHD son…..he will be just fine once he gets out of high school…..why just look at me…just start the looking at the 21st year….I don’t advise you look at any of the younger years or you might worry about what he might get up to!! And you have done a fantastic job with your dedication to your daughter…she seems to be ready to take the younger under her wing just like her mom takes the younger office child under her wing!!!

As for my actual birthday….well I fear the celebrations will be less this year. As you may have read, I don’t speak much with my brother….which leaves my sister in law to try and avoid having me spend time with my nieces and nephew…even tho they love spending time with me and my parents because we are the fun ones! Anyways, chances are they will gather with their friends (I am barely family right now so forget about friends for an invitation) and have a bbq at Niagara Falls to catch the fireworks…and so there will be no “World’s Greatest Aunnie” mug (I’m so dedicated to family I still have that mug from my birthday in 2005). That’s ok tho….I am not the materialistic type and I am sure that once the kids grow into themselves and are able to make decisions for themselves…they will recognize and gravitate towards our genuine dedicated love for them! I am dedicated to showing that family will always matter in my second life round….and so I may not have full on conversations…but I will show the minimal respect deserved when stepping into their home….I will dedicate the right amount of politeness deserved for the blood I share with my bro…and the blood shared with his wife and my nieces and nephew!

My mom usually dedicated to making sure I feel special on my birthday (mostly always and not just on my birthday!)….she makes me my favourite breakfast and lunch and then makes sure that we are out somewhere special for dinner (special isn’t really fancy by just somewhere where the staff come out with the whole dedication song and dance and happy clappy birthday cheers). This year, this will be missed too! Not because my mom is avoiding me….but more because my mom is totally dedicated to her religion (very similar to how I am dedicated to my higher being without the man-made religious interpretations). Today is the start of Ramadhan (the Islamic month of fasting) and so my mom will be fasting for the month. So, my birthday special dinner will be held off until August 1st……better then never!

BUT……there is also my amazing dedicated girlie posse…..showed me a birthday celebration the likes I haven’t seen since my early twenties!! The fact that I cheated on my curing diet (don’t worry it was a small poutine and again the red wine is antioxidanting right? (that one beer was only because it was a free winning beer). The ROM party night was super fun….and thanks for sticking by me and taking pictures…not only with me but also of me talking to all the other random people that you so laughingly encouraged….maybe next time I too will wear a funny hat! Also thanks for spending much of the evening on the dance floor with me…..I know 4 hours of dancing was killer with those heels…maybe next time you will agree that pretty flats are the way to go! I especially thank you Paola…..for taking us to the Spanish night club….and a whole different crowd of random people I could chat with! I also enjoyed learning the Spanish dance moves….and am not offended that you all dedicated me to the dance floor alone to learn the dance moves and then play the “tie the pencil round the waist and then shake your bootie until the pencil goes in the water bottle” I still got my shake groove….and pretty good aim too! I hope you all enjoyed the beer that was the dedicated reward for winning (a bucket of beer for good bootie shaking aim)! Amanda…thanks for the card and the red wine bottle and the dedication to helping make this evening happen! Alice…thanks for coming out and in good spirits even though you had literally stepped off a plane hours before! Yes, girlie posse…..that was a super awesome night and we should dedicate ourselves to ensuring we get out like that more on the regular…..I vote monthly fore there is always something to celebrate in every month!!!!

Dr. Elizabeth your show of dedication is inspiring and of a standard hardly seen – in any generation! And thank you for all the dedication you show while you torture me with love! Thank you for even helping me justify my cheating on treatment. I don’t cheat often…that is a testament to my own dedication…and that’s why I confess my cheating to you! I’m thankful that you’ll make sure I don’t feel guilty and I don’t cheat more often! I especially love the theory that although I drank several glasses of wine and ate that small poutine…..your acknowledgement in the fact I danced (and I know your impressed with the Spanish dancing I learned at the Spanish night club) for the whole night…was actually good and I probably sweat the poutine carbs and the alcohol toxins out my system before the cancer could dedicate swallowing it up in its negative karma greed!

Though this post may get updated from time to time with people I might remember I want to make a dedication to…there is one more person who deserves dedication right now!

Steph I am so glad you are dedicated to making a new happy and stress free home for yourself and your family! Of course I will come to the Canada Day/my birthday bbq and fireworks you are having….I am sure I share excitement and look forward to the fun-fillingly hanging out…running round….and maybe even going for a swim…with the 5 children, 4 ducks, 3 bunnies (and thanks for letting me name the one bunny…Churchill is totally fitting and matching as far as my pet’s names go!) 2 old chickens and 2 young chickens….bonus for the fireworks show that is dedicated to mark the end of the night/birth year!!

So…let the dedications rest here for now…..and may you embrace your dedication to achieve your personal goals, enjoy your successes…and relish in all life has to offer!!!



One response to “Fascination With the Dedication of Another Generation

  1. Alice says:

    Hahaha….I dedicate another night out to you miss Yasmine!!! I think we’re long over due now…


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