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Is the Spring/Summer of ‘14

on June 24, 2014

Now I know I’m no singer or song writer…or guitar player as the actual Bryan Adams song suggests…but I do have a strong feeling about this year’s spring and summer!

After such a crazy winter start of the year…blizzards of nonsense happening all around me with work and play and life and disease!

It’s all turned around now! It’s amazing how time…matter of mere weeks or 2 months…can turn a blizzardry nonsense into a most sunny disposition! For sure I believe that time heals all wounds…and of course time is relative to the wound and the wounded! Now I’m referring specifically to my cancer…in such a short time (relative to me of course) I have felt and witnessed thru documented evidence the greedy bastard starve and die off while my own body regenerates. This feeling is what brings about the sunny disposition…how can one not be sunny when knowing your beating the “unbeatable”!!

So much more to praise this summer:

Though it was technically Spring when my little sista Vicky came with her little princess…I believe they brought me some sunshine (course the actual weather was more English rain I think to help Vicky feel at home!). I know she came out of fear of what my situation might really be…and then realized…and I’m quoting her here “cancer looks good on you”! Now before you all go running off offended…I totally get what she means and take no offense…in fact it’s more a compliment to my will power and strength to change what needed changing and still look good in a bikini…she now believes as I do that the cancer will die off and I will survive and still look this amazing!

My new Shambala obsession is working out very well for me…interest so high that even new requests are being made for little daughters, mother in laws (for my sista Vicky who without worry of expense or time came to me for a long weekend from England…how could I refuse), and even my own mother requested one…and then told everyone she met that they wouldn’t find her bracelet in a store cause it was custom designed and made for her (just wait another week and she’ll probably have new orders lined up)…might not be life coaching practice…but a new creative business venture I might just have created here!

Let’s include in here some important birthdays this summer… my 2 nieces celebrating birthdays just days apart from each other…Aliya gonna be 15 today and welcome to the wonderful world of proper adolescents!  Ariana….just a littlin not yet in your double digits….so much fun to have this summer!  Yung Gwung….happy belated birthday…and sister Alous….happy belated birthday….and Jubie….happy not quite yet birthday……and ofcourse the most important to remember……my birthday is just a mere 7 days away (time that will seem to not fly as quick I think)!!  For everyone else celebrating a summer birthday….soak up that sun….especially my nephew Adam due for his 11th birthday in August!!  Happy Birthday Y’all!

Summer also brings me random meet ups and hope to be more meet ups:

I have finally opportune to meet the other cancer fighting warrior…Pricilia keep up your good fight and you too will see the sunshine at the other end! I truly believe everything happens for a reason and it’s not by chance we both know Patience! Patience…you are a true blessing to your friend Pricilia…for abundance support you provide her…and amazing support you have shown me! Together we will positively knock out all diseases from our systems!!

Random meeting with an old high-school friend…took me totally by surprise sitting in the Pitaland! High school in Scarborough was a bit of a crazy time for me…yes crazier than my life of marriages and jail vacations. Helen, it was good to see you doing so well…and I’m excited about your new car too! I’m glad you are stronger now as a result of the rough Pearson ride…and I do hope we can meet up again…perhaps more of a planned let’s sit and eat and catch up together!

Alex…the Facebook reunion…you keep invited me to play candy crusher something or other…sorry I don’t actually use my Facebook as often…it can be too addictive and then I would never get any bracelets done! But you are one of my oldest dearest friends…seems I seen you more when I was living abroad then I see you while living in Canada…lets change that! I mean it…lets plan a Friday evening pub pint…or better the old pool hall we used to meet at in Ajax…I’ll Facebook you as a reminder!

Superfly spy guy…that second day of summer first date was awesomely awemazing!! Your wicked sense of humour…the sparkling connection…and your kind gentlemanness…I sure do hope continues and flourishes!! Could it be that POF has actually worked out a winning match here! (don’t worry I won’t reveal your spy secrets…and even better bonus I’m the good crazy without the fatal attraction bunny boiler nonsense!!). You were right in saying it’s refreshing to meet someone as energetic and Fantastic and I!!!

So…the Summer of ’14 has just begun, but seems to promise enormous fun! A new excitement for planning ahead, I doubt I will see much of my bed!!!

Just keep smiling…just keep smiling!! (sing that to the tune from finding Nemo “just keep swimming” and life can do no wrong!)


One response to “Is the Spring/Summer of ‘14

  1. Alice says:

    My dear lady! I love you tons!!!! Your positive-ness is inspiring!!! 🙂


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