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Happy Father’s Day

on June 16, 2014

Well…I don’t necessarily get on with my father all the time, but I do still love him and he did come thru when it was most important – without his support I wouldn’t have been able to start my all natural cancer curing treatments…so for him I say Happy Father’s Day.

I don’t get on with my brother either…but since we do share blood I figure it’d be appropriate to wish him a Happy Father’s Day (he’ll probably never read this until it becomes a published book…and even then it would still be if-y)

Now, for all those boys that I do get on with and that I do share blood with and are fathers…I say to:

My father’s nephew Juvaid, you took me in and treated me like proper family without judgment or discrimination – even tho you thought I was some YOB thuggie having left home at 16 years old! I proved you all wrong and actually made a most descent life for myself…and you helped the whole time I was in England…and even your one time in Canada…hear the band camp sing Happy Father’s Day to you!

Mr T…Tariq…you and I have had some real arguments…you being the elder and me living in your house at the time but still me being the disciplinary one and sending you to your room during dinner for saying “stupid” to your mom at the dinner table…you were a good lad and went storming up the stairs! I’m so very glad that you have built the life and family you have always wanted…and surely that home build will come out as you hope in good time!! Tho you sometimes over promise yourself and find it overwhelming to then keep the promises you made…I know your heart and intentions are always in the right place and so…I won’t expect loads from you…find that publisher in your own good time and Happy Father’s Day!!

Cousin Mahmoud…my Iwa Iwa man (Iwa means yes in arabic)! You are fabulous not only with my mom and dad when they come to Egypt…but also always talking to me on skype…and tho we barely understand each other…the more times we talk…the more of each other’s language we speak! I can’t wait to cure this cancer and get my vacation resort apartment in Egypt and let my ADHD run wild in the Red Sea…till then I wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

Cousin Mohammed…my Saudia cousin always skyping mom and offering her vacation packages in Saudia Arabia…I am so thankful for you have achieved everything you desired in life…married daughters, lovely grandchildren, amazingly beautiful wife, and desire to retire in Canada with your auntie…I will help you achieve this last goal anyway I can…and Happy Father’s Day!

Damian…the fiance and father of my adopted sister Vicky’s beautiful children! I know you struggled chasing that Vicky around…you proved the lengths you would go when you went all the way to Africa to see her and prove she needed to return to England with you! We’ll done mate…and them kiddies are marvelous…and thanks for the trip to Canada…my kitchen sink remains fixed thanks to your handiwork…and my sis Vicky is over the moon with the life you built with her…Happy Father’s Day!

Daryn…always full of joy talking bout your growing sons…never mind the profanity about the school cock-ups! I love you like a brother and don’t worry about my moms…just show up to the house with your wife and kids and a spare man and she won’t bug you anymore…she will however love you more! Happy Father’s Day!

To all the other father’s out there…and all the single mothers playing father today…to all the Foster parents…and all the other relatives playing the father role…bless your souls and Happy Father’s Day!!!


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