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Don’t Stress Your Brain, Instead Vote For The Insane

on June 9, 2014

Today, I am inspired by my mother’s pride for her home country. Forget the fact that she has been a bit moody with everyone in the house because she is trying to watch the celebrations in Egypt – might I add the celebrations she is watching is a prerecorded internet video that loops back on itself and repeats every hour and a bit….but don’t tell her because she will just yell and then ask to be left alone to watch!

The celebrations are for the newly elected President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, voted into office by an overwhelming 96% of the Egyptian populations vote. And this comes after the overwhelming presence of the majority of Egyptians – of all ages, sexes, and religions – stood in Tahrir Square to rid of the first elected president Mohammed Morsi. Sisi was the Military Chief at that time and was the one to officially remove Morsi….perhaps that is the biggest reason the country not only requested he run for President but then also voted him in.

So, today Egypt’s Tahrir Square is in gleeful awwe with fireworks and dancing and utter excitement as the new President addresses his nation. He speaks of logical agreement to disagree within the government offices, and removal of corruption that has plagued the country for many years, and an intolerance for the violence resorters – not directly calling out Morsi’s supporters for their attacks on the innocent Egyptians – but an overall expression of the outcomes to come for those found guilty of violence and inhumanity. Sisi also expresses his desires to rebuild the country….not run the country on his own…but rather to have the entire country proudly put their hands, heads and hearts into the work to rebuild their home country!!

Then I look at my home country….slowly losing pride with the onset of a headache, tiresome hands and weary heart for the direction of our Country, Province and City. Everywhere you turn is a governmental scandal…or costly election due to a costly government scandal. And what do we have for candidates?

This week will see a Provincial election…where all the candidates have been travelling the province on our dime to outwardly and cowardly candidate-bash each other. The millions of dollars spent on ad campaigns, and bus tours, hotel stays and meals….all our tax dollars that each say the other is dwindling away but they are the savior…if you just vote for them.

I have never heard any of the 3 candidates actually speak about what their specific plan is and how they will implement it with logic and realism…instead one tries to deflect from his nonsense plan by accusing the other of making “union deals”… you ever wonder if he is bitter because he tried to make those deals first but was beaten to it and now he doesn’t have the million job promise he keeps quoting? Then there is the 2 women just cat-fighting it out….I would rather see couple thousand dollars spent on a mud-wrestling ring and have them fight it out there….then we could get on with our day and the needs of our Province.

What’s more sad is the rising death toll of our police, fire fighters, and everyday citizens….gun shoot-outs, house fires, road accidents….and yet the breaking news remains where each candidate will be for their daily inhumane party people bashing. Better if we could just take all that money spent on their election campaign…put it towards the public services that support our Province…and the charities needed to help people in crisis. Wouldn’t it make more sense if each candidate had to pay – without being reimbursed through expense write-offs – for their own travel, meals and marketing material (just like anyone else vying for your business)….and penalties and consequences for each broken promise and candidate bashing! Maybe then we would see some realism, appropriate behaviours, and true leaders wanting to grow with the Province and not just put their name on a permanent retirement plan for themselves!

Yes….I realize that this is sounding fluffy and insanely idealistic….and believe me I am doing the fluffly lah lah land dance of joy (mainly because I think my ultrasound results say the greedy bastard tumour has shrunk) but also because I think I have the ideal fluffy plan:

When you go to the voting poles…..don’t stress your brain over the listed numpties…..don’t restrict yourself to what they tell you….write your own name down and vote for yourself. If you find you cannot in good conscious do that….write my name down and vote for me!!


2 responses to “Don’t Stress Your Brain, Instead Vote For The Insane

  1. Nicole says:

    That may be an offer I cannot refuse!


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