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Celebrate Good Numbers With Me…Come on!!!

on June 2, 2014

I’m sure you all got some good reasons to celebrate…and here’s me toasting a glass (or bottle as the case was Friday) of red wine to your celebrations!

I’m well excited to celebrate so many things at this time…yes even tho I am diseased and single and slowly dwindling away my financial security…I can always appreciate the glass half full…But today…my glass is 3/4 full and the goodness is still pouring in! What has me on such a high you ask?

Well it all starts with the greatest number news in a long long time…and strange for me to like numbers being compulexic and all (that’s dyslexia with numbers)…anyways back to the point…drum rrrrrollllllll…

My cancer tumour markers…more specific the CEA 15 – 3 breast cancer blood marker…has gone down from 291 to 246…and the alkaline phosphate bone cancer blood marker has gone down from 198 to 187!! Now I’m usually a fluffy huggy social services kinda person and not willing to squish the little red spider at my desk for the bad karma…but I am super ecstatic that I am on the right path to starving the greedy cancer tumour and pretty sure this fantastic news is a testament to my good karmic energy (insects are high on the karmic scale it seems)!  High Alternative treatments of vitamins, minerals, and german fella stem cells!!!

So, as you can imagine…I have been on a natural high (mixed in with my coconut cannabis buzz of course) since Thursday…and I have been looking at everything positive as a reason to celebrate, such as……

3 – is the number of friends I went out with for a long awaited and long deserved Friday night…for a most lovely dinner and drinks evening! 2 is the number of bottles of red wine I’m sure I drank…tho it didn’t seem so at the time but really I did end up having about 8 glasses between the restaurant and the bar…thankfully I also drank about 8 glasses of water so I wasn’t totally sloshed and I wasn’t hung-over the next day!

Omega 8006 Nutrition Centre – is the juicer/food processor that was delivered and waiting for me to play with Saturday – thank the God I wasn’t so hung-over to play! I figured it was a sign to get a jump-start on the liver cleansing (8 glasses of antioxidant red wine still has alcohol ramifications on the possible diseased liver)! So to make up for the night before…I fasted from food and spent the weekend making juice upon juice upon juice – about 8 glasses of juice….and that doesn’t include the 12 ounces of wheatgrass juice…there’ll be no yellowing with me…it’s all green from here! I do strongly advise that when making Kale juice…ensure to put something not leafy green (celery was my choice) and something fruit (I used my apricot daily allowance, with a slice of green apple and 3 small pieces of pineapple) shhh on the slight cheating with the extra fruit!

7 – is the number of Bad Eye beads I used in my brand new hand-made Bad Eye Shambala bracelet…basically a bunch of knots tied around beads to make a fancy bracelet! It was actually surprisingly super enjoyable and relaxing making the knots for the bracelet and I think I might make it my new ADHD obsession…..and make some more like a ring…a necklace…an anklet…and maybe a nice purple bracelet for my moms who is the real Queen of my world!!

Zillion – is the number of views and matches I have received on my online dating profile….yes I have sucked it up like a good butter cup…put my life helmet on and braved the world of Zoosk online dating website. I actually paid for 3 months this time in the hopes that….when they say you get what you pay for it would be way better than the free POF website. To be fair…tho I seem to have loads of views and matches….there are about 10 overall profiles of men I would consider and have emailed….I will see if it pans out…as I am sure real men were outside in this weather and not surfing the net while squeezing juice from Kale!

Now that the weekend is almost over…the amazing sunny warm 24 degrees weekend it was…I only have one more thing to celebrate…or rather feel happy about before I close this post and the weekend…
30 minutes – is the time my moms and I spent laughing with each other…oddly enough it was just random laughter while trying to hang the freshly washed curtains…my mom’s had a bit of flatulence (actually it was 20 mins of farting straight ) which had me laughing so hard I was crying and she was laughing so hard she pee’ed her pants!! Now, this story is on the down-low and if you ever meet my moms you can’t mention it because she asked me through her laughter not to tell anyone….so….shhhhh! Just so you know…we stopped the laughter just enough for her to shower and me to string up the rest of the curtains…but we have spontaneously broke out in laughter since and may just keep us laughing for the next few days…the best tears are tears of joy!!

30 days – is the number of days until my birthday….and I am super duper uper excited to celebrate my birthday this year…..not because I will be 39 years old…but because I have a new outlook on life and everything is positive fluffy idealistic world view for me!!!!  Remember that now….30 days away is my birthday….just saying again!!

So…this is my Celebration post and I share with you and hope that you will always find something in each and every day to celebrate…and know that I am toasting my 1 or 2 0r 8 glasses of red wine and having a laugh with you and for you!!!


4 responses to “Celebrate Good Numbers With Me…Come on!!!

  1. Nicole says:

    I love it! I am so happy for you Yas!! Best news I have heard all day


  2. Thanks…I am still super thrilled and know there will many more number crunching celebrations to come!!


  3. Fabulous speaking with you and mom 100 year old (lol) and hearing how positive you are! Take me with you to the Red Sea when you go! Daniella


    • Awesomeness speaking with you and hope to see more of you and mom less then 100 year old over the summer!! Thank you for your positivity and support!! Of course there will be room for you at the Red Sea….your own room and even a bike trail!!

      Liked by 1 person

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