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The Time Has Come to Change the Guard…of Life!

on May 26, 2014

Cancer cancer go away; in my body you cannot stay!

Here we are…17 cancer treatments in, recent blood test results, more Tarot card readings, and a Black Eye bracelet causing some badness.

Firstly, the Tarots have suggested that there is still a fight on my hands….but the cards are lighter and the meanings are positiver! A couple of differing spreads in seeking the direction I head and the needs I need to achieve my direction….I am heading in the right direction of healthiness….and even suggests of a potential love on the horizon. This could be why I have again become the community project….the distant relatives requesting my likes and dislikes for the potential matches they know of….and the friends on the continuous look out for the tall dark and handsome Prince able to tame this wild Princess. I say bring on the new relationship…..that which is not medical or therapeutic in nature. The cards say…and I choose to incorporate belief….that this relationship will be a matter of the hearts from a strong man to a strong me!!!

You may recall I bought the Black Eye bracelet about a month ago…one for me and one replacement for my dear friend Anna (she loved her bracelet by the way and I hope it brings her much goodly luck).

It seems the one I bought myself has brought me some luck while also causing me some strife…blaming my recent strife on the bracelet makes it bit easier to try and resolve! It turns out that the sparkling separators in between each Eye bead has been the cause of a metal allergy rash…and I cannot wear the protection bracelet now leaving me little vulnerable…until I’ve creatively turned the bracelet into a new non-allergy protection charm! Let it be known here that also since wearing the bracelet I have received some financial luck – every request made to seek funds for treatments has come thru and true…and I will be able to complete the extended treatments necessary – I will explain the extension shortly!

As for the treatments…we have started up with some incidents during treatments…not that being subjected to IV needling thrice a week wasn’t incident enough!

The 13th treatment incident was a snapping of the IV changer…that was an unexpected extra 1/2 hour watching Elizabeth and Dr Nasri try to take the liquid from one IV bag and place into the new IV bag all while I stare at the empty IV line and needle in my arm…that was a 4+ hour treatment;

The 14th treatment would see Elizabeth trying to pump the blood out of my arm and would then find the right spot in my right hand after 3 needle pokes (we have learned that the left arm veins as a whole are refusing to cooperate with treatment – but I refuse to lose…and banded together with the right arm veins to conspire for a winning plan…the blood and vitamins shall flow again!);

The 15th treatment was blood taking day…after 6 vials of blood taken for testing…the actual treatment could start…flowing freely and brightly from the right elbow…yet leaving a bruise and inflammation as its reminder of the trouble it endures for my win;

The 16th treatment would take extra hour just for good measure and treatment 17 would see more time wasted on a broken IV line after the extra IV bag – new medicine between the Poly MVA and the German stem cells…something made of such a stinginess and put into one of the worst spots in the vein right behind the left wrist bone! Let us hope…or rather it is my hope that the veins will show bright again in the right arm so that the remaining treatments won’t be as torturous.

What’s the extra bag you ask? It’s all about the blood results. After halfway thru treatments…it seems there is varying opinions on the blood results…t’is my regular and ongoing expectation these days!

Dr Nasri is of the opinion that the increase in my liver enzymes is a result of cancer spreadage to my liver…he is still unsure about the possible bone cancer. He has ordered the new IV bag of liver enzymes along with a new powder whey drink to aid in further boosting my immune system…that makes it a total of 4-5 IV bags each treatment and about 8 daily homeopathic supplements.

Elizabeth has a differing opinion…and the one I choose to hold onto and believe into. She feels that an important tumour marker number has decreased…that the increase in liver enzymes means that my liver is working harder to get rid of the cancer cells – not a spreadage of cancer but a killing of cancer cells! Elizabeth explained…in layman’s terms I can understand…that cancer is putting out every defense it can to survive…and potentially the additional abnormal cells found in my blood is the dead cancer cells awaiting to leave my blood stream.

My humble undoctored opinion… body and my will is way stronger than any and all cancer cells…I will defeat the cancer and my strength and resilience will last longer than this pesky greedy tumour bastard!!!

So, I have already started the war it seems….with the natural homeopathic 4 hour IV treatments, and now to add to the arsenal. I have taken apart the Black Eye beaded necklace and I have restrung it with no potential for allergy…all metals removed! I have bought the recommended juicer (Elizabeth suggested juicing, juicing, and more juicing to aid the liver with its fight), I am drinking the recommended lemon juice and baking soda to alkaline my body, and I am continuing on my thought path of….

I will starve the greedy tumour bastard and its dead cells will come out in my wheatgrass green poo!!!!!!!


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