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MINUS 417 SPA-tastic Experience

on May 26, 2014

Super fantabulous…is all I can say after my spa treatment at the Minus 417 Dead Sea Spa…yes you should all go!!

It was just by random chance…or perhaps more like fate…I ended up at the spa. I was driving back from one of my treatments with my mom, and my mom was talking about her Egyptian Internet health guru saying how Dead Sea Salt is very good for health and skin and detoxification. Just as she was saying that…I caught the spa out of the corner of my eye…Minus 417 Dead Sea Spa…how could I not find out more about it?!

So the next day I researched the spa and the treatments and compared it to our local spa – the Briars Resort and Spa in Sutton – and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of treatments available for better reasonable pricing! What seemed more fate-ing with this spa was their offering treatments specific for the teens…since it was my 14 year old niece asking about our next girlie spa day…it seemed meant to be.

Now, just hope they are open for the long weekend and able to take on 3 girlies for hours of pampering relaxational treatments. When I called, the Spa manager was super helpful…she explained that they were full for the weekend but could fit us in for Friday…and then explained each treatment best suited for each of us.

Once we arrived….a little early to ensure we would have enough time for treatments….the spa manager was super welcoming. She even went so far as to help my mom put on her indoor slippers. She lead us to thru the door to the spa rooms…where there is also a little waiting area. She offered us green tea and fruits and cookies…and then spoke to each of us about our particular upcoming treatment. She then showed us the changing area…gave us the key to our locker and showed us to the sauna waiting area for each of us to be called to our prepared room for treatments.

My niece got the tween acne treatment facial and a spa manicure/pedicure treatment….she was so thrilled with her treatments that she promised the masseurs she would return several times. My niece said that she was so thrilled with her facial…that she got a face massage and a peeling mask and that they even steamed her face to make easy removing all her blackheads….I have to admit her face was glowing and clear. She also said that her hands and feet were most relaxed after the mani/pedi and she can’t wait to come out to girlies spa day again…she wants to try the mud wrap!

My mom got the Hot Thai stem herbal massage, reflexology, and paraffin treatment for her feet. All I can say is I will gladly bring my mom for these treatments on the regular….fore her face when she was done her treatments was one of total and utter relaxations and AAHHHHHHHH!! My mom was even given a bag which included all the heated herbs used in her massage….they explained that she just need to steam them for couple minutes and then she will use the stems to massage her hands and the pain will go away. My mom, who suffers very bad rheumatoid arthritis, was excited and returned home to immediately try her new hot stems….she also bought some dead sea salt shower scrub….and as she says everyday…”I have just had a spa shower and I feel marvelous”!!

I was recommended to have the micro-derm abrasion treatment with biox oxygen facial treatment, and a 30 minute back massage. She said that my face looked very tired and the facial would relax my face while also allowing the release of toxins from my face. Let me just say….this was the best relaxation spa treatment I have received so far….and I have travelled the world to many spas. I was slightly scared of the term micro-derm abrasion…it was really the abrasion term that freaked me out. Let me assure you know that there is no abrasion involved with micro-derm abrasion….for it is just a diamond on the end of a vacuum tube that sucked up dead skin without marking up or actually scratching the face. The facial afterwards was oxygenizing…warming peel and I got my own steaming to clear out blackheads. I walked out of the room feeling just as marvelous as my mom….and I could see the positive results when I looked in the mirror…I had my face glowing…no blackheads…and the dark circles under my eyes were reduced as was the stress I wore on my face.

So thrilled with our experience at the spa….I inquired about a loyalty card system of sorts…or somehow becoming a regular patron especially with my mother. The spa manager explained they had few packages left….they were designed for Mother’s Day…to offer up 10 mix and match treatments for almost 50% off each treatment.

With such excitement, still feeling relaxed, and quick ADHD impulsivity, I bought up 3 of these packages…..justified that the spa is actually on my way home from cancer treatments and so we can always find the time and way to get there!

Though I may not use all 10 for my niece, I know that I will definitely take my mother back there 20 times….fore it is one small token of my appreciation for the enormous support she shows me daily!!


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