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Happy Mother’s Day To All!!!

on May 11, 2014

I’m officially past the halfway mark of my cancer treatments…yesterday was treatment #11! Though it is getting harder to find an un-angry vein…this one vein on my right arm has been holding a grudge and won’t heal for over 3 weeks now…my blood is looking vibrantly free of toxins and the greedy bastard feels smaller and smaller! Enough about me….I wanted to share this post for all the moms!

For most of the treatments last week….I’ve been reminded of the love and affection mothers often show to and for their children.

There’s an older Italian fellow that I met on my first treatment day…and he has been coming almost all the same days as me. He has recently started to bring his wife. My mom and his wife…both 79 years old…..usually have soo much to talk about and it usually involves me the daughter or her children. He brought up again how he thought when I first came to the clinic with my mom, that I was there to support her with her treatments…and I still recall the look of utter shock when it was me that walked out from the “needle-poking” room with the IV hooked up to my arm and the bag hooked up to the IV tube! It is also at that point – the first treatment and every one since – that I am reminded that my mom is super awesome for supporting me through this and no matter how tired she is…..she will be up and ready in the mornings to come and sit with me getting my treatments. Although my mother hasn’t been able to come to treatments with me last week, it seems she has made some friends that miss her company as much as I did!

This is a shout out to mom’s…..but I must say it is nice to see and hear a mother…..especially when it’s my own mother….talking about a child with such pride and love…..especially when that pride and love is also about me. And you all wonder where I get that Princess mentality from eh!!!

Besides the new patient….there aren’t many other women or mothers that come out to the clinic. The Dr’s wife manages the office….and she is most lovely always sharing stories of her time growing up in Dominican Republic and also speaks with such love and appreciation for her 2 kids – even talks about how her daughter is on her way to becoming a doctor and may take over the clinic (her daughter is super nice and has spent time getting to know her shit so I hope that dream will come true for her). Elisabeth (the super awesome Dr. that is currently studying homeopathy and manages the IV’s and “needle room”)…she too has 2 children and speaks so highly of them. None of these mothers speak with complaints or regrets or wishes of something different for children…..and I think that’s what makes me respect them so much more.

Course, there are many other mother’s that I know that share this pride and joy and love when talking of their off-spring…and I’ve even learned of a few more now that I have signed back onto my facebook account. And so this is a shout out to all of you…..

YOU are all Spectacular, Marvelously Fabulous, Amazingly Inspiring mothers!!

All you mom’s currently watching your children go thru the emotional motions of graduation…and all the shopping and prettynessing that goes with it…fine looking dolled up children that much closer to adulthood!

All you mom’s that are currently going through the emotional motions of menopause…..those aren’t hot flashes…you are just that super-hot! And no matter how you feel you are still there with motherly love!

All you mom’s that are still watching your children grow up….more of a different emotional temper tantrum motions! But yet you hold fast and wash over all tantrums with such motherly love!

All you mom’s that thought you couldn’t have a child and now you have children….always think positive and I hope you will have a tie breaking 3rd child Vicky!!

All you mom’s waiting to become mom’s –oh so much wavy motions of emotions just a waiting for you on the other side of labour and birth! SED friend, I know this is your second and you are aware of what’s in store…still I’m gonna miss you when you go off motherhooding around town!

All you step moms…and for you Cat I say step grandma too! Or all you about to be step moms – yep that’s you Jubie – whole different roller coaster of emotional rides and sometimes little harder than your own child….I have faith you will survive and be an awesome mommy!

All you mom’s that have adopted children – yeppers sista Tanya that is you – fore it takes some one more special to bring children into their home and hearts to raise as their own….upmost respect and love for you!!!!

As you may – or may not – know, I am not a mother…..yet! I do know that I have much love to give to children and some of that mothering instinct (some things I still need to learn about life and needing to be an adult)….I have worked with children for over 17 years… group homes and within homes where children didn’t have parents and looked upon me as a mother figure. Now wait a minute before you break out into hysterical laughter…Alous I know you are laughing right now….but I did have a positive impact on some of these children and know (cause they told me not cause I’m tooting my own horn with made up nonsense) that my positive impact has helped them survive adolescents and manage building positive happy careers for themselves.

I do hope to have children….whether thru my own child-bearing or adoption or fostering (no…child thievery is not respectable parenting or mothering method). So, for all you trying to have children…either which way…..i wish you too a Happy Possible Mother’s day….think positive and positive things will happen! Until it does happen….take comfort in knowing about all the mothering you do for nieces…nephews….god children….and just friends children that we are entrusted with! Don’t you worry too much Shaz….im sure you will be a mother too….or perhaps the reason we aren’t mothers is so we can continue to be so mothering towards Zobes!!!

Before I end it here….just wanna say again….Happy mother’s day to my second mom Purnima….I miss you very much and hope to see you soon! Happy mother’s day and Grandma’s day to Barb…..we are about to have an awesome dinner and some fantastic conversation as usual! Happy mother’s day to you Jean….I know that you don’t have children…but at this point you are now the parent of your mother and deserve acknowledgement for all the hard work and love you show her!

And most most most importantly is a Happy Mother’s Day to my Hakuna Mushka….for all the love, joy and pride you share with me….for all the time you spend waiting for me…..for all the baking and cooking and food making you make for me….for all the research you do for my cure….and for all the laughs and smiles you bring me…..I am full of positive energy and love because of you!!!!!!!


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