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Life Under Guard…So Say the Cards

on May 5, 2014

I was clearing out some stuff and came across my tarot cards…I think I hid them away because all the readings were coming up less than desirable….and all started in this one day:

September 3, 2013 – this is the card reading day when I found out my summer…and possibly more time has been mostly ruled by the devil. I’ve never been one to believe that one person can hold such power to cast evil over another. But then again, I’ve not been in such vulnerability to lose power of my own life. I suppose I now have to alter my theory…to nobody has the power to inflict evil or bad hoodoo voodoo hocus pocus over a self-protected person.

Anyways…back to it…so my summer of 2013 seemed to start out with some positives…I was dating a guy…I was managing some good work…my title insurance started to look like it might come to a good outcome (I will put a post together with my whole house-purchase saga shortly)…and then in one day around middle of July…my life seemed to all unravel in a bad way!

The guy (head up his ass brat) ditches me with the excuse “thought we were just friends hanging out”…my workplace was starting up with some nonsense changes…my mom ripped my life to shit accusing me of not accomplishing anything or being a good daughter…and the title insurance played me and ultimately denied my claim. Just seemed like weirdness upon weirdness upon weirdness!

Then a facebook classmate from 20 years ago chats me up on facebook after seeing me on an online dating site (another reason I have no business trying on line dating). One thing leads to another and before you know it we are in that danger zone of having intimate relations without really knowing each other (yes…we had a 3 night sex stand)…there was to be no 4th! That’s when he tells me that he didn’t mean to lead me on and he really likes me and my personality…but my life stories send him into a deeper depression and makes him think of suicide. Guess I can take comfort in knowing I have great strength…I’m not in as rough a state as him and I can take responsibility for my thoughts feelings and actions…none of you can cause me to become suicidal I assure you!!!

So as you can imagine I’m feeling like something out of sorts…and then I learned the reasons for the unravelling…in a card reading with a truly good trusted friend. Shout out to Anna…I loves you loads! Stopping at Anna’s for a drink and smoke after a lovely dinner…and stories of my current nightmares, she decides to do this tarot card reading – 10 to 15 card spread to see past, present and future and get an idea of what’s going on.

The jist of the overall spread reading is that: my current environment is a stale rut and no momentum forward…that my near future is full of obstacles…there’s bad luck all over…a clear statement that I will need to remain cautious and patient…and there is a devil and black eyes cast upon me…leading to temptations, seductions and bad luck!

I must say there were some positive cards too…that I’m surrounded by supported loving friends…that I am strong willed and persistently hard worker.

Bless Anna’s soul…she becomes overly concerned for my well-being and gives me a Turkish traditional black eye bracelet to ward off the bad eye spells cast upon me. She also offers me encouragement that with the knowledge of the curse comes my preparedness to dispel it and disburse the negative energy safely…that’s important!

Over the next couple months, I start to do my own readings…and with one of my loving supportive friends…Steph you are awesome! All I seemed to be getting was upside down cards or dark cards or cards full of swords and sorrow. Then out of nowhere the black eye bracelet breaks and black eye beads go spilling all over the bathroom floor! Everyone I spoke to says this is a sign that the black eyes on me are quite powerful and I may need to consider an exorcism. Hmmm….I’m not that into the huudoo vuudoo hocus pocus like…but I am into the natural’s remedies and healings – hence the natural cancer treatments.

So I begin the latest obsession in researching about the natural herbal exorcisms…and the black magic removing…and the banashing the devil in the corner!

I’m pulling out the morter and pestle, whipping together herbal mixtures, annoiting protection bags and writing and repeating protection spell. I’m also burning sage sticks to smoke out evil…and making basil, sugar and almond oil protection and healing body shower scrubs…and if you can imagine the ADHD mind doing a billion things at the same time…I was charming and smoking and hocus pocusing a billion things…I was reading tarot cards on the daily for an indication of a break from the devil’s claw!

I’m gonna say the worst of it is over and I do believe I have my break now…the last straw that broke my bad feeling was the cancer diagnosis!

Now, with my spirit back to Brave…the vulnerability quashed out of me…and the good luck back on my side…it’s just a matter of time to heal from the damage caused.

So…I have bought a new black eye bracelet…and bought a replacement for Anna…I am ready to meet with her again for a fabulous dinner and another card reading. I have every confidence The Devil card will be replaced by The Lovers…The Sun, The Moon and The Stars cards will all line up for present and future time…and The Nine of Swords will be replaced by The Page of Cups.

I have beat the cursing and now I am beating the disease and I will the disease and I will retire as planned in the tropics sometime after my 70th birthday!!!!


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