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Itchy Feet Wants a New Scratch Pad

on May 5, 2014

I know I’ve been a bit missing in my weekly posting…that’s why you get this second post on the same day bonus!

Finally I’m almost halfway thru my initial cancer treatment plan…having finished my 8th IV treatment this weekend….and as my luck is changing for the better, I have been incident free for the last 5 IV treatments.  I have even met some nice new people. Me being the social butterfly…it’s become like our own little support group of being all hooked up to IV’s and chains and conversations in the way of “what cancerous style brings you here, and how do you like your torture treatments?”

At my 4th IV therapy day, I even met a boobie cancer friend….we are going out for some herbal tea and medical system bashing next week!  She is a high-school art teacher and can definitely put some excellent protest posters together!

Anyways, I was sat there for my 5th – 8th IV treatments, wondering what will I do with my time since the internet at the clinic isn’t working and my new Surface computer can’t be set up (I think as far as computers go….this Windows Surface computer is wickedly awesome and easy peasy for the not so computer literate!!!) I can actually use the office word program already loaded in to type this long ass post!

While getting my hydrogen peroxide, Poly MVA, other minerals and vitamins, and German stem cell immune boosting stuff…..thought I would keep to my word and do a post on my traveller days – not the Irish squatting type that tend to pitch a trailer with their dogs and horses in an empty parking lot – but more along the lines of the different vacation experiences I’ve had over the years.  Germany coming up twice so far at the clinic…and my travel buddy Cat coming to my last treatment is what inspired this memory lane trip.

My parents started the idea of travelling the world to see something different…after all both my parents are from different countries themselves…and then they met in an entirely different country to their own home countries…and then moved to yet another different country.  So, at this point I am an Egyptian – Pakistani – Canadian – British who suffers no identity crisis’….just mental health issues that cannot be blamed on heritage!!

I can’t thank my uncle enough for sponsoring my mom to come to Canada, who then sponsored my dad to come to Canada (truthfully if he didn’t get sponsored I wouldn’t have been born really)….otherwise I may have grown up amongst my father’s family under such overwhelming backwards Pakistani influences and perhaps would have already had 5 children with a husband I don’t really know and only a handful of life experiences to rely on for the rest of my life.  But really it was my mom….and my uncle….put the itchy bug into my feets to get me motivated to travel travel and travel some more….all starting with my mom taking us travelling as a child….to my own free spirited travelling…to travelling again with my mom… eventually travelling to my retirement tropical property!!!

  • My first proper travelling experience is taking a train to meet my Uncle Hosni and Aunt Ferdinan in Montreal…and my mom taking us to Ottawa to see the Parliament building and stuff.  It was mostly uneventful since I was such a young age…I do remember trying to march with the red uniformed furry hatted soldiers through some random parade.  I don’t recall much about Montreal back then…I did end up going back several times to visit a mate during college…but as a child I recall nothing of the frenchies…except that my favourite uncle Hosni married outside his religion and his culture and married my French Aunt Ferdinan and never had a regret no matter what the life experience…clearly I have the upmost respect and love for my uncle…and I still email him today even though he lays to rest in a tomb in Egypt!
  • Here was mom again giving me a first experience on a plane….off we go to Germany and then Egypt to meet more of her family.  It seems that my mom’s family is full of travelers with itchy feet…and I fit right in – helps that I am the spitting image of my mother too!  So, landing in Germany nothing really extraordinary happens….no racism, no thievery, no bullying….just some trips out to the German zoo where they have one of the largest tortoise’s I’ve ever seen and he was a cutie….and a train-ride through the countryside.  We did have a brief visit with another uncle…uncle Yousri….who moved to Germany and married a German woman but soon split with her and seems to have full regrets of all life experiences…..not the most pleasant man really.  We would end up visiting him in Germany again after 20 odd years and he was just as unpleasant suggesting that my mom come to visit him for 20 minutes only – sadly the third visit to Germany was to take my mom there to collect uncle Yousri’s body to escort back to Egypt for a family funeral and burial (he died less then a year after our second visit).
  • My first Egypt, however, was a much better trip and hot hot hot!  I remember loads of new experiences and new visions that I have never seen before in Canada, America or Europe!  I remember getting off the plane and being picked up by my Aunt Suad and her husband and 2 daughters.  We drove to their house…which at this time was 1985 and her house was a concrete home shell with rabbits and chickens on her roof, dirt roadways with no real property fences, no windows and a make shift door, and the corner store was in the form of a booth selling old style coke bottles and some other stuff. We travelled through the streets of Cairo….which in image form is something like this – 6 cars jammed into the 3 lane highway with a couple of donkey rickshaws and soldiers at random stop lights holding machine guns….you go whether the light is green or red but if the soldier holds his gun out…that’s when you stop!  We went out to the Pyramids…amazing sight I admit!  Was little scarry when my brother and I tried to climb the pyramid…making it up the first big ass block when the soldier came at us waving his machine gun telling us to get down….and we ran right into the camel/horse race happening on the dirtway…but still an amazing sight that must be seen those Pyramids!! While on one of our ventures into the city, we stop at a restaurant to eat some fish – and this is what turns me off fish for a good 30 years…..they bring you the fish all cooked up with its eye still looking at you….that poor little fish tarnished me for life.  Then there was the stop to get some fresh fowl…along the way you can see the men riding the train for free…riding on top of the train cars like it was common practice.  Another common practice I couldn’t get over was the slitting of the fowl throat on the front dirt lawn of the house….my mom was so excited to show me this practice she didn’t stop to think it may have a bit of a negative effect as I was already sick and throwing up for days before….needless to say I went straight to the hole in the floor bathroom and praised the god that the vacation was soon to be over and I would be back home sweet home!
  • There was no more travelling as a child, now I was starting to travel around as an adult….some trips will be explained in more detail as they go with a story of impulsive camping trips with abusive partner and his mom and his dog….or impulsive marriages….and really they deserve their own posts…..but the first trip as an adult that I wanna share was shortly after I put my life back together…finally graduated high-school and college…got my first divorce under my belt and I go on vacation with my mom back to Egypt!  Only this time, I have more sense about me…or more desire to explore independently….and so much has changed since my last trip.  Firstly, they now have paved roads, proper houses and apartments (proper doors but they are still lacking in the window department) and even have an underground train…well they say underground but really only 2 stops of the entire ride is underground…but they do have the subway restaurants beside the Arbies and McDonalds restaurants.  And just imagine all these fast food places deliver on the back of a mo-ped with attached heat boxes…again like the childhood memory of the dude on the bike with the freezer and few popsicles and string of bike bells ringing….only this bike is motorized and keeps things hot…..brings new meaning to fast food!  I remember my other uncle…the always smiling and laughing uncle Showki….and he would come over on his brand new blue mo-ped – he was so excited about it that he would show it off to me every day I was there with a big smile on his face like a child…only he was over 70 years old at the time.  Aside from the fabulous family time, there was another bonus to this trip….when we went to the airport to check in for our flight back to Toronto…little trick I’ve come to learn on how to manage long term flights is just stay awake the whole night before and day of the trip and by the time the head hits the seat….I’m outie.  This time, the rep tells us that Canada was hit with a massive snow storm and our flight is cancelled…we could opt to fly to Greece for one day and night on the airline expense….or stay in Egypt for another 4 days for the next flight back to Toronto.  Of course my mom and I opt for Greece….and I being the social butterfly….begin chatting up a young Canadian couple and Montreal fellow…..turns out the couple were already in Greece and waiting to go home…the fellow was coming back from Egypt too.  So what do you do in this scenario – tired from not sleeping over 24 hours and in a new country without having to spend money on the flight or hotel….do you sleep or tour the city of Athens?  I opted for a tour of the city…..and an interesting tour it was and thankfully we had the Canadian couple to tour guide us……right to the best places to get some cheap Heineken at the random alcohol booths in the centre of town.  Back to the hotel and there we drink and chat the night away….9am comes around and we get on our flight back to Toronto…and I don’t recall a thing about the flight….no food, no movies, no conversation….just a pillow with some drool and a feeling of well rested once landed in Toronto!
  • So, you all know that I worked in Ireland and England for a few years….but I never told you about my first trip to England.  This is it…I met my dad’s family for the first time….and I must admit I love my cousin Juvaid – he was my cousin that picked me up from the airport…showing up over 3 hours late and me having no idea what he looked like….then on the way back to his house his car broke down and we were stopped on the side of the road just around the corner from Tower Bridge (it really is a massively beautiful bridge and kinda worth the stop).  More about my cousin later…perhaps his own post because he is that special….but back to the travel details.  I figured it was also a good time to explore a little bit of Europe….I rode the train to Spain with a stop-over in France…France to Spain is a 13 hour train ride and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, plus it was back in the day when smoking on the train was common practice.  Anyhow….nothing exciting happens until the train ride back to France…I end up in a car with a Swiss German woman (Simone) and an older Chilean woman (Yolanda)….exciting because while Yolanda speaks fluent Spanish, she can’t speak a lick of English….Simone speaks a little English and a little Spanish and I speak a little Spanish and little german….and over 13 hours we managed to have proper conversation and get an understanding of what each person was doing on the train and why we were each going to England.  Simone and I even spend the day touring through France…the Eiffel tower, and the artist district for fancy coffee and even getting a character picture together before going our separate ways.  I hope to one day actually go on to Switzerland and tour around with Simone again….or another random person I might meet on the plane (valuable lesson learned to take short flights thru Europe as opposed to mission long trains rides)!!
  • While residing in England….I’ve had some awesome vacations…mostly awesome with my travel buddy Cat – she was living and still working in Ireland at the time.  First trip we decide to live it up in England…nice 5 star hotel, some hair salon services, a new tattoo…..and a weekend worth almost $4000…..I have never spent that much on a vacation nor have I spent that much on a vacation since…and I was actually living in England at the time!  Anyways, we ended up getting tattoos in the Notting Hill area…something about a movie Cat saw and really liked….let me tell you how where we got our tattoos was nothing like this movie.  This was the first time I had seen a street strip-tease show…some older fellow in the middle of the intersection decided to strip off all his clothes to a dancing tune in his head and the only piece of clothing left on him was the cowboy hat….yeppers the English crazy dude was wearing a cowboy hat.  We quickly went into the first tattoo shop we saw…another experience as the guy who did our tattoos freehand (and he did do a spectacular job I do admit) also managed to tattoo his entire body himself….even his head (I am still trying to figure out how that works…but it has been over 12 years and I still like my tattoo he created for me).  I listened to the guy and kept my dressing on for the whole 4 days….Cat figured she didn’t need no stinkin’ dressing and ended up with an infected ankle after leaking ink all over the 5 star hotel bed!  Now, we scope out all the street markets….and Cat has a chance to accommodate her spoon obsession….she needs to get a spoon from anywhere she travels…thankfully this time she actually bought the spoon from the antique market…but you will come to hear about the thievery she has committed for her obsession.  Sometimes we cannot pick and choose or help our crazy!
  • Another Cat trip….Finland we go visiting my old Ireland roommate, Liinu.  This trip was spectacular….despite the stoppage at every security check at every airport from England to Finland…once in Finland I never had any problems being one of a handful of brown people in the entire country!   Liinu made for the best hostess, she took us through Helsinki….to the Art Museum which was something unique…nothing like the art seen at AGO…and the first thievery experience with Cat as she stole the spoon that came with our latte.  Liinu took us to a top notch restaurant where they served reindeer and when you asked about a particular cheese…the waiter with his lacking English makes goat noises to explain the translated version of goat cheese.  Then we are off to the countryside…but first on the way we stop to pick up the hitch-hiker – imagine the look on Cat and my face wondering if this is a good idea, but it seems it isn’t that bad an idea in Finland!  Finland is where I learned of their love for saunas…it appears everyone has one in their backyard…and it is customary to walk thru the yard naked once you have soaked up all the sauna heat – it was more customary for Cat and I to run through the yard wondering what every little sound was until we piled on top of each other at the back door scrambling to put robes on!  The trip comes to an end and as we drive the highway back to the airport…there it is in bright blue writing….KKK Supermarket….quick picture and keep driving but thankfully it doesn’t have the same meaning across the Atlantic Ocean!
  • Image
  • Last Cat trip.  By now, Cat and I are avid travelers….been on few different airlines and explored several different places.  We are offered the opportunity to explore a little more of Ireland before we both take our leave and return to Canada.  Liinu ends up working at a B&B in Dingle Bay, and asks if we would like to come round for a short weekend stay.  This was the first time I have ever driven up the side of a mountain…and I am not sure it is something I would like to do again….such narrow roads but not roads with houses on the sides but rather a big mountain or a huge drop into nothingness….and still two lane roads where cars are trying to shimmy by each other.  The only thing making it worthwhile is the view at the top of the mountain…and also the fact that there are mini waterfalls all along the mountain…so as you drive and wonder if you will make it past that car…you can also wonder in awe about the water fall almost washing your car.  Again, Liinu was a marvelous hostess…allowing us to get our own breakfast eggs from the little chicken coop in the backyard, gave us one of the largest rooms to sleep for the weekend…and didn’t say anything when Cat stole a pretty spoon from the B&B kitchen counter (it’s possible she didn’t know about the thievery).  Now all that is left is for Cat and I to host Liinu for a vacation to Canada…or England…or perhaps the 3 of us vacation somewhere totally new…but nowhere with strict jail-time laws for thievery of cutlery.
  • I realize this post is getting longer then I thought so I will end with a picture of my future travel plan……to my very own apartment in this resort in the Red Sea… to just earn the dosh to pay for it!!

red sea resort apartment




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