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Welcome To My Roller Coaster Cancer Ride – IV Therapy Day 2

on April 21, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014 – Today was the second IV therapy day…I should’ve had my second day on Tuesday but I wanted to clear my work schedule and make sure clients were moved around. No I’m not a workaholic but I do care about my clients, my colleagues and my team-mates.
I spent the whole hour and half drive up to the clinic trying to convince myself that the IV needle will be less bothersome today…how many ways can I be wrong today?? Therapy today was hydrogen peroxide, vitamin c, vitamin b17, mistletoe, an immune booster and some funky red blood cell coax’er (apparently I am anaemic) . Elisabeth…the foreign trained medical doctor who installs the IVs and is super awesome always sharing laughs with me…tells me that they alternate between oxygen type treatments and today we can use the smaller needle because I’m not having blood taken out for oxygen but instead having hydrogen put into my blood. Of course we all have a little happy clappy yeahing session…its like their gift to me for the Easter Holiday!
Anyways, back to the point, I’m almost elated at the idea of a smaller needle and maybe I won’t even feel it slide in or stay in for the 3.5hours that the 4 IV bags will take to drip into me…but here is me being wrong..wronged..wrong again!
The needle is smaller and doesn’t sting or feel as bad as the first time round…but the catheter tube hooked to the IV bag seems defective (Elisabeth assures me it is not my arm’s fault and that this problem has only ever happened 2 other times in her long career – no it doesn’t really make me feel better but gives me something to write bloggy about)! This defective tube means that the hydrogen isn’t going in but instead my blood is leaking out…and its a little uncomforting to see a needle in your arm with blood leaking out the tube meant to put fluids in your vein…squeemish and jittery is how I react and now I just want the whole day restarted! She takes the IV joint apart…she moves this around and moves that up and down…she pulls it out of the IV clip and jiggles it just to put it back and….Voala the leaking has stopped and the Hydrogen is now dripping its burning self into my vein and blood stream…set at a fast drip, it feels like a fire starting in the most unreachable part of my arm!
I’m reminded of the movie idle hands where the fella cuts off his hand which turns out to have a mind of its own and scurried thru town on its fingers to commit mass murders – yes that’s the random nonsense I often think!!
Back to the IV hook up and with it now working proper I go back to the S&M comfy chair room and get hooked to my very own hanging chain for the next 4 IV bags to come!
I start to chat up the other patients…well my mom does most of the chatting up…she gets to know all about the lovely older German couple and the woman who’s just returned from her vacation in Turkey. Oh how I miss the days of freely travelling…the craziness experienced trying to accommodate my itchy feet! I think I will make the travel bug my new focus for the next post….the past, the present….and future daydreamed travelling round experiences….this will serve as great inspiration to ensure starvation of the greedy tumour sucker. Die greedy bastard fore you are not coming across the world with me!!!
Just when I was getting excited with my belief in the natural remedies…and day-dreaming about all my new lease on life plans…the homeopathic Dr N. throws me for a looptie looped corkscrew!
Now, Dr N. is looking over my blood results and makes his own set of mis-assumptions. He feels that due to the low levels of haemoglobin (red blood cells apparently) and the high levels of liver enzymes…he is assuming that the cancer has spread to my liver and my bones severely and thinks I should consider chemotherapy – he is concerned that the natural remedies will not be enough even though he points out again that bone cancer is incurable and chemo is just for palliative care. I question his assumptions…I am a good questioner…and he is somewhat wishy-washy with an attitude of let’s see what your family doctor will suggest and do about these results.
To be fair, I know I may have done this to myself – relying on Dr. Google for diet and nutrition without verifying my individual situation, but I also know I do not feel the way palliative care would…could…or should feel.
Dr N. is also just as confused still looking over my blood results and then says “I wonder how you are even standing and walking and awake, if your haemoglobin lowers anymore you will need a blood transfusion”.
It’s a good thing he waited for me to be IV’d and hooked to the hanging chain in his office…that way I couldn’t hop over the desk and pound some sense into him…so I just sat up straight with a smile on my face and a look of scepticism in my eyes – basically saying in my head “I don’t care what your results say and just cause you think it, doesn’t actually make it so!!”
This is a look I have come to master in the last 3 months…having to have it on hand at the ready for use when the hospital insists on playing “How dead are you today and let us assume the varied ways”!!
I return to my comfy chair, resolved that most people in the world see things from the ‘worst possible scenario’ perspective. I, however, look at all the possible reasons for the badness and seek out the ‘best possible solution’ scenarios!!
I’ve come to terms with the loss of red blood cells from the lacking protein in my diet, the fact that the blood sample was taken right after the 100ml of blood was vacuumed out of my body to be put into the glass jar…and maybe the liver enzymes came from that cheating banana coconut liqueur dessert I had with dinner 2 nights before the sample (I haven‘t had alcohol in many months before that and perhaps caused a slight shock to my liver).
Hey if the doctors can have their wacky assumptions one way…well I’m entitled to my wacky assumptions the other way…and my way is the better play for positive thinking way!!!
Solution focused: Re-introduce protein into my diet, no more shocking alcohol, steadfast in my faith and belief in natural remedies, ensure to get some regular exercise, continue on the path to starve starve starve the greedy bastard tumour!!!!


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