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Hooked up the IV Therapy – Day 1

on April 14, 2014

Another hospital has officially refused my referral to meet me for a second opinion – yeppers St Michael’s hospital makes it 2 hospitals to refuse my referral…and so I believe that leaves me black-listed from conventional treatment!!  So, I am on my curing pathway the alternative way!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014 – Finally I am receiving treatment for the breast cancer – simple intake process after but one 2 hour consultation with the Dr. Nasri…less than 2 weeks ago.  He gave me his time and attention to provide full explanations of all my previous test results and future treatment options.  The fact that it’s a private clinic that will cost me thousands of extra dollars is of no matter as my life is priceless…thanks PC MasterCard, fore you will be paying for parts of this treatment!!! Once I’m cured, I do think I will fight to get back some funds from the government since Ontario Hospitals that are funded by OHIP have refused to provide health services with my tax dollars that I’ve already paid! Anyhow, I started my Vitamin concoction IV therapy – mixed with some oxygen therapy and…of course can’t have the breast cancer therapy without the good ol’ boobie fondling exam!  I first arrived to the clinic with my mom and didn’t know what to expect really, the last time there wasn’t too many people.  This time there was 3 clients hooked up and a steady stream of clients coming in for their hook-up…turns out I was the youngest of them all by like 40 years…I’m pretty sure they thought I was the good daughter supporting my mom!

It’s a lovely clinic…with welcoming reception area and an open-spaced comfy chairs room with chains hanging from the ceiling all around for IV hook-ups (even chains hanging in the bathroom)…I suspect there maybe some S&M activities happening after hours….shhhh keep it on the down-low!! Past the comfy chair room is the needle room – little room with various pieces of equipment, IV bags and needles of all sorts.  Beyond that room is the exam rooms – where the foddling exams take place and also the acupuncture (not as sharp needles for acupuncture but yet requires more patience). The nurse calls me back to the needle room, she sees I’m a little confused and slightly nervous – thanks to my ADHD I rarely get anxiously nervous.  She asks what the doctor explained, I said not much other then it would be an IV therapy of a mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids proven to cure cancer and would start with 21 sessions – each session lasting 3-4 hours. She explains that my treatment will start with low doses of few vitamins, and will gradually increase and additions made over the 21 sessions. First, we started with oxygen therapy…no that isn’t me being hooked up to any funny gurgling noise making oxygen tanks or being stuffed in a hyperbaric chamber. The restriction with the IV in my arm was super annoying as it was…I can’t imagine the restrictions being stuffed in a chamber for hours! I’ve never had an IV before…except the 5 min IV for the CT scan couple months ago…but never had this tube like needle inserted in my vein for hours.  The nurse took one look at my arm and had a look of S&M excitement…while she said ” Oooh, just look at those virgin arms, I can find so many good veins to poke, this will be so easy and good for me” – at this point, I’d take thousands of those nonsense facebook pokes over this IV.  So, now I’ve got this needle in my vein and I’m unable to sit still while I know the foreign object is beyond my reach to rip out.  She took my IV cherry and didn’t even kiss me after!!! Back to the oxygen therapy…which actually involves taking out some of my own blood into a vacuuming glass jar…and then injecting my blood with pure oxygen – which makes my blood bubble….looks like when you blow thru a straw in cherry juice – and then switch-up the flow, hang the bottle upside down and the blood flows back into me. Even though the whole process took like 20 minutes…it felt like hours watching the drip of the blood into the tube that is attached to the needle in my vein that I can’t reach to rip out…AARRGGHH!

All the blood has flowed back into me and now the actual Vitamin concoction therapy starts…big ass IV bag – this one full of Vitamin C…and takes and over an hour to drip into me…but thankfully my mom is keeping me occupied somewhat cause the other patients are not having any conversation and even avoiding eye contact (perhaps that is there meditation time and technique)…I’m thinking next session I will bring the beach-ball and play keepsie upsie (this being my technique for meditation!)

Next comes the homeopathic immune booster – also the time the doctor comes in and decides it would be good time for a fondling…at least when he measures the lump he is positive sounding that it is small. Also the time he thinks to take some blood for testing…now I’ve got an IV going in each arm and suddenly I’m obsessing over this foreign uncomfortable feeling (will I be able to last it out over the 21 sessions).  Just when the blood is taken and I see the end of the IV drip….out comes the nurse to announce that the 3rd bag will be hooked up and that should be quick…here comes the baggie with the Vitamin B17…please let this end soon! Finally, 3.5 hours later and all IV’s out and my body full of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Oxygenated blood, I am ready to leave the clinic…but not before picking up my baggie full of horse-pill sized supplements that have to be taken on a regimented schedule of: 2 caps on an empty stomach twice daily, 1 cap twice daily, 8 tsp twice daily, 2 caps with meals twice daily, 5 drops….and I’m sure just like the IV therapy more will be added and upgraded.

No matter what the regiment, the uncomfortable foreign IV object feeling, or the cost of this treatment….I am a firm believer that the God provided natural remedy will cure my cancer with my help of believing and changing bad habits…and so I look forward to flutteringly performing the dance of joy after the next 21 sessions….and really over the next 50 years!!!!!


3 responses to “Hooked up the IV Therapy – Day 1

  1. Nicole says:

    Yas, you have the best attitude towards all this craziness and I really adore you for it! Amazing!


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