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Missed But Not Forgotten

on April 6, 2014

Ycanwahs and Ycnan…..Y did you have to leave…the office I mean? I’ve always worked in small non-profit organizations, group homes or satellite government centres….I’ve never worked in such a large office like I do now, with over 100 people. And it is true what they say about spending more time with work mates then with our actually family – sometimes work family is more fun and helpful than our actual family members!

I am surprised to have gotten to know the names of all my office colleagues, and even a good idea of where they sit in our office maze. I’ve learned who to avoid during my flutter dance routine thru the office, and I’ve learned who are my closest work family members….some of you have had your shout out in the Circle Of Love post! Here’s a little shout out for a couple that have left our work family office recently!

Ycanwahs – We’ve been on the same team now for few years…and more recently became roomies. We’ve spent time outside of the office even, with lunch and even attempted to find some matches at that Food and Wine expo dating thing. I’m so glad for you found your soul mate….and your soul mate had the perfect washer/dryer combination for me! Just because you moved out of the office and now live in a different office….I am still here for you when you need a coupon book or a chat ….and I soo look forward to attending your wedding!!

Ycnan – We’ve had some good laughs – even though we’ve never been on the same team or same quad. We seem to share an attitude towards work and life….just get it done and be done with it and don’t mess complicating it with gossip or back chatting or unnecessary complaints. It’s all about the small town mentality eh…and Peterborough can have that effect on ya!! I totally appreciate your taking the time to check in with me….and understanding that I’m not the basket-case type when diagnosed with cancer….you are awesome sharing laughs and jokes with me about doctors, treatments and planning life after starving the greedy bastard!

Airam – You were one of the first and most helpful mentors when I first started at the office…and at times shared conversations outside in the smoking area. You would spend time giving ideas and hints on how to deal with work situations…and even allow time for nonsense conversations (especially when Alice was your roomie and I would find myself in your quad a lot chatting nonsense). Even when we all played musical desks in the office, and then you moved to the office closer to home, we still managed to make time for work and unwork conversations…and thanks for your supportive emails and let them continue!!

So, I just wanted to share this little goodbye…..a little acknowledgement that family – blood related or work related – are missed on the daily but never forgotten!!!



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