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April Fool Joke of a Medical System

on April 6, 2014

I know this is a little late for April fools day…but I needed the time to digest and reflect. It’s unsettling to think about how our healthcare system views us, not as people in need of care and treatment but as dollar signs for each swipe of the health card and fulfillment of the pharmaceutical prescription.

So, we have all heard someone complaining about the medical system these days…but always seem to justify their situation because we ourselves haven’t had such a bad experience – until the day you have your own bad experience!

I am proudly Canadian and I even have the maple leaf stamp tattooed on my foot…I have always been proud of our systems…especially when travelling, living and working abroad. This respect has changed….decreased to almost nil respect and less trust! I have seen the struggles of friends and family trying to navigate the medical system.

My mom had a seizure in 2007 and though they can’t tell her what caused it, they are stating that she needs to take strong medications just in case it happens again. Because my mother refuses medication without proper explanation why she needs them, they refuse to continue to monitor and care for her.

My good good workmate – Tesora – has also recently been experiencing a medical system nightmare. She has been trying to navigate the system to the best benefit of her elderly parents…but yet seems to be getting shafted at every admittance (or lack of admittance). It’s sad to think that the health care system has made its mint O’money on the backs of our hard working parents, and yet it is these unappreciated seniors that are now denied treatment….and I mean even the basic minimalist treatment they deserve.

Then there is the story of my work mate Skela, who was in and out of the hospital with her little child. Her little boy was stuck in hospital unsure of what the diagnosis was, and pumped full of various medicines in the hopes of healing.

No one escapes and no one is safe! Common within this system is you attend to the hospital with something wrong…they make their assumptions and pump you full of whatever meds they have on hand (and even make you drive around trying to find medication they may not stock in their particular hospital pharmacy)…and once the spark of healing is seen, you are packed up and shipped out. But wait….you may not be healed and so back in you go for another round of haphazardness assumptions and another scoop from the medication fruit punch bowl.

It’s further disturbing to think of the gluttonous way the system makes you their personalized cash cows even after taxes and card swipes! Realistically you would think the hospital can coordinate better to ensure that when you arrive for a round of testing, you are not required to attend the hospital over several days for several hours at a time to complete the round of testing. Then you see the signs about how the parking – set at such an enormous rate – helps to contribute to the hospital so they may continue to offer you the exquisite service they don’t currently offer.

Have you seen those new commercials that show people ripping pieces of their skin and pulling out their teeth for cigarettes? They should start showing a commercial or two of people selling off a limb, or major organs, or pints of blood to seek effective and timely treatment in a hospital. And here we were thinking the American system is so bad due to not everyone having health insurance….yet we can’t seem to get proper treatment with our government assisted health insurance.

So, now you have a diagnosis….or an assumed diagnosis for the time being…and here comes the treatment side of things….where the doctors are still looking at how to make the most dosh (dough for the western slangers)! Again, they don’t seem to look upon you as a person in need of proper consultation – one that requires actual questions and answers and conversation – but rather as a chart number and a general rule of how much money each diagnosis in that chart will bring them. They have slotted out their day to offer 15 minute consultations, this is to consult on the description of a life altering treatment.

Case in point, as you know I have the breast cancer, when I was arranging an appointment with the consulting doctor for the first time I was informed that he offers 15 minute consultations. For every appointment I required after learning of my diagnosis – which turned out to be quite a few – I was told to book them into their allotted 15 minute timeslots. Now how can a person, reasonably with compassion and their promise to do no harm, actually have an informative consultation regarding life altering treatment for a life threatening cancer in that short span of time? Here‘s what I figure is the answer….they think that you should just sign up to whatever treatment they have determined and told you about in that 15 minute session, do the conventional treatment they feel will make them the most money, and move you on to the next doctor to make their fortune from you. That is what the societal norm would do.

Here’s the real point of this post…

What happens when you go against these ideas? That’s when you start to recognize the flaw-ful joke of our system. Its kind of a funny thing really, how societal norms…and even the doctors….would suggest that you always seek a second opinion of your medical diagnosis, but then (if accepted to provide that second opinion would rarely trump the previous doctor’s diagnosis. Then you would research all potential treatment options and look to your doctor for discussion of these various options…just to be sent away, with a wave of a hand and a story of how that treatment options isn‘t proven by the pharmaceutical standards (or more likely the pharmaceutical bonus structure offered to physicians of all sorts).

Again, I go back to my diagnosis as an example. I have been running around the hospital for 3 months now, subjected to various testing and scans for the doctors to get a sense of the best assumed diagnosis and treatment options. Unsatisfied with the changing assumptions and differing discussions by the one “breast health specialist” team in the McKenzie Health hospital, I asked my doctor for another referral to another hospital…after having researched many other options for treatment. My family doctor, who received all test medical report results and seems as confused as I am, agrees to the second opinion referral and agrees to support me in whatever way with whatever treatment she can.

A referral is made to the next hospital (Sunnybrook Hospital)…and so I call and speak to the intake coordinator of the breast health clinic at Sunnybrook to explain the run-around I have been dealing with at the previous hospital with the previous oncologist. The intake coordinator says she will take my referral and speak to all medical oncologists within the hospital and explain my situation and needs. The end result….wait for it….

April 1, 2014 – The intake coordinator doesn’t have the courtesy to call me back but instead….calls my family doctor to explain that the medical oncology staff within the entire Sunnybrook Hospital is refusing my referral….yep you are reading that correct as the entire hospital…and I‘m not even requesting treatment that may land a lawsuit for them doing something incorrectly, but simple discussion on diagnosis. The entire hospital does not want to offer me the second opinion that every doctor suggests you seek out. When I asked the secretary why they refused, she is unsure but states that she assumes the doctors don’t want to offer a second opinion that may trump the first opinion…and then she is unsure where to offer me another referral as she has never seen an entire hospital refuse a referral.

I know I keep saying it….but it is through disbelief and a need to make everyone aware…that in our modern day health care system…an ENTIRE hospital can refuse a referral for a second opinion discussion….and I can’t even stress or fight…because with cancer I am suppose to remain positive….WTF!!!!

Where can I turn now? Back to my belief system….this is clearly a sign from my higher being…..I have no business working with the hospital and conventional medical system doctors.

Instead, I have every opportunity and full 2 hour long discussions on diagnosis and treatment options in the alternative medical system clinic – Bless your Soul Dr Nasri from Nasri Clinic. Now I have confidence in my new and independent competent Doctor and his treatment plan!



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