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Who’s My God-dy?

on March 30, 2014

If you recall the Positively Charged post, you’ll see that I am a firm believer in God, but not a judgmental thumping God believer. I like to think….as mostly every religion states….”The higher being is the only true judge of all our characters, beliefs, morals, and actions”! Sadly, it seems the most vocally religious types…leaders and fanatics…don’t seem to agree or share this way of life.  I find most religious leaders and fanatics prey on the vulnerable, trying to sell themselves as messengers and messiahs offering the means to speak with your God and attain your inner most desires….similar to the preaching of politicians with as much selfish greediness and untrustworthiness!  Don’t be fooled fore you can achieve your inner most desires and you can talk to your God anytime and anywhere you want to too!!

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am the first person to put my hand up (say present) and believe that everyone should have faith, have that something/someone to believe in and look towards and to get you out of bed for….but I’m not the one to put my hand up disregarding, disrespecting, or disillusioning your faith!

So, how did I get so faithfully skeptical of manmade (interpreted) religion? Well, it’s a buildup of many years personal experience, some independent research beyond the religious blockbuster movies (I admit “Stigmata” was a good movie but “Man from Earth” was an awesome movie!), and several arguments with people of all religions.  I find people from the 3 main religions – Islam, Christians, Jewish – are the most argumentative!

I was born to Muslim parents, but attended catholic schools for much of my elementary years. I was finally weirded out by the Priest that followed me to 3 different catholic schools, and yes I went to 3 different catholic schools as a Muslim child (I wouldn‘t be offended if that weirds you out!). I was only put into these schools as a matter of convenience; it turns out many people, including my parents, would justify not following certain religious requirements for matters of convenience.  I can’t really fault my mom for putting me in catholic school; it was due to racism in public school that required the convenient move.  And to be honestly fair, I didn’t suffer any form of racism at the catholic school, nor did I get involved in the eating bread at Mass, nor play a role in the school-yard human rosary, nor go to the library booth “confessionals” (weirded out by that stalking priest)!

Anyways, along with going to catholic schools and attempting to read the bible (the only other time I tried to read the bible was my time in jail…and I still don’t understand most of it), I was also getting Islamic lesson lectures from my parents-mostly my dad. The lectures went something like:

“NO, you can’t wear that outfit because we are Muslim; NO, you can’t question what I say because we are Muslim; NO, you can’t go outside because we are Muslim, YES, you have to pray this way 5 times a day because we’re Muslim.”

Perhaps I would have seen some merit to the lesson lectures if I didn’t see my dad be so hypocritical with his own religious actions.  He would spend hours drinking at the pub and the dining room table, and he would mix his backwards pakistani village culture with religion which prevented me (the daughter) from doing anything outside the kitchen.

I finally got rid of the priest, and eventually the lesson lectures (I found it was easier to run away and not live under the roof of the hypocritical rules), when I started public school in Scarborough – no chance of being sent home dirty this time round as most of the school was my colour “dirty”. Scarborough was very multi-cultural with people of every religion you can think of. All these different people with different beliefs gave me opportunity to sniff out trouble in true ADHD form.  I started to rebel against “man-made” religion – I wasn’t Catholic or Muslim at this point – but I still had my faithful belief in God.  I firmly believe that God would have us ask questions, enlighten ourselves, and be informed about the decisions we make. I don’t think it’s fair or correct for religious leaders…the pastor, priests, rabbis, and imams…to say “you are questioning and will go to hell”.

Over the years, I have had some intense arguments with other people about religious cults, the true meaning of being non-judgmental, and how spirituality is incorporated into anyone’s religion.  My most memorable arguments, again with valuable lessons learned:

The Faithful Wanderer – She was an old friend from when we first moved to Scarborough. She wandered thru faiths with every boyfriend and finally stumbled on Christianity, in the Bible Thumping way, with her husband (ex husband now as conveniently divorce wasn’t ok then but it is now). We’ve had so many arguments, which would usually end with me going to hell (her judgement of me for not believing Jesus is the son of god) or her inability to answer any religiously related questions (don’t ask her about lent because she didn’t read about it in scripture so its not her practice)! Lesson learned: Best to keep an open mind but hold strong to faith. Those that wander will judge you always with ignorance!

The Faithless Wander – She was an old college friend that lasted thru the early stages of our professional careers. We shared the lacking belief in man-made (interpreted) religion, and actively participated in drunk dancing and bong toking! I started to lose respect when she became a parent, she became most judgmental of everyone’s way of life if they didn’t agree with her trendy belief – she never really had time to educate herself on the basic understandings or principles of the new belief – usually she would jump ship for the new trendy fad that came along. She once told me I make her feel sad that I think spirituality is what you put into your individual religion..she went as far as accusing the dictionary (she hoped it would agree with her) for being socialist because it agreed with me! Lesson Learned: Arguments with the uneducated will just frustrate all parties involved. Personal application is the best way to judge suitability of spirituality!

Regretting Hypocritical Parents – These are the parents I see a lot, including my own father and many of my father’s older generation family members. They all say they left their home country for a better life for their children, and then expect their children to conform to the old cultural/religion mixture but within this new country. These are also the parents that will send their children to the religious schools (Usually on the weekends or after academic school), and yet will not follow what the teachings at home. These children try to question their parents activities as they are against the religious teachings from the school, and the parents will often try to excuse the behaviour as necessary to live in this country or society (but yet there is no excusing the children) This was my father – the drunk at the table telling me I can’t wear a skirt or be in air cadets! Lesson Learned: Lead by example! I don’t have children but I work with many children and parents and I always explain that children will rebel against a parent’s hypocrisy! Always best to teach what you want your children to learn or allow children to explore and educate themselves – lets raise our future generation to understand and have respectable and respecting faith!

Selfish Leaders – These are the faith leaders that will disregard their faith for personal gains, or disregard your need to question and gain better understanding for your faith. Aside from the stalking priest, I have only had few arguments with religious leaders. I find that I would rather read and interpret for myself then take on their skewed views. I had an argument with an Imam (Muslim Priest type), he was also a teacher in an Islamic school. We argued because he felt it was totally suitable to quit his full time job so he could claim low income and get housing support from UK government – clearly I argued that was scamming the system and not ok regardless of what religion! I had another argument with a Christian Pastor, I had asked him who wrote the Bible and he responded with “well I can see you are the questioning type and so you will be going to hell, not good to question but just believe what you are told”. Lesson Learned: Again, I was steadfast in my faith and belief and questioned those with inconsistent teachings! I cling to my earlier lesson of karma providing her divine intervention – though I haven’t seen or heard from these leaders since, I believe they will get all they deserve!

Wishful Sinners – I make no mistake here to assume that anyone – even myself – is perfect or free from sin. It is the ability to recognize our sins and repent with heartfelt meaning that allows for our higher being to forgive us! These are the people that often hope their prayers will be heard while their actions continue to be sinful. They go to their religious house for prayer – or religious pilgrimage – to seek cleanliness from their sins, while they carry on showing disregard or ignorance to people, continue to lie or cheat or even steal (claiming for money not entitled to them from people and government systems)! Lesson Learned: I have not participated in religious pilgrimages or prayers at a religious house mostly because I know my full heart is not in it. Having faith that their God will judge them is all I need to carry me through my day when dealing with these sort of people!

So, who is my God? Well, he is the higher being that is responsible for all our creation. He is the one that will take us out in the end and point us in the direction of our afterlife. You ever see the movie “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr? It’s an amazing movie that highlights the many options for afterlife based on individual belief!

I hope for you all a faith that gets you through the day, gives you freedom to respect other people for their beliefs, and basically follows…at minimum the 10 commandments! I remain confident in my belief that religion is whatever you put your faith and spirituality into!!




One response to “Who’s My God-dy?

  1. A M says:

    Spot on 🙂

    “Arguments with the uneducated will just frustrate all parties involved. Personal application is the best way to judge suitability of spirituality!”

    This is why people can think the same way but arrive at a different conclusion, and that’s ok. Rarely anyone understands it these days.


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