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Positively Charged

on March 12, 2014

BA Masala and Masters of the Amanda…this post is for you’ze. I’ve included a pick of my office zoo for you BA…to show how it has grown over the years from those 3 animals we started with – still have the zebra and little puppy dog too!


So, again I’m saying please don’t be sad…consider the circumstances to be that I am totally happy! Don’t get me wrong here; I am not happy to have this uninvited greedy bastard invader feeding off my blood , but I take comfort in knowing that I will starve this greedy bastard invader to the point where the news will spread to all it’s kind that my body zone is no safe home!!

I know it’s a bit much to take in…and cancer isn’t my most jolly story…but really when have I ever had a story that wasn’t all involved and so much to digest – and that usually in the first 10 mins of the story but yet captivating enough to keep you interested!

So, why a post for you guys particularly, well I wanted to share some lovin’ and send a shout out…but also wanted to share with you – and the general public of the world – how I can be so sickeningly positive about myself! In my research of the best methods to starvation, I’ve learned that positive thinking and mental attitude will f@ck the cancerous shit right up!!

For the greater world, here is a few ways of how I have managed to remain so sickly positive – and it’s ok if you don’t believe in God…or call him/her by a different name like “higher being” or “Darwin‘s ape”.  If you truly believe you are your own God…then you could thank yourself and credit yourself for your own karmic divine interventions – and blame yourself for your own bad luck!

My Positive Affirmations (some are courteous of Internet posts that left no names but here’s your credit if you wrote one…thanks for the thought)

  •  I have faith I am exactly where I need to be!!
  •  Today, I will not surrender to ignorance!!
  •  God protects every day in every way! I am one with God and healed of all afflictions (this one I have said thru every test and scan)
  •  I love myself for who I am. I am a natural leader and positive inspiration to others (yeppers here I am crediting myself)
  •  I am a go getter and a go giver, everything I give to others is a gift to myself! The more I give, the more I get…and if I need a helping hand, then I lend a helping hand (yep this one is for Karma)
  •  Humour and Joy contribute to my overall well-being. Wonderful things are happening in my life daily (daily I feel the greedy bastard waste away in starvation just that little bit)
  •  God has blessed me with great talent and energy, and health and prosperity and I am always grateful in return. I AM A UNIQUE CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE
  •  God always sees that financial arguments and application go in my favour and I reap the rewards (for those of you close to me, you know about my legal battle that will work out in my favour)
  •  I will either find a way or make one, I am a lucky, happy, healthy and successful person!
  •  I am surrounded by loving friends and family (yes that includes people outside my head)
  •  I am open to receiving Love from the perfect man for me! I radiate beauty, charm and grace! (for those of you close again know of my dating struggle, for those that don’t know you will read all about it perhaps in a newly created page – and I am totally a glowing with my new healthy habits)
  •  I am Divinely irresistible to my perfect mate NOW, my soul-mate is attracted to me and on the path towards me (again those dating struggles – so if you are him, don’t fight the divinity! If you think you know him, point him onto that right path!)

And thanks a bunch Masters of the Amanda..for showing me the art of mastering healthy work breaks at the healthy planet!!


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