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My Circle of Love

on March 8, 2014

Tanya, I finally checked the mail today, and for you, I am stopping everything to write this post out!  It is important, I’ve learned, to take and make time for loved ones…and yes Tanya you are like a sister to me too and you are a huge inspiration to me!   But as the older sister it is also important for me to point out that you have nothing to worry about….I will indeed grow old and grey with you and we will share many laughs and have many many more times of walking thru the streets singing out favourite Eagles song…so you can just “Take it Easy” and know that I love you! (and thank you ever so much for the beautiful gift of sisterly love)

So, we’ve all got that email about people coming into our lives for a reason or season or lifetime (If you haven’t, that’s mostly what the email says).  I am blessed to have so many people around me here for the lifetime and not just the seasonal reason!  I don’t actually have any sisters….I have one brother and we barely speak.  But I do have many many sistas….loves like a sister but just from a different mister and even the odd bro in that way too!  I couldn’t even begin to describe in words how I much I appreciate and respect and gain inspiration from all those I love around me…mostly because my face is a far better animated expressionist…also because I would never do all of them justice by merely mentioning the few reasons why I love them…but I’m gonna make some mentions anyways!

To my British sista, Vicky, who insists on looking for the actual fountain of “fizzy drinks” in the KFC fast food restaurant.  Didn’t you notice when we walked into the store you didn’t pass by any massive stone fountains?  I love you for your willingness to jog along with my crazy…and yes that is partly due to your having some crazy problems too! (nobody else would dress up in mom’s mumu and play Pow-Wow-Opoly)  From that first night when you just needed somewhere to crash and I offered up my couch…which then became a room in my house…I don’t ever want you to leave and you are always welcome to my home whichever side of the ocean anytime…and yes you will have to work the sheep farm if you want to ride the zipline!

To my Irish sista, Cat, who isn’t actually Irish but it is where we met!  Bless your soul patiently waiting for me at every airport security checkpoint on our way to Finland….that was a bit of racial profiling as you are the blonde haired and I am the brown skinned and you never got stopped once…even though you carry a bigger purse than me!  You are a superstar and perhaps one of the few people that has not said anything against my “crazy wish” of going o’natural…well except to express the surprise that I am now the “health freak” friend (let‘s get back into our spa visit routine)…but don’t worry I won’t turn into the raw food thumper!

To my Office sistas, Alous and Acnarf and Singh Singh and Tesora and Nerak and Naej (for those of you wondering if those are real names, they are not but they are the terms of endearment I call my sistas).  I know many of you thought how am I gonna get through the day being on…for you Naej it would be supervising….the team with this quackjob.  Don’t I just grow on you?  At first Alous was standoffish going on about her Orange status (that means aggressive in social service file language) and now Alous and I are doing chair hugs in the middle of the quad and breaking bread and tamarind shells. Acnarf always wanting me to stay away with my deer porn expressive story and now we always talking about the next kaboom over can of coconut water.  Tesora you always keep me smiling while I am trying to keep you smiling and you know how to beat that hospital answering system…I know you still wondering where to get a hold of the stuff I’m on – sorry but no can tell until it’s legal.  Singh Singh I can’t wait till you come back to sing me a song and get back on my life decisions panel, and don’t you worry I haven’t influenced Curious in any way.  Nerak my old roomie how I have missed living with you and the venting we used to do, but im glad that we are just around the corner from each other and close enough to keep up regular visits.  Then there’s Naej who just like me is full of expression and energy and plays along with my game of “chase you around the office”, she always has my back when I’m right and rarely tells me I’m not so right (it is a rare occasion but I can admit when I’m wrong).  And Aloap, you deserve a mention here fore….I see you baby shakin that ass and I’m running down the hall now to slap it!  And Naillig, you deserve much credit here fore it was your first diary gift encouraged me to start and keep up writing.  And Arleen you deserve a shout out too…may not be in my office but certainly in my thoughts!  And Alice, you started with me and trained with me and no longer work with me…but you are still hanging out with me and showing me the way of the fabulous herbal teas…so  grateful!

To my office granny, you are super awesome, I’m gonna really miss you when you retire but glad you won’t be rushing into the sh@% show every morning especially after all that sex, don’t worry I have headed your advice and am on the path to being a true bitch that every man will love!

To my Office bros, Nyrad and Ffej and the used to be Ekul and Carpool boy, you guys are the bomb keeping my spirits up and making sure I remember that I am something special, even if it is special needs!

To my Office cousins….there are soo many of you to mention but know that I love you all too, I can’t wait for the next holiday and some laughable events….if I dress up in custom, will you come?

To my British Neices, Zobes and Shaz, oh how I miss you my precious pretties….can’t wait till we meet again and dance around the streets, the beach, the house and the back garden.  Now hurry up and look into immigration details so when my new house is built you can come live with me…course that means you will be responsible for the cooking and the cleaning…but I will serenade you’ze with the latest greatest songs making my famous fishy face and wearing my potato moustache!

To my British Neice like, Holly, you are fantastic and have travelled such a long way on your journey of life…I am glad I was and am a part of your journey and hope to follow your blog one day!

To my second moms, Purnima and Barb, you are like family and been there for soo many days…and I have the utmost respect and appreciation for your mothering ways!

Most important is my own mom, Hakuna Mushka, who supports me every day in everyway.  She didn’t really bat an eye when I told her about my big C problem, she simply used the stove to hold her up a minute and then said “don’t you think I think you’ll be dead tomorrow”.  No mushka, I am not dying anytime soon and I say to you…thanks for all your love and support and ‘don’t think I think you are dying tomorrow either’!

Hugs and Kisses all around!!


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  1. TLD says:

    Love you too!!


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