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Hello World, I have finally arrived!!

on March 5, 2014

Today is the BIG day….I am actually posting the introduction of my blog to my blog…Yippee!!  How does this finally happen – well let’s start by giving credit where it’s due…so THANK YOU LUKE (you know who you are O’Regan) for finally setting me up on the notorious WordPress….and now I can share….laughs and vents and luuurves and hates!! 

So many years I procrastinated writing this blog….always putting together story highlights and even making notes in my smart phone diary to write the full story for this blog….then something else catches my eye…or I hear something more interesting…or get caught up in conversation with my sock monkey hat…and the blog alarm gets “dismissed” for another day.  Then the day hits…the doctor says “hey you have the breast cancer and we think it’s spread to your bones..we consider this stage 4 cancer and there’s no treatment or cure…your pretty much dead”.  Of course we will get to the full story of surviving cancer as well as the many many other stories of my foolish antics along the journey of this life!! 

I know you can’t wait…I can barely wait myself….but they say a valuable life lesson is patience. So, for now lets just relish in the thought that I am actually achieving one long term goal….and once I fully understand how this blogging works as a blogger….I will add pages and pages of crazy comical life lessons!! 


4 responses to “Hello World, I have finally arrived!!

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  2. Anna Bradshaw says:

    You rock!


  3. Alice says:

    Awesome job, my dearest yas!!! Luv ya tons!!! Looking forward to reading more! 🙂


  4. Shaz - The Queen Sister says:

    Crazy…but love you loadsXXXX


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